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  1. Need mo po maka 10 post bago makapag reply dun.
  2. So far so good and I fucking loving it! Being in VIP in stake 3 is amazing!
  3. Closing this thread since admin send me a message regarding "Some help to get you started!". Edit: how to lock a topic? LOL
  4. This is fucking awesome.. Currently i'm in Bronze VIP does being a VIP matters in Reload?
  5. Matagal na ako dito pero this is my 1st time to pause here in Local > Philippines (Tagalog) > Mga Pagpapakilala
  6. Does reload has a Limit per claim? How Reload compute. If there's a topic about reload please let me know then ill close this thread. Thanks!
  7. Close ko na itong thread since nakita ko na ang sagot dito: https://forum.stake.com/topic/37163-hello-everyone/?do=findComment&comment=770176
  8. Paano mag link ng Stake.com account dito sa Forum? I tried to search pero hindi ko mahanap. Salamat!
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