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  1. Stake Username: Shiest I found out about the stake telegram from Eddie.
  2. 1. BLA 2. O'zer 3. White Walkers 4. Bright Falcon 5. Stake Star
  3. I miss my old winnings thats for sure. Like maybe one cashout since change over to 2.0!! I am hopful tho!! Bigg wins soon! And to you too!!
  4. Can someone please let me know how to connect or link my stake account with my discord account? For the giveaway's that run every 3 hours, I have to do this now to be able to participate. I am sure its easy and thanks for your time assisting me here. Best!
  5. Welcome Zzuey! I look forward to seeing your additions to the ever growing forum here. Whats your favorite game to play on Stake? Any specific strategy you could suggest I try out??
  6. 3 sites including stake. Stake is the most transparent and legit feeling. The other two are super shady. So this site is the best i have found. Just a little of my opinion.
  7. Shiest

    Discord Giveaways

  8. I feel like stake isnt that type of gambling site, but i like the idea of being able to either group up with other players to gamble together, like all on one blackjack table or something, or battling for a pot. Idk. You may be on to something along those lines.
  9. I think my biggest was 550x on limbo. only 550x as I really dont go for the hugeee multipliers that other player go for. I will definielty be stepping this up in the future.
  10. Me fo sho! Nothing but a little getting used to and i like the new image.
  11. Life after joining Stake is basically the same as before joining just a little older, a little wiser and a little more money terribly spent. But have had fun.
  12. Yeah, i feel like this is almost really good but missing some pieces to be usful for the soccer betting noob like myself. Add some more details?
  13. So this isnt some bs it really pays out? I guess i will take your word for it. Thanks.
  14. There is a bot out there. Someone should upload. If that is possible.
  15. Thanks for the post! I definitely like to see news updates pertaining to the crypto market. I feel the shift to stablecoins is inevitable so the sooner the better. Imo of course...