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  1. Shiest


    #BitcoinmanRailsStake Today we win!
  2. Shiest


    #BitcoinmanRailsStake Whats is this hashtag and why is it important? This hashtag is in support of Bitcoinman, a fellow Staker, a living legend, who has just had enough of Stake playing the hard to get games, while leaching the crypto balances from not only his account but also from those who find themselves in the same situation. He announced today the games stop. Today, Bitcoinman, in all his glory, will be bending Stake over and vigorously railing them until he feels he has regained the power in this relationship and most importantly leaving the day on🔥🔥🔥🔥. This is to supprt the goal, the destiny of Bitcoinman and to inspire those to stand up and give Stake and good deep railing, today. #BitcoinmanRailsStake
  3. Shiest

    Baccarat Shiest Strategy

    Baccarat has the best odds in the house... Betting on player or banker that is.
  4. Shiest

    Baccarat Shiest Strategy

    Dang! Even more reason to not bet the Tie! Those sucker bets are so inviting... Sneaky sneaky.
  5. Shiest

    Baccarat Shiest Strategy

    You want me to run through the mathematics behind the 14.36% house percentage when betting on the tie??? That seems like a little much. I got the percentage online by using a house advantage calculator and plugging in the odds Stake has set for their baccarat. From my further research and comparisons it looks correct. Maybe one of the admins can explain this further. But simple and plain, the odds of hitting tie is around every 10 hands and the payout odds are 8-1. Now for example, you have $100 and bet $10 on the tie only, for 10 straight hands... you would have spent $100 going for the tie and only hitting the tie one time, which netted you $80 after those 10 hands. Which is a $20 loss after 10 hands. If one kept doing this for 10 more hands and then 10 more and 10 more... The result is busted rather quickly.
  6. Shiest

    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    Thats a great idea. Will definitely strengthen the community by seeing fellow stakers in the many different places they call home.
  7. Shiest

    Baccarat Shiest Strategy

    Hi there, fellow Stakers! Here a just a few of my tips or things to remember when playing Baccarat. Btw, this is simply my opinion only but would love to hear other Stakers opinions and/or tips as well. Shiest Baccarat Tips: Don’t bet against a run of Banker or Player wins. Logic would tell you that after a run, rooting for the underdog hand should be favourable. However we advise you to either stop betting until the run stops or bet with the run. Don’t make bets you cannot afford to lose and don’t raise your bet while in a losing streak. A lot of bettors feel the desire to increase their bets to “chase their losses”; do not follow in their footsteps. Rather increase your bet while in a winning streak and decrease it when losing. I have lost a lot in my day doing the opposite, and since I have been following this rule of thumb, I have seen a way more winning days than I used to. Never bet on the Tie! This is the riskiest bet in Baccarat. If you bet on the probability of a tie of hands, there is a very slim chance and probability. There is a high house advantage of 14.36%, but because of the equally high 8:1 payout, players often fall into the trap of betting on this hand. That is why it is sometimes called the “sucker bet". And we dont want to be suckers now do we. With that said, I don't follow this tip very well... I like to gamble. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Let me hear them. Thanks for your time and good luck out there! Best, Shiest
  8. Shiest

    Heart Shape in Mines

    Can it be any heart shape? And where do we post it to prove it? And I love you all. And best of luck!
  9. Shiest

    Hi I am Shiest

    Sweet! I am enjoying it thoroughly. This is the type of site we needed for a long time. Honest. No smoke and mirrors, with all the small print and cleverly written bs that most other sites have. I appreciate you and will be in touch if anything comes up. Best!
  10. Shiest

    Hi I am Shiest

    Sure thing, friend! We are all connected so we must affirm eachother positively to be successful.
  11. Here's an inspiring story for aspiring gamblers and small business owners: the founder of FedEx saved his floundering company by gambling in Vegas, earning $27,000 in blackjack! The company only had $5,000 in its coffers when Frederick Smith decided to fly to Vegas in 1973 and risk it all. Though this isn't good investment or business advice in general, Smith's gamble paid off, allowing the company to last long enough to raise $11 million and eventually earn its first profits in 1976. Pretty cool, huh?!?! Yep! - Shiest
  12. Shiest

    Share experiences using 2 mines and play manually.

    I have come to find out that patience is key wgen playing mines, or any game for that matter. Other than that, try doing symetrical patterns when picking the square. I have a solid success rate doing it that way over just picking randomly... Just my 2 cents.
  13. Shiest

    Hi I am Shiest

    Hi there! My name is Shiest, a.k.a PolterShiest. I love to have fun a gamble in a fun posotive type of atmosphere, especially one the isnt rigged and meant to destroy us!!! My favorote game so far is Keno... Come say hi!
  14. Shiest

    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    Round robbin wins on all the games. One must win one game, in each game, consecutively without any loses.
  15. Shiest

    [Closed] Elite Staker Prediction Giveaway

    1. Shinjo 2. Computer 3. Shaniqua 4. Waves 5. Darkblood69 Thanks, Shiest