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  1. CoinCasso delegation is treading on the new ground!


    We attended the Caspian Week during the Davos Conference Week! It brings over 80 government officials and innovators from 20 countries! They focus on implementing innovations and new technologies to the Caspian Region. Check our blog for detailed information https://coincassogroup.com/coincasso-delegation-attends-caspian-week-conference-in-davos/

    we have established new contacts that will help us spread blockchains and cryptocurrencies in Europe and around the world. “From the early morning, we have been working for one purpose: in order for CoinCasso to reach the global market”, said Luke Ozimski.


    Davos Conference Week 2019 tempo was enormous!

    We attended the meeting in the luxurious Grandhotel Belvédère.

    It was hosted by Infosys, a leading Indian IT company.


    Watch our greets from Davos



    Behind us was another meeting during the Davos Conference Week! Professor Mark Mueller-Eberstein, who is a world-renowned business leader, best-selling author, and university lecturer, talked to us about bounty programs. We plan to introduce a reward system for running a marketing campaign for our project.


    Didn’t hear about bounty program? Take a look at our blog:)


    Our delegation held a meeting with investors! CoinCasso was the main organizer of this event, named "Private Investors Dinner".

    Luke Ozimski was interviewed by a well-known journalist Sarah Austin! Publications about CoinCasso will soon appear on Entrepreneur.com.


    See photos from this unique event at our Facebook :

    Soon we will post a full video from the Davos Conference Week! Stay tuned!



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