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  1. no one will ever handle this its weird as fuck. It;s becoming silly to ask.
  2. Please Finish the Faceapp Giveaway! Please please please. I have asked like 20 times. Steve like doesnt want to do it for some reason.
  3. Here's an idea, finish the Faceapp giveaway.... @Steve For the love of Stake. Please
  4. I want to say this again, best freaking support staff across the entire internet, including the deepest darkest web. It would take to long to put it all into words the amount of genuine support we receive as players from the support team. I love the great team work they have as well. Idk. I could go on amd on... One thing for sure is that the support staf has talked me down from breaking my computer. Haha Thank you all for this!
  5. 1. My Journey here at Stake started late 2018. It was a slow start but soon became a big fan of the innovation Stake brought to the gaming world, the community of course and all the big wins and huge losses. I definitely wanted to touch on something I wasn't prepared for, which was, the community aspect of Stake. I didnt thinkk much of it at first but as i got comfortable and chatting, I soon realized the wonderful quirks and potential of the community. I have became freinds with people scattered around the world and all striving for the goal of hitting big. Its truly a great thing and hard to explain in such a short post. I will just say it has been great all around, shitty and beyond frustrating and of course glorious mny times throughout. My first big hit was on Limbo, and i hit 2222× and forget my bet size but i know i know i had aroun 0.125 btc from it. I made it rain like a mutha fucka and shit was great. I cash out half and soon lost the next day and threw a temper tantrum and yelled skam and fuck a lot. Thats all for now. Oh Eddie is the shit and the whole support staff and mods a superb. 2. Crash is an interesting one to me. Honestly i havent played all the much of it but i do like the community playing together aspect of it. And i think the chat portion of it is definitelt important to have. Adding the chat was my only suggestion while trying it out during beta testing. I still have some questions, for instance, who controls the seed for it and does that all work? It is also super choppy on my computer which is a desktop pc, and way worse is playing on my phone. I dont even try on my phone anymore. I think crash has a lot of potential and definitely going to have some huge wins down the line here. I am pumped to see how it all pans out. One thing i am confident to say is that the great peeps of Stake will make the proper adjuatments and get Crash to the high level of quality stake has achieved in alll their games thus far. Heres to a happy 2nd bday for Stake, Eddie and the whole staff. I am sure there will be many more years of greatness ahead. Peace out Shiest
  6. Australia Max Verstappen Chelsea Chelsea
  7. I kinda like it. Motivates me. I makes me want to be a winner even more!!!
  8. I am so pumped Stake added rippy ripples to the site! One of my favorite coins. It seems to be super popular too. Heres to rippling to the moon!