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  1. Jakedgreat

    Hi po

    Hi boss wilbur ! Hi po sa lahat
  2. Jakedgreat

    Guess the smile game

    Its meee
  3. Jakedgreat

    Guess the smile game

    Maria ozawa
  4. Jakedgreat

    Pinakamalaking talo mo dito sa Stake!

    300k Lakii Lakas ni grifter kumita. Damn
  5. Jakedgreat

    accidentally all in by my son

    Lesson learned mom haha
  6. Jakedgreat

    0.0045btc to 3 btc

    Omg you inspire deym. Hahaha i want to depo right now and go all in wtf haha
  7. Jakedgreat

    3BTC Win! :D Best Ever!

    This was on your last stream @Jesse right? Jahaha congratulation!
  8. Jakedgreat

    My greatest victory :'/

    Wow pinko loves you @Jonata i only hit 28x in plinko sad life congrats bro!
  9. Jakedgreat


    Tae ka yaman yaman mo e hahaha . Hirap nga ako wlang faucet hahaha
  10. Jakedgreat


    Hahaha yaan mo na sila ! Be happy nalang
  11. Jakedgreat


    Ganyan talaga pag pinoy pero proud pinoy padin!
  12. Jakedgreat

    Saan parte kayo ng Pilipinas?

    Bulacan ako! Haha lalayo natin haha!
  13. Jakedgreat

    maarte pagdating sa trabaho

    Hahaha ano to? Grabe si ate haha
  14. Jakedgreat

    Teammate for ultim8 race

    Aw sayang di ako pasok