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  1. 5-0 warriors win 115 to raptors lose 110
  2. Its hard not to be greedy when gambling. The games are designed to make you get greedy and think u can win more. This i know from much experien e. help is something you are gping to have to do yourself by finding the strength to resist.
  3. Man that race business is no joke. I lost my balance twoce in thw hunt for stardom. Made 34th right now but lost all. Lmao. Worth? Idk.
  4. I would rather have a higher base bet and keep a few cards that add up to a 6x or 10x instead of going for a whole big line of cards with bigger multi. Its too stressful already. Imo.
  5. beyond frustrated simple and plain
  6. Dude, good shit man. Not easy finding the courage to say this and this is a huge step in the right direction. I have been around the gambling industry my whole life, as my relatives own a Poker room and have seen and heard it all. This shit is not sustainable and should be rarely, if ever done. Your well-being is way more important and you are making the right choice, my friend. That vicious cycle you are referring to will never stop either. It will get worse... Gambling is inherently rigged in favor of the house. Even if you hit big, over time, they will win, 100% of the time. Hope that made sense, lol. When gambling becomes a problem one must cut it off immediately and completely. Voicing it, like you have done, is a great way to start and hold yourself accountable. Enjoy your life and your work and the many more chicks you will get once you stop gambling. Do know that this will always be here if you decide to come back, but know that it is a slippery slope... Wishing you the best in life and keep being super honest.
  7. I keep nearly running out of btc everytime a race starts so I go into it hurting... My timing is off for sure. With gambling, timing is everything.....
  8. I wanna race!!! I am looking forward to reloading and becoming unmuted in a couple days... Then I will really be racing away.
  9. I am a huge rake-back whore. I have been known to rake-back my rake-back from my original rake-back. Have you ever hit off your rake-back? I think I did once, but lost it in the end and got rake-back from it again.. LOLS
  10. Set a time limit and take breaks when that limit hits. The worst is to get in that zone where you forget about time and strategy,,, leads to losses. SO i suggest take breaks
  11. This is great! I work for a nonprofit organization and giving, whether it be financially or by donating your time, is probably the most wondering thing a person can do in life. The sense of well-being one gets from donating their time and/or money is much stronger than profiting off your time... In my opinion of course. I am a huge supporter of the Tor Project in my own life and would have to give them my vote here as well. Keep up the generous work! This is wonderful.
  12. Shiest

    9800x is impossible?

    Yes, it feels this way. I have yet to hit any big multi in dice and Plinko. It can be frustrating but I know when it does hit, super satisfying. Here's to throwing hella money at the hunt for the super satisfying... Best, Shiest
  13. DON'T BE SCARED AND SHOOT IT!! It is my firm belief that being timid when gambling will lead to bust city. IF YOU ARE SCARED TO BET YOU GONNA LOSE! SHOOT IT!
  14. Definitely not trying to dispute the mute, Shaniqua. Just expressing my feelings... In the open forum... Also trying to show the kids out there that it's not cool to be muted and to stay in school.
  15. I have realized how much it sucks to be muted. No chatter, no rain, no challenges, no complaining to other players, no fun with others, everyone forgets about you... The list goes on. This aint my first rodeo either... Been muted hella times. Just realizing how much it sucks. Thats all I got. Come say whats up