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  1. Stake 1 at times make an issue of hanging..2 expected to be more faster.the continued upgrading will improve the site more rapid growth . Newer inventions creates more interest among the users too. Fine touch.. good development.
  2. Now and then always is dice. Without knowing the proper rule of casino surely leads to loss. In own experience saying that it happened for me leads me to loss 1 eth without my knowledge. Limbo not friendly. In my view Dice is my bestie .
  3. Stake should always played with fun else it will make our hands none . We should never play in most tensed state.sure it paves way to loss.that is why saying that it must be told prior to the human brain to control at what stage.it is well.trained in such a manner.
  4. I got 1 raffle ticket. I really expected atlest to come in last 5. It proved its not my time actually. So consoled myself saying better luck next time Waited so much for this day atlest this might help a little.
  5. Yeah .its true absolutely. Losing the amount we bet is the real loss. Gained something from we earned and losing it will never come into existence of being mattered of being really loss .
  6. Hey winners should always be praised same time the losers should also be considered. There must be mutual forumship must be maintained amongst us. People think that everything depends on what we decide nothing like that.when human mind goes out of control..its gone.that too in gambling really really tough. We can call it as greedy which every human has its atlest in the corner of mind.
  7. In my experience somehow earned 1 eth . I like playing dice.one day Unfortunately tried playing roulette for a challenge. Again stake won me . I thought betting I kept is 0.1 eth entire 1 eth gt wagered without my knowledge. It's a great experience for me that without knowing how to play unless having enough fund don't play.
  8. Yes... cent percentage correct. It happened. Nothing can be changed or reversed back. Will be safe further.
  9. Yes ofcourse you are correct . It happened. Trying not to happen again. Seriously days are very worse.
  10. Thanks alot friend. Really waiting for it... do upload as early as possible it will say our creativity and crazy interest towards stake.!!
  11. It's an Good idea. But maynot works at every one. Because controlling stake is not easy thing.when we are deep addicted to it . More than 100000 dollars I said. In Indian money it's more than 3 crores rupees.
  12. It is my savings from a pinch to bulk... every day I saved little by little. Unfortunately I lost all . Sad thing is my wedding is getting nearer..being helples totally. Okay if things goes better will be relaxed.
  13. Your wish made me to feel the cloud at nine 😍 Really happy to hear such a reply from the supporters..!!
  14. Yeah losing control at one extent will surely lead us to empty the vault at one instant. So to moralize prevention is better than cure..lol