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  1. aQuest is a decentralised platform that pays the user with aQuest tokens(AQU) for completing or answering any task or job created by advertisers for marketing purpose. Its a type of micro job site. A task is considered as a digitally verified action that a user is required to complete, in order to successfully participate to a quest .(Examples: Survey, Facebook Like). On the other hand, advertisers can gather important data or information on customers and boost their brand recognition. The aQuest application allows anyone in building quests with innovative and intuitive cloud-based tools. These tools can be accessed from all devices. Therefore managing and creating quests is very easy and can be done from anywhere. The main advantages or features of this platform are: Security Enkronos Apps integration Automated website aQuest can be anything (Variability) Easy Accessibility Mobile first The main attractions of this ico are as follows: aQuest Tokens (AQU) are utility tokens, based on Ethereum ERC 20 platform that can be used only in aQuest ecosystem. The smart contract address of AQU tokens can be viewed here - https://etherscan.io/address/0x7756edf05ef3c2b321a85d77b5cbf7c8a9a7c247 The project has a wonderful team of 16 members with excellent experience in their respective field .The team members are very active in their linkedin .Thats one of the plus points of this project. . The beta version of the product will be released by this month as per the roadmap. They have a management token lock up period of 24 months . This affirms the fact that the team is intended to launch the described project. The ICO is registered in Slovenia. This is another plus point. At present Slovenia is one the main favorite places of crypto investors because there is no capital gain taxes levied on cryptocurrencies. aQuest ICO has already achieved soft cap. That means the ICO is already a success. aQuest is developed by Enkronos company. The main Competitor of aQuest is a platform called https://earn.com . They offer the same type of service but they give rewards in bitcoins. The main advantage of aQuest than earn.com is its decentralized and secured platform. For more Information please visit Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/aquest.io/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/aquest-io/ Telegram - https://t.me/aQuest_io Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5094638. Twitter - https://twitter.com/aQuest_app Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/enkronos
  2. Mobu has been in the news the last couple of weeks, but many individuals are still unaware of them. For someone not familiar with Mobu, the first question that comes to mind is, "What is Mobu?" Mobu is a decentralized, blockchain centric initial coin offering platform concentrated on the launching of security tokens. Legitimate businesses like retail giants, property designers, mining organizations & more will be given the chance to launch their very own security tokens through Mobu's end to end coin-launching platform. Mobu really wishes to connect credible business visionaries to hungry investors by removing the middleman, and documentation needs uncontrolled in the securities industry & capital fundraising. Their platform extraordinarily features rich, & provides businesses all that they have to make their security token starting from the earliest stage, turning into an outstanding one-stop-shop for all coin development needs. But, the question is, what brought about Mobu’s inception? Mobu wants to be a major player in the new age of wealth creation that is blockchain security tokens. They encourage the release of these tokens confidence & ease for businesses supported by assets who wish to raise capital on the wild and superb world of the blockchain. The solutions offered by Mobu are far-reaching. To just begin to expose what's underneath, here is a short list of a portion of the numerous features of their platform idea: - Bridging the fruitless gap between blockchain technology & the scary securities market. - Creation of conceptual smart contracts from which all security tokens whose ICOs go through Mobu's platform will extend. - Provision of certainty & illumination to both the issuer & investor in regards to rights & expectations. - Introduction of innovative techniques to oversee escrow administrations of security-based initial coin offerings, including an investor exit option & higher in general investor Return on Investment. - Development of a locked utility for Mobu tokens for service providers to get to the services, rather than direct token spending. This will cause a supply shortage & increase Mobu token demand. With security tokens, charges are lower, deals can be executed much faster, clients gain exposure to free markets, the investor base is hoarding higher than alternatives, smart contracts provide robotized benefit capacities, & there is boundlessly diminished control from financial institutions. Advantages of Mobu Platform include the following: - A high hindrance to entry for competitors. As expressed, security tokens are uncommon compared to utility tokens. This isn't because of an absence of demand, anyway rather because of the enormous endeavor required with appropriately releasing a security token. Their only recognizable competition is Polymath, which lacks investor accounts, banking support, & the lockup utility Mobu touts. - A well spread out plan. They have a standout amongst the most thorough action plans, whitepapers & roadmaps of any financial side initial coin offering project. Regularly, well-researched documentation prompts a more prominent possibility of funding & in general achievement in project space. For more details visit website - https://mobu.io/ whitepaper - https://mobu.io/assets/mobu_whitepaper.pdf Twitter - https://twitter.com/MobuICO Telegram - https://t.me/mobuCHAT