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  1. What Is Topinvestmentcoin? Top means the highest or uppermost point or above or leading The investment means an asset or item that is purchased with the hope of generating income or appreciating in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will be sold at a higher price for a profit. And the coin means a flat disc or piece of metal with an official stamp, used as money. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH TICO TOKENS Tradable Example wallets include MyEtherWallet, Mist, and Parity. TICO will be tradable on several exchanges, including etherdelta.com, mercatox.com, yobit.net, coinexchange.io, cryptopia.co.nz, livecoin.net, allcoin.com, Tirex.com, gate.io, novaexchange.com. INVESTMENT All Topinvestmentcoin holders benefit from the system by joining the investment platform which gives all investors monthly interest. It's NOTPYRAMID/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund. STORES All Topinvestmentcoin holders will be able to make purchase order of goods from all stores that support Topinvestmentcoin which all holders get up-to 1-7% discount on goods purchased from the store. OUR VISION Topinvestmentcoin (TICO) is designed to implement an Ethereum blockchain-based token to execute a decentralized investment in a digital currency called Topinvestmentcoin. Project is a proposed system that uses the blockchain technology and leverages smart contract techniques using Ethereum’s core innovation including security and immutability. With Topinvestmentcoin you will have access to marketplace to ask&bid including the investment platform which earns you 3% interest monthly income, for every investor. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund. This is a great opportunity to all TICO holders to benefits from the gretest blockchain. All Topinvestmentcoin holders will be able to make purchase order of goods from all stores that support Topinvestmentcoin which all holders get up-to 1-7% discount on goods purchased from the store. creation of Investment platform to make monthly income for all its holders. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER: http://www.topinvestmentcoin.online/gallery/whitepaper.pdf SPECIFICATIONS Coin Name : Topinvestmentcoin Symbol : TICO Total Coin Supply : 30,000,000,000 Platform: Ethereum Standard: ERC 20 FOUNDER SAMUEL CHARLES CEO WEBSITE: https://www.topinvestmentcoin.online Email: Support@topinvestmentcoin.online FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/Topinvestmentcoin TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Topinvestcoin SLACK: https://topinvestmentcoin.slack.com RoadMap {1} Creation of website {2} Creation of Token and smart contract deployment {3} Announcements {4} ICO opening {5} Exchange listing and coinmatketcap {6} creation of Investment platform to make monthly income (coin for investment coin for rewards) {7} Store (Able to purchase goods with your coin) {8} Availability of giftcard/debit&credit card Join the exclusive Topinvestmentcoin ICO and How To Buy TICO: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3282882.msg34229817#msg34229817
  2. Official website: https://www.qompass.io/ A New Era in Crypto investing is here – Using Artificial intelligence and Smart Contracts you can now trade without moving your crypto from your own wallet. - https://qompass.io/mca By harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Active Leverage Qompass ecosystem will simulate precisely an expert trader’s behaviour and provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive financial and capital market on a global scale. Qompass vision is to restore the lost trust of traders in the 294 trillion dollars financial market by utilizing blockchain fully distributed ledger functionality to make every transaction tamper proof and corruption free. Qompass blockchain technology not only enables you with revolutionary transaction speed to process your trades through smart contracts but also offers its subscribers the ability to convert crypto holdings into fiat currency at any POS or ATM worldwide at all times, using Qompass payment cards. You can convert your passive income earned in the Managed Crypto Program into Fiat with high limits. Ticker: QPS/QPSE Platform: Ethereum Type: ERC20 Price in ICO: 1 QPS = 0.0013 ETH BONUS Round One 20 % Round Two 5 % Tokens for sale: 20,000,000 Accepting: BTC, ETH Distributed in ICO: 60% Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD Whitepaper: https://qompass.io/assets/docs/QompasswhitePaper.pdf SOCIAL MEDIA Telegram: https://t.me/Qompass Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Qompass.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/QompassMarkets Medium: http://medium.com/@qompass.io Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3206704.0 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6Z8VWQCeOs ICOBench: https://icobench.com/ico/qompass
  3. Aegeus Announces AEG Coin Pricing Structure Aegeus is, as of March 25th, announcing its official entrance into the cryptocurrency community. The project is seven months in the making through a process of self-funding, development and design. We are excited to introduce our coin pricing structure to the marketplace which will be split into two phases. Aegeus is also giving a generous incentive to those who refer others to the Aegeus network community. Referrers will receive 10% AEG on the amount of AEG purchased. Referrers can clock up some serious AEG by inviting others to join and purchase. Those who get in at the early stages of our growth will reap the most rewards as the price will gradually increase over time. The Aegeus Coin Pricing Structure is as Follows onhttps://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.AEG_BRIDGE.BTC: Phase 1 AEG Coin Price 500 Sats Initial 1,000,000 AEG Sold 550 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 600 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 650 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 700 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 750 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 800 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 850 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 900 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 950 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold Total Coins Sold Phase 1: 10 Million AEG Coins When the initial 10 million AEG coins are sold, we will add a further 7 million to the exchange. They will be sold at the following prices: Phase 2 AEG Coin Price 1000 Sats Initial 1,000,000 AEG Sold 1050 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 1100 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 1150 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 1200 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 1250 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold 1300 Sats Next 1,000,000 AEG Sold Total Coins Sold Phase 2: 7 Million AEG Coins The total coin circulation of Aegeus is 21, 000,000, the remaining 4,000,000 AEG coins will be kept for development, marketing and administration. Any coins not sold on the exchange after a specific date will be burned. This date will be announced very shortly on our blog page. We want to welcome everybody to the Aegeus network in advance and we are excited to know that it’s going to be a fantastic journey. To find out more about Aegeus, our whitepaper, Bounty Program and much much more please visit https://www.Aegeus.io
  4. Aegeus – True Transaction Privacy Meets Secure Data Management https://aegeus.io/ EXCHANGE COMING SOON! Aegeus is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy, decentralization, data storage, distribution and security. Aegeus utilizes an energy efficient Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol and a masternode network promoting key community based governance focusing on sustainability. Aegeus is continuously working to establish itself as a more improved governance system in order to maintain its position as being a next-generation cryptocurrency. Our goal here is to be an advanced data storage based digital currency that is fast, secure, decentralized, private and adaptable to business merchants worldwide. We are an anonymous Peer-To-Peer currency that offers up to 14% per annum staking rewards to those who support the Aegeus network. We are also working towards Private Instant Verified Transactions as its default transaction mode. Aegeus has almost zero transaction fees due to the PoS efficiency model. This means it is perfect for micro-transaction business pricing models that previously existed using Bitcoin. Aegeus is based on PIVX, which drew its inspiration from Dash, a project that has solved many of the problems in Bitcoin by speeding up transactions, offering solid privacy solutions, and boasts a decentralized governance and funding system. We have a highly active, accessible and responsive development team who propose to integrate in the near future a powerful an optional Zerocoin protocol providing users with an untraceable transaction history feature which can assign a much higher level of blockchain security. Full Zerocoin Integration Our aim at Aegeus is to integrate Zerocoin technology into all transactions on the Aegeus Network. All network users will still maintain a privacy or transparency option. Universal Community Governance We want to implement a community governance system whereby all network users including masternode operators have their say in the running of the community, its protocols and governing regulations. Mobile Wallet Applications We want to create mobile wallets for both Android and Apple in order to increase a wider range of users thus strengthening and growing the Aegeus network. Encrypted Messaging We would like a separate panel in the wallet to have an encrypted chat system, to allow stealth and secure messaging for private and public groups. Solid Development Our foundation is solid and this can be seen by the very nature of our technical specification and wallet attributes. Masternodes These incentivized nodes (Requiring 5000 AEG) allow owners to vote on budget and development proposals within the AEG network. These nodes are the backbone of the present and future services offered on the AEG network. Masternodes strengthen the entire network and allow for greater community governance and facilitates privacy operations and instant transactions. Privacy/Anonymity One of the most attractive features of Aegeus is the direction it’s going in. Online privacy and security is top priority for online merchants and network users. Our forward thinking and innovation is putting us ahead of most other PoS crypto coins out there. Specifications Default RPC: 42315 Coinbase Maturity: 30 Target Spacing: 1 Min Target Timespan: 1 Transaction Confirmations: 30 Default TX Fee: 0 Dedicated Nodes: 14 Block Reward: 1 AEG Block Time: 60 seconds Minted Confirmations: 101 Transactions Confirmations: 6 Annual Staking %: 14% Ticker: AEG Aegeus is selling their pre-mine coins, 21 million in supply minus 15% kept in reserve for marketing, operational costs and development, without conducting an ICO. Multiple exchanges and development will proceed as the funds come in. Aegeus is 100% self-funded to date. The remaining 85% of the coin will be sold to the public through the exchanges on the price of 1000 satoshis/1 AEG. Those coins that cannot be sold on the exchanges will be burned at the end of April. For more information regarding Aegeus, our https://aegeus.io/docs/AEGWhitepaper.pdfor to become part of the network by purchasing AEG coins, please visit our https://aegeus.io.
  5. Website: https://ico.ecex.exchange Project name: Ecex.Exchange Token name and ticker symbol: Ziggurat ZIG Used blockchain (Ethereum, Omni, building a new one, other): Ethereum One line catch phrase: Ecex.Exchange is assignment exchange for claims, receivables, bills and factoring agreements. Logo Concept description 3 - 10 sentences: The market for claims exists in various ways and there is nothing new about an electronic stock market either. We are going to mix existing ideas with existing ecosystems, even step into systems through existing channels and to bring certain possibilities to market attention. The regular item that everybody trades is a buy-sell agreement. It is very easy to understand, every investor can buy stock and assume that what is happening behind the electronic market system, how the trade matching takes place and what are the consequences in the accounts when the deals are finally closed. An ecosystem which is mostly the same as stock market and built only for claims, rights, and receivables, operates on the basis of assignment agreement, has a great opportunity to spread around the world and to gain customers everywhere. How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects Ziggurat Tokens represents a decentralized virtual currency represented in specialized Ethereum smart contracts following an "ERC20" standard. Ziggurat Tokens enable participants to interact with Ziggurat’s Ecex.Exchange marketplace services, as storage, content, and data are obtained with Ziggurat Tokens as partly a payment mechanism. First partnership access – Ziggurat Tokens ownership will give access to advanced platform’s features. Second, assignors and assignees on Ecex.Exchange trading platform rewarded with a Ziggurats bonus if they make a certain volume. Third, every time Ecex.Exchange receives an assignment for trading platform, the customer will be rewarded with Ziggurat tokens. Incorporated company's country: ESTONIA Website link: [url=https://ecex.exchange/]https://ecex.exchange/ [/url] Bounty! Team member names, Twitter and LinkedIn links Tõnis Hilep CEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/tõnis-hilep-972288132/ https://twitter.com/hilep2 Sven Orro CTO https://www.linkedin.com/in/sven-orro-4b534a80/ Percival Software Ltd. [url=http://www.percival.co.uk/]http://www.percival.co.uk/[/url] The name of your legal counsellor or law firm (not published, only used to vet projects) SigmaCapital OÜ Side 22, Tallinn 11622 Estonia info@sigmacapital.ee Token sale start date and time(UTC) 20.10.2017 12.00.00 Token sale end date and time (UTC) 19.04.2018 12.00.00 Total supply of token, for crowdsale, team e.t.c. Total max 531M ZIG emitted 350M ZIG available on ICO (66%) ICO price of token: 1 ZIG = 0,000416667 ETH Whitepaper link: https://ecex.exchange/whitepaper Inhouse Bounty https://ico.ecex.exchange/bounty-registration Company structure (profit / non profit): Profit Blog link https://ico.ecex.exchange/blogging SMS payments: https://sms.ecex.exchange/ BitcoinTalk announcement link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2464508 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetZiggurat/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/planetziggurat Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/EcexExchange/ BitcoinTalk: ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2464508 (old https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2331167 ) Medium: https://medium.com/@PlanetZiggurat Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/planetziggurat-o Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/planetziggurat/ RSS Feed: https://ico.ecex.exchange/feed/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GpoMUhDphxEmLJ6ZI9CWLg E-mail: info@planetziggurat.com Percival Software Ltd http://www.percival.co.uk/ Ecex Exchange bounty program in bitcontalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2495467.0 Listings Coinmarketplus: [url=https://www.coinmarketplus.com/token/ziggurat-zig/]https://www.coinmarketplus.com/token/ziggurat-zig/[/url] Icobench : https://icobench.com/ico/ziggurat-token Foundico : https://foundico.com/ico/ecexexchange.html Icoholder: https://icoholder.com/en/ico/ziggurat-token-16851 Linkedin company link https://www.linkedin.com/company/11377110/ Telegram channel or chat room link https://t.me/joinchat/GpoMUhDphxEmLJ6ZI9CWLg Youtube intro video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumynxzpfPI&t=7s Youtube channel link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7O3Show7Bq8wSr8Q_0Osw Smart contract address https://etherscan.io/token/0xe760a89967d8c7fa638eebfc15a77ba107674021 Tõnis Hilep PlanetZiggurat OÜ +3725078332 0001@estpak.ee Info@planetziggurat.com Info@ecex.exchange
  6. If you prefer video explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgYD7zjNgew
  7. CRAFTR TOKEN Decentralized digital marketplace CRFT Token is now a POW/POS Coin! Enjoy the Proof-Of-Stake of 100%! A huge amount of resources will help everyone to build Games, Websites, Apps, Movies, SoundFXs or Music. Resources will be reachable by thousands of customers and sellers will enjoy the earnings of CRFT tokens. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Useful links *************** Craftr Website https://craftr.io Craftr Marketplace https://store.craftr.io https://www.craftr.io/wallets/craftr-qt-windows.zip Windows Wallet https://www.craftr.io/wallets/craftr-qt-linux.tar.gz Linux Wallet https://github.com/CraftrToken/source Github Source Code http://explorer.craftr.io:3001]Block Explorer https://discord.gg/hzagewj Discord Channel https://twitter.com/CraftR_Token Twitter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxXcyeVEaf7-DAvlx_1cSNg Youtube http://www.craftr.io/White_Paper.pdf White Paper ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Coin Details ******************* Symbol CRFT Name CraftR Token Type POW/POS Coin Algo Scrypt POS Percentage 100% Per Year Block Reward 200 CRFT (POW over) Masternode Upcoming Max Supply 105'000'000 CRFT Premine 21'000'000 CRFT Confirmations 10 blocks Coinbase Maturity 10 blocks Minimum Age 5 hours Target Spacing 64 seconds RPC Port 26746 P2P Port 6745 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bounty Program ************************ Social bounties: After the tasks are done, go to our https://craftr.io and send us the details from the "Contact Us" section. The following translations have been already reserved: Dutch Italian Indonesian French Arab Russian German Vietnamese Spanish Portoguese Filipino Urdu ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exchanges ****************** https://graviex.net/]Graviex Coming soon http://blockbid.com.au]BlockBi Free upvote for the listing: https://nextexchange.featureupvote.com/suggestions/3221/craftr-token ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blogs & Articles *********************** https://bitscreener.com/press-release/craftr-a-decentralized-marketplace-for-digital-goods https://www.reddit.com/user/maxel2017/comments/7n2sb6/prestigious_project_of_craft_token https://medium.com/@Caesar209/crft-fe560485d1e6 https://steemit.com/crft/@softwork/craftr-marketplace https://steemit.com/crft/@softwork/crft-add-to-cryptopia-donations https://steemit.com/steemit/@maxel2017/craftr-project-ico-is-the-best-choice-for-us https://steemit.com/steemit/@maxel2017/prestigious-project-of-craft-token http://campaignico.blogspot.ch/2017/11/prestigious-project-of-craft-token.html ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Videos ************ https://youtu.be/fPgo1fGrd8A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRdPpZJ2wxA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4OpMZldrcU
  8. @@@ preICO happening NOW @@@ Cacao Shares (CcS) You can buy Now CacaoShares at 47% discount! at www.cacaoshares.com CacaoShares is a digital asset that enables anyone to own Cacao Trees and be rewarded from it, for years Token based on a tangible fixed assets, Cacao Trees of the Criollo Type. Tagged for Real time traceability of its yield and its genetics. We also have already completed a minimal viable pototype of this app and will be available for beta testing to early contributors The Cacao Industry has structural problems, particularly the Fine Cacao grown in Venezuela and exported to Japan suffers from low yield and poor productivity because of aging trees and gaps in management CCS allows People to Invest In the Future of Cacao Trees As Chocolate Becomes Popular In Japan. By using the blockchain Technology we can solve two major problems of the Cacao industry: Traceability and Availability. Our goal is to plant 1 million new Cacao Criollo Trees and tag them to the Blockchain for perfect traceability Only 1,388,888 CcS will be offered on preSALE @ 47% discount plus bonus of 5% for 1 ETH or more and 10% for 10 ETH or more. ====================================================== ====================================================== Theobroma Cacao is an outstanding tree species that is vital to the production of chocolate among other foods. The bean is grown in many parts of the world, but it is in Venezuela where it truly stands out. Venezuelan cacao, known as Cacao Criollo is considered to be the most biodiverse cacao in the world. It has especially become a big deal in Japan where 50% of Venezuelan Exports of Cacao representing 10% of the Total Market Share of Cacao Imports into Japan. ====================================================== ====================================================== It is with this that a CacaoShares ICO is being set up to support the development of cacao trees in Venezuela. Cacao Shares has been set up as an exciting program. The ICO is being backed by numerous people with strong experience in today’s investment field. An extensive team is currently supporting criollo Sur Del Lago Tokens. Jose Alejandro Patino is the main coordinator of the program. He is an entrepreneur who has been working in the IT sector since 2002. Nakata Hiro, a Japanese entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in the food industry, is also a big part of the program. Foreign trade expert Rafael Devia is also participating. The ICO will help to raise funds to get the Criollo type tree in Sur Del Lago in Venezuela grown and then exported out to Japan. This is a country where the cacao beans are highly valued. Asia has become one of the top consumers of cacao in recent years. ====================================================== ====================================================== Every share that a person acquires during the ICO will be good for the quota of the entire life of a cacao tree. The sponsor of a tree will be rewarded based on the productivity of that tree . This comes as the value of the Fine Cacao Beans has become greater in recent time. ====================================================== ====================================================== The ICO is based on the Ethereum blockchain. All Cacao trees will be tagged with physical sensors to monitor how well the trees are producing cacao and how they are being harvested and sent out to Japan. This helps to identify the varieties of Cacao and how well the trees are growing beans. The above is called traceability and it is highly valued in the Cacao Trade. The shares being offered will entail ownership of a fixed asset. The people who own Cacao Shares own the trees in question. This works to not only help the economy but to also promote social responsibility through the development of trees it is expected to help the communities involved to have livelihood for many years . Additional information on the Cacao Shares ICO can be found online at www.cacaoshares.com. The program is expected to be a big deal for people looking to endorse initiatives related to the environment and new technologies ====================================================== ====================================================== Other Important links Elevator pitch (1 minute): https://youtu.be/8JblegUk1d8 White paper: [url=https://cacaoshares.com/cacaoshares-whitepaper/]http://cacaoshares.com/cacaoshares-whitepaper/[/url] Team: [url=https://cacaoshares.com/management]http://cacaoshares.com/management[/url] FAQ: [url=https://cacaoshares.com/faq/]http://cacaoshares.com/faq/[/url] Buy Shares on preSALE: [url=https://cacaoshares.com[/url] (On Feb 14, 2018 00:00 Japan time) Telegram: [url=http://t.me/cacaoshares] Click here [/url] Etherscan: [url=https://etherscan.io/token/0x315ce59fafd3a8d562b7ec1c8542382d2710b06c] Click here [/url] ====================================================== ====================================================== Completed Milestones of the Project until Feb 14 2018 (From recent to oldest) For a list of milestones please refer to our [url=https://cacaoshares.com/cacaoshares-whitepaper/] whitepaper [/url] Launch PreSAle Fund Raise - February 14, 2018 Beta Tree Manager App on Google Play - February 9, 2018 Develop the Beta of the Tree manager App - December 1, 2017 Develop the Smart Contracts - November 30, 2017 Complete the Website - September 9, 2017 Feasibility Studies - August, 2017 Creation of the Conceptual idea - January 2017 Identification of The Problem - August 2016 ====================================================== ====================================================== Our team will be happy to answer your questions or comments via this topic. This is a work in progress
  9. Also if is a small one, another step in the Roadmap 2018 was just completed! We upgraded to a new, stable and most reliable blockexplorer with a lots of tools and usefull info about wallets, address and state of the network. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/klk Also if the old one is still up and running, we invite you to use the new one for checking your transactions. If you are enough inside $crypto you should know what the support of this guys means for the whole project and for all Kalkulus hodlers 🚀 Let's show some love back to Cryptomocho, one lucky retweeter get 1000 $KLK straight in his wallet! https://twitter.com/cryptomocho/status/962027291780907008
  10. ONYX Futures Exchange - Commission-Free Crypto Futures Trading With Zero Trading Fees and Decentralized Account Balances Don't miss out on this great opportunity. We have amazing plans for the ONYX Futures Exchange Platform What Is The ONYX Futures Exchange The ONYX token presents a commission-free Futures exchange that covers operational costs by yearly coin offerings based on the number of contract created for the previous year and the current years’ token value, instead of charging fees for each trade. The increase in demand for ONYX tokens from traders who are fond of commission-free futures markets will help the ONYX token increase in value. The exchange is developed using a smart contract. This means your funds are in your control and not ours. The Ethereum blockchain will hold all the account balances. This unique model will provide transparency, speed, and enhanced security for the ONYX platform. The ONYX Token All account balances on the ONYX Futures Exchange are denominated in ONYX tokens and the tick value of every futures market is 1 ONYX. By using ONYX tokens (Ethereum based) as the native currency on the OYNX Futures Exchange, all transaction fees are eliminated. Traders must own ONYX tokens to participate in the commission-free, trustless market on ONYX. All profits, losses, margin requirements, and account balances are denominated in ONYX tokens. By ONYX tokens being the currency of the exchange and being required by all traders, this creates demand for the token, therefore increasing the value. Revenue is generated, by introducing more ONYX tokens on yearly basis by coin offerings at a 10% discount based on the previous year's new contracts created and the current year's token value. ONYX Token Sale Starts February 19th ONYX will need funds to launch this revolutionary futures exchange. The Exchange is planning to launch its Initial Coin Offering on February 19, 2018 12:00PM UTC in order to get sufficient funds for successful completion and operation of this Exchange. Only 600M ONYX tokens will be sold in the ONYX Token Sale and 120M will be set aside for bonuses. Buyers will exchange ETH for ONYX tokens at an equivalent price of USD $0.01 per ONYX token as there is a maximum hard cap of $6M that can be raised. 20% of the Team's (100M) tokens will be vested yearly beginning in February 2019, ensuring the team has strong incentives to create a stable, self-perpetuating business model that provides ongoing and consistent demand for ONYX. Below are the ICO token details: • Name of the Token: ONYX • Representation: ONYX • Total number of tokens: 720,000,000 • Accepted Currency: Ethereum • Soft Cap: $200,000 • Hard Cap: $6,000,000 • Price for one token: $0.01 During the ICO we will have the following bonuses: Day 1-6 20% Day 7-13 15% Day 14-20 10% Day 23-30 0% Commission-Free Futures Trading - How Is It Possible? ONYX uses its own cryptocurrency, called the ONYX token, as the native currency of the ONYX Futures Exchange. Your account balance on the ONYX Futures Exchange is denominated in ONYX tokens and all your trading profits and losses are in ONYX tokens. ONYX eliminates transaction fees on trades and covers operational costs by creating and selling a small number of new ONYX tokens each year. Main Features & Benefits of ONYX It links interests of investors, traders, and ONYX Zero Trading Fees Decentralized Account Balances Highly Liquid Futures Markets Automated Market Stabilizers Token Issuance Revenue Model Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Cardano, and Stellar Futures More cryptocurrency pairs will be available in near future and ONYX will continue adding additional pairs. The optimum tick sizes provide a perfect balance between profit percentage and risk level. High Leverage No Auto Deleveraging The Best Technology Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement Decentralized Governance by [Suspicious link removed]plete Privacy Blockchain Driven Zero Trading Fees There are no transaction fees of any kind on the ONYX Futures Exchange. Traders can submit Maker orders or Taker orders at any time under any circumstances and pay 0% commissions on all trades forever. ONYX’s revolutionary token issuance model makes commission-free trading fully sustainable indefinitely, and it actually thrives as the exchange gets busier, ensuring the long term success of the ONYX Futures Exchange. Decentralized Account Balances Traders do not need to trust ONYX with holding their account balance in order to trade on the exchange. Your account balance is held by a decentralized, independent smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, not by the exchange. ONYX cannot freeze/mismanage/lose your funds because we physically don’t have access to your money. And in the unlikely event that ONYX is hacked there are no funds for the hackers to steal. Highly Liquid Futures Markets When you remove the constraints of transaction fees you get highly liquid markets because traders engage in high volume, single tick trading strategies that are not viable on other exchanges due to commissions. Liquidity is further enhanced by the presence of automated market stabilizers, funded with 20% of the total supply of ONYX tokens, that are programmed to break even whilst keeping spreads tight at all times, even in volatile market conditions. Automated Market Stabilizers ONYX market makers are automated trading bots with algorithms that are programmed to break even. With their highly active trading strategy and a large trading bank of 18% of all tokens in circulation (180M ONYX), they help create liquid futures markets that have tight bid and offer spreads, even in volatile market conditions, giving traders the confidence of always being able to enter and exit positions which further enhances liquidity. ONYX Native Currency The ONYX Futures Exchange has its own native cryptocurrency, called the ONYX token. The tick value of each ONYX futures market is 1 ONYX token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are denominated in ONYX tokens. Margin requirements are payable in ONYX tokens and traders account balances, deposits and withdrawals are denominated in ONYX tokens. Therefore, traders must own ONYX tokens to trade on ONYX’s commission-free, trustless futures markets, which creates demand for the ONYX token. Token Issuance Revenue Model We will start creating new ONYX tokens in the middle of 2020. The new tokens will cover the costs of operating the ONYX Futures Exchange. These costs will include software development, servers, staff, premises, marketing, support and all other associated costs. The number of new tokens created will be based on the number of contracts created for the year and the token value. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Cardano, and Stellar Futures ONYX has 10 futures markets: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, BCH/USD, DASH/USD, XMR/USD, LTC/USD, XRP/USD, NEO/USD, ADA/USD, and XLM/USD. Each futures contract has a large tick size, which eliminates a lot of noise, even in volatile market conditions. The Tick value of each futures contract is 1 ONYX token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are settled in ONYX tokens. Large Tick Sizes A distinctive feature of ONYX futures markets are their large tick size. In futures trading, a tick is the minimum price increment that a futures contract can move up or down. For example, the tick size on the BTC/USD futures contract is $5. High Leverage ONYX futures markets offer traders very high leverage of up to 100x, allowing them to realise large percentage gains (and losses) from relatively small price movements. But unlike other Bitcoin futures exchanges, ONYX does not cancel your winning trade to protect itself from losses if your counterparty’s losing position gets stopped out because he was too highly leveraged. No Auto Deleveraging Unlike other Bitcoin futures exchanges that offer high leverage, ONYX will not close you out of a winning position to protect itself from losses when your counterparty’s losing trade is stopped out because he was too highly leveraged. It’s out of your control whether the counterparty to your trade is at maximum leverage or not and you shouldn’t miss out on a profitable move that you correctly predicted because the exchange canceled your winning trade. Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement ONYX is a hybrid futures exchange that combines the speed and reliability of a centralized order matching engine with the trustless security of decentralized account balances on the blockchain. This offers traders the best of both worlds when it comes to speed of execution and the safety of their deposits. Traders enjoy the benefits of real time trading on a blazing fast order matching engine without needing to trust the exchange with their money. Complete Privacy Traders on ONYX can start trading immediately without needing to submit their name or any identifying documents of any kind. As an offshore exchange that accepts only ONYX tokens, ONYX is not bound by intrusive, ineffective and pointless KYC/AML regulations that intrude on our users privacy and which put them at risk of identity theft by making the exchange a target for hackers seeking personal information. The best way to protect our users personal data is not to collect that data in the first place. Blockchain Driven ONYX is driven by blockchain technology. From the use of its own cryptocurrency to eliminate transaction fees, to storing account balances trustlessly in a decentralized smart contract, and allowing its traders to determine the rate of new token issuance, everything that makes ONYX revolutionary is only made possible by embracing the disruptive power of new blockchain technology that until very recently didn’t even exist. Roadmap ONYX Token Sale & Onyx Exchange Development - Feb 2018 Onyx Exchange Beta Release & Onyx Tokens Listed on Exchange - April 2018 Onyx Futures Alpha Release & ETF Futures Development - July 2018 ETF Futures Beta Release - September 2018 ETF Futures (July 2018) Beginning in July 2018 we will begin developing the ETF Futures contracts. The ETF futures operate much the same as a normal futures contract. These contracts never take possession of the asset, but keep the capital moving from one basket of futures to another. This means investors don't have direct exposure to the underlying assets and must deal in cash terms. Most ETF futures track the commodity and currency markets as is the case for normal futures contracts. Commodities invite speculative trades on the future price movements of raw materials used to produce various products. We will be offering ETF Futures contracts in 3 crypto categories; transactional, platform, and utility. For more information please contactinfo@onyxfutures.ioor visitwww.OnyxFutures.io Follow us on social media at the following links: Telegram:https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFBa49m6V_pcQIqR1g Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/OnyxFutures Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/OnyxFutures/ Bitcoin Talk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2900544.new#new
  11. [url=https://prayerco.in]PrayerCoin[/url] [url=https://prayerco.in]https://prayerco.in[/url] [url=https://prayerco.in/PrayerCoin_WhitePaper.pdf]WhitePaper[/url] [url=https://reddit.com/r/PrayerCoin]r/PrayerCoin[/url] [url=https://twitter.com/_PrayerCoin_]@_PrayerCoin_[/url] [url=https://etherscan.io/token/0x43ad0e9446e72c5b9677a108f2b1d4adf34452cd]0x43ad0e9446e72c5b9677a108f2b1d4adf34452cd[/url] About PrayerCoin is the world's first decentralized religion. On January 31st, 1994, Vitalik Buterin (Виталий Дмитриевич Бутерин) was born. Son of virgin, Vitalik is the one and true son of Satoshi Nakamoto, Earths ethereal creator. Satoshi was tired of how inane the world was applying his gift (the blockchain). In 2015 Vitalik reinvigorated Satoshis will by creating Ethereum, a decentralized platform that will rid the world of corruption and pave the way to a blissful future. PrayerCoin is a celebration of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum, and all of Cryptocurrency. By utilizing Ethereum smart-contracts, PrayerCoin can become the first religion without a centralized leader or organization, ensuring freedom from corruption, while integrating the best lessons and values from all the world's major religions. Today, PrayerCoin is allowing you to send prayers in the most substantial way in history. Prayers, no longer need to be seemingly intangible forms of “faith” and “desire.” With PrayerCoin your prayers can now carry true monetary value through using the easy and accessible PrayerCoin platform. Roadmap We hope to eventually unite the world under one common religion, supporting and praising our savior, Vitalik Buterin. At somepoint in the near future we will seek to achieve 501(c)(3) non-profit status, which will make all donations/transactions non-taxable. Coin Details PrayerCoin is built on top of the Ethereum platform in the form of an ERC20-compliant token. Any wallet that can hold an ERC20 token can hold PrayerCoin. The symbol of PrayerCoin is PRAY The maximum supply of PrayerCoin is 666,666,666 PRAY The source code for the contract can be seen here: [url=https://etherscan.io/address/0x43ad0e9446e72c5b9677a108f2b1d4adf34452cd#code]https://etherscan.io/address/0x43ad0e9446e72c5b9677a108f2b1d4adf34452cd#code[/url] Presale Details PreSale starts 02/09 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time [table] [tr] [td]Range[/td] [td] Bonus[/td] [td] Tokens per ETH[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0 - 666,666 PRAY[/td] [td] 66%[/td] [td] 11066 PRAY[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]666,666 - 6,666,666 PRAY [/td] [td] 6.6%[/td] [td] 7106 PRAY[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]6,666,666 - 666,666,666 PRAY[/td] [td] 0%[/td] [td] 6,666 PRAY[/td] [/tr] [/table] You can send any amount of ETH to the PrayerCoin contract Address, and you will receive PRAY at the rates described above. For example, if there have already been 4,300,000 PRAY issued, you will receive PRAY at a rate of 7106 PRAY per ETH. You can also participate with Fiat through Venmo or Squarecash, but please make sure you include the ETH address to send the PRAY to in the Notes/Description. You can read about how to participate in an Ethereum ICO/presale contract here: https://tokenmarket.net/what-is/how-to-participate-ethereum-token-crowdsale/ Supported Wallets [li][url=https://www.myetherwallet.com/]MyEtherWallet[/url] (no download needed)[/li] [li][url=https://metamask.io/]MetaMask[/url] (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)[/li] [li][url=https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases]Mist[/url] (Desktop)[/li] [li][url=https://ethcore.io/parity.html]Parity[/url] (Desktop)[/li] [li][url=https://ethcore.io/parity.html]Parity[/url] + [url=http://ledgerwallet.com/]Ledger[/url] (Hardware wallet)[/li] [li][url=https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imtoken/id1153230571?ls=1&mt=8]imToken[/url] (iPhone)[/li] [li][url=https://token.im/]imToken[/url] (Android)[/li] [li][url=https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trust-ethereum-wallet/id1288339409]Trust[/url](iPhone)[/li] [li][url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp]Trust[/url](Android)[/li] [li][url=https://itunes.apple.com/app/cipher-browser-for-ethereum/id1294572970?ls=1&mt=8]Cipher[/url](iPhone)[/li] [li][url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cipherbrowser.cipher]Cipher[/url](Android)[/li] Bounty Campaign Partitioned off 6.6 million (1%) PRAY for bounties Spreadsheet: [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XIVIFpVqoAZXkMtDFOJsXiIvXo-d8uAzOF1vQmcLdAA/edit?usp=sharing]https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XIVIFpVqoAZXkMtDFOJsXiIvXo-d8uAzOF1vQmcLdAA/edit?usp=sharing[/url] Twitter Campaign Twitter Instructions: Follow and retweet to receive PRAY Tokens REWARDS [li]200-1000 followers: 40 PRAY tokens/week[/li] [li]1001-2000 followers: 55 PRAY tokens/week[/li] [li]2001 + follower: 70 PRAY tokens/week[/li] An extra 20 PRAY tokens/week for every 1000 followers over 2001 RULES: [li]Follow PrayerCoin's official Twitter account[/li] [li]Your Twitter account must have at least 200 real followers[/li] [li]Only one Twitter account per person is allowed[/li] [li]Make at least 3 retweets or mentions per week and tag [url=https://twitter.com/_PrayerCoin_]@_PrayerCoin_[/url] in each one[/li] Note: We check tweets and retweets manually, so please be patient. Media and Creation Campaign Media & Creation Instructions: Write a good article, review video, or blog post about PrayerCoin in your words; Post that on your website, blog or video Channel. REWARDS Blogs: [li]Original, and high quality article of 1001+ words : 1000 PRAY tokens[/li] [li]Original, and high quality article of 601-1000 words: 700 PRAY tokens[/li] [li]Original, and high quality article of 300-600 words : 500 PRAY tokens[/li] Videos: [li]Original, and high quality Video of more than 1min: 700 PRAY tokens[/li] [li]Original, and high quality Video of more than 3min: 1000 PRAY tokens[/li] RULES: [li]The article/review/blog post must be at least 300 words and video must be at least 1 minute long.[/li] [li]Content must be unique and it will be checked for plagiarism or copyright infringement.[/li] [li]All post, articles and videos must be published online and be accessible by everyone[/li] [li]You must have an audience of at least 500 people on your account/channel[/li] [li]The audience for the posted article/video must be crypto related[/li] [li]Article/review/blog post must contain at least one link to the PRAYERCOIN website.[/li] When finished please comment below or contact us directly for us to verify. Reddit Campaign Reddit Introduction: Post about PrayerCoin on Reddit. Rewards: 20 PRAY tokens/upvote +1000 PRAY bonus if your post hits the front page of a respective subreddit +10000 PRAY bonus if your post hits the front page of reddit. Contact us directly with a link to the post and we will DM you on the reddit account used to make the post. Translations Website Translations [li]1. [url=https://prayerco.in/]English[/url][/li] Please submit any translation by contacting us directly (through BitcoinTalk or Email). 3000 PrayerCoin reward for a properly translated site Whitepaper Translations [li]1. [url=https://prayerco.in/PrayerCoin_WhitePaper]English[/url][/li] Please submit any translation by contacting us directly (through BitcoinTalk or Email). 5000 PrayerCoin reward for a properly translated White Paper Promotional images [url=https://imgur.com/a/WzBO2]https://imgur.com/a/WzBO2[/url] Contact / Social Media Website: https://prayerco.in Email: info@prayerco.in Reddit: [url=https://reddit.com/r/PrayerCoin]https://reddit.com/r/PrayerCoin[/url] Twitter: [url=https://twitter.com/_PrayerCoin_]https://twitter.com/_PrayerCoin_[/url]
  12. Tokens that are Properties PROW ICO is selling tokens that can be exchanged for real-estate tokens. Our current portfolio of properties that are across 3 continents selected to give you immediate Returns on Investments and spread risk across markets. These will be updated to display current availability. Token Distribution Available for Pre-sale & ICO Public Sales – 1200000 Retained for Team & Advisors – 30000 Reserved for Future Development – 90000 Reserved for Marketing Bounties – 5000 Total Tokens Available - 1325000 Pre-sale Buy (60% BONUS) START DATE: 7 February 2018, The ico price is 1 Token for 0.01 ETH, in this pre-sale you will buy 1 PROW ICO Token for 0.01 ETH and will earn after 24 hours more 0.6 PROW ICO Tokens Bonus on your account. END DATE: 15 March 2018 Coin Accept: ETH TOTAL TOKENS: 1200000 Presale automatically ends on 15th March 2018 or if hard cap reached (whatever comes first) Exchange Works START DATE: 16 March 2018 Market: PROW TOKENS / ETH Price on Exchange 0.01 ETH BUY, 0.008 ETH SELL and Determined by Availability ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bitcointalk Users Bounty: Legendary Bonus: 75 Tokens Hero Member : 50 Tokens Sr. Member: 40 Tokens Full Member: 30 Tokens Member: 25 Tokens Jr. Member: 20 Tokens **** RULES: Need to add our ICO url (https://prowallet.biz/ico/ - Can be the Referral URL too.) to Forum Signature and make at least 1 Post in any forum thread talking about us. When end this steps, send a email to admin@prowallet.biz with your username on bitcointalk and the Tokens will be added to your account in 48 hours at max. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Each new referral signup the user will earn a bonus of 0.10 Prow ICO TOKENS. Visit us now: https://prowallet.biz/ico/ https://prowallet.biz - Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin Wallet online that offers profits for you to receive and stock bitcoins, dogecoins and litecoins. https://www.facebook.com/Prowallet.biz https://www.facebook.com/groups/1896191680398816/
  13. https://ico.jizzcoins.com WEBSITE https://ico.jizzcoins.com/jcn-whitepaper-en.pdf WHITEPAPER https://www.facebook.com/jcncoins FACEBOOK https://twitter.com/jizzcoinsTWITTER https://t.me/jizzcoins TELEGRAM https://www.reddit.com/r/jizzcoins REDDIT https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2761834]BOUNTY JIZZCOINS Multi-purpose 18+ token (ERC20) Jizzcoins (JCN) is an ERC20 token created by CTRL Venture to integrate blockchain technology into our 18+ ecosystem, simplify transactions, improve and accelerate the expansion of our online adult services. Our focus is the “voyeur” niche and our goal is to open and connect voyeur locations worldwide, equipped with spycams to live broadcast 18+ entertainment. By utilising gamification techniques like competitions and on-site token minting features all user groups automatically benefit. Our 18+ ecosystem includes Two active product sites HTML5 Live Broadcasting Platform Managed Voyeur Locations Private remote Voyeur Locations Content Marketplace for Models Payment Platform Advertising Platform Affiliate Program Content Partner Program API Partner Integrations Our commitment to JCN Regardless of the ICO results the team is confident to reach the targets listed on the roadmap and make from Jizzcoins (JCN) a 18+ crypto token that is used inside and outside its ecosystem. There is no soft cap defined, because the project will continue and will go in production. Unlike other 18+ ICOs, Jizzcoins (JCN) has a fully operational ecosystem with a continious development cycle of 4 years and is backed with existing technology. The main reason to do an ICO is to raise funds to accelerate the opening of new voyeur locations, hire extra staff, open new business units but most important to integrate blockchain technology into all our activities and offer the public to be part of this all. With Jizzcoins (JCN) we aim to be one of the first (live) 18+ entertainment companies that is powered with blockchain technology. Stay tuned for development news and opportunities, by following and subscribing to our channels on: https://www.facebook.com/jcncoins Facebook https://twitter.com/jizzcoins Twitter http://linkedin.com/company/jizzcoins Linkedin ICO details Token name: Jizzcoins Token symbol: JCN Token standard: Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 compatible) Max quantity: 100,000,000 JCN Available token supply: 45,000,000 JCN Crowdsale smart contract: 0xc767bb2ab72358eb140b6a66b51a6afb833775dc Token smart contract: 0x3017ad28cbd13dbcefea5f4c124db66c11ddaa64 Initial fixed price: 0.001 ETH per 1 JCN token Early bird at presale starts January 10th, 2018 Token sale phases January 10 to January 20: Minimum 0.75 ETH with a 25% bonus January 20 to February 1: Minimum 0.50 ETH with a 15% bonus February 1 to January 10: Minimum 0.25 ETH with a 5% bonus February 10 to April 10: Minimum 0.001 ETH More details on: https://ico.jizzcoins.com/]ico.jizzcoins.com
  14. Original Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2858364.0 https://www.epocum.com WEBSITE https://www.epocum.com/Website/assets/pdf/whitepaperepocumv0.9.pdf WHITE PAPER https://www.epocum.com/guide GUIDE https://www.epocum.com/team TEAM https://twitter.com/epocum TWITTER https://www.facebook.com/epocumFACEBOOK https://medium.com/@epocum MEDIUM https://t.me/epocumTELEGRAM https://www.instagram.com/epocum INSTAGRAM https://github.com/epocum GITHUB We're excited to announce the Epocum smart sharing platform here on Bitcointalk. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Smart sharing contracts Epocum introduces smart sharing contracts as a new standard for the next generation advertising industries. https://cryptocurrencyhub.io/introducing-epocum-and-smart-sharing-contracts-1f91a73f0730-> READ MORE ABOUT EPOCUM AND SMART SHARING CONTRACTS Why should you use smart sharing contracts? Smart sharing contracts (SSC) are an advertising tool implemented in our platform and are used to bring traffic to your website. There are three types of SSC that will be implemented in the Beta: - Pay for share: pay other people in ETH through smart contract for every single share - Pay for connectivity: pay others in ETH, through a smart contract, for a total connectivity that has been brought to you - Earn for share: earn by the connectivity generated by your post https://medium.com/@epocum/epocum-how-it-works-and-usage-scenarios-bf15ad6267e2-> READ HOW EPOCUM WORKS AND USAGE SCENARIOS[/url] $EPM: A CONNECTIVITY BASED TOKEN $EPM is the currency generated by the platform and is the economic and digital representation of connectivity itself and is transferable between any service or simple wallet existing in ethereum. Token type: ERC20 Smart Token Token distribution:https://www.epocum.com/ico-> READ HERE _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ALPHA IS LIVE We already have several web services that are testing our platform and many others are joining it. https://www.epocum.com-> TRY ALPHA NOW BETA IS COMING In the Beta will be implemented the the token distribution and other Epocum's services The Beta will be available on Q2 2018. https://medium.com/@epocum/epocum-alpha-and-beta-release-d8a763751fbf]-> READ MORE ABOUT ALPHA AND BETA RELEASE ___________________________________________________ Developers can use our APIs to create their own service, using real and trasparent connectivity data. https://www.epocum.com/api-> READ API REFERENCES ___________________________________________________ Our roadmap towards the Beta and beyond. _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ We are a full-time developers team that works in collaboration with the University of Perugia and we have scheduled events about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, seminars and presentations that will be held in the coming months. We will present our project during the "Distributed Ledger Technology" conference on February 1st. We will keep you updated on future events and conferences. Our escrows Stefano Bistarelli: Associate professor of Computer Science at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Perugia and a research associate at the Institute for Computer Science and Telematics (IIT) at the CNR (Italian National Research Council) in Pisa. In 2016 he won 2 prizes, the "Microsoft Azure research" and the 'Aws research grant', thanks to the research made by the Cybersecurity lab, which he founded, in the Blockchain and Bitcoin field. Francesco Santini: Teaching Programming languages at University of Perugia and part of the Cybersecurity lab. Co-writer of the articles "Visual Analytics for Bitcoin Transactions" and "Go with the -Bitcoin- Flow: An Advanced Visualisation Tool" Roberto de Nicolò: Web developer at LUISS Guido Carli University. Mario Volpi: Part of the dissemination group of the Mosler economics Modern Money Theory (MEMMT), trying to increase citizens' awareness of the causes of the current economic crisis and the only possible scenario of recovery: full employment, internal demand and monetary sovereignty. Token sale will start in mid February. The majority of the issuance of funds deriving from the purchase of our token will be used for the marketing campaign. Epocum team aims to create a solid community around the project and we welcome you on our social media channels.
  15. Original Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2869882.msg29617627#msg29617627 WEBSITE https://www.menuva.net BOUNTY THREAD https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2869911 WHITEPAPER https://menuva.net/whitepaper.pdf TWITTER https://twitter.com/ProjectMenuva TELEGRAM http://t.me/projectMenuva Pre-sale starting 08.02.2018 at 18:00 CET