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  1. HILO: 2,307,124,246 placed by kertsantos on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9178400039672852x Profit 0.00000092
  2. As long as I still have luck, I will keep on playing and when I notice that my luck are slowly fading its time for me to stop. PS: do not try to do my style you will probably lose haha
  3. There are a lot of spammer in chat, maybe theres a chat limit that the user will be automatically muted for 1 hour if he/she met the assigned limit
  4. but your stats tells that your win is too little for you haahahahaha
  5. when its not your luck ,do not try to recover ,try to relax and get some rest before back to playing
  6. Imagine if your bet is maybe x5 of your current bet ,thats huge. but we all know we play safe. congrats btw . keep it up .
  7. I dont like physical activity but let me try this after my research,
  8. kertsantos

    My best win

    imagine if your bet is x5 than your current bet, it would be big lose if it was bust hahahaahaha congrats by the way. keep it up
  9. I like your friend, he or she has common sense hahaha. double check it next time
  10. but there are players whos hope to recover is on the rain bot, especially to those who are low budget staker