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  1. the concept of cryptocurrency in gambling is innovative ..as it is faster and easy ...Online gambling makes our gambling easier and we don't have to go outside and visit the casino's just to play. It gives you the comfort and you are saving a lot of time and money as well by just staying at home.
  2. Well, good to see the members of the 1x2 coin is making this project an organize as they have this now. Good to view that this project is not just good for its words but the members of the team are working behind the project is showing us their true value in terms of achievements of the coin .if the coin moves in this way then this year the coin will for sure shine..
  3. there is no question of loss in case of 1x2 if he invest in this coin bcoz firstly this is POS coin .investors can stake there coins secondly the reward system of the coin is too good so that investor will receive a huge profit and finally he can use the rewards for the gambling purpose ..there is no lose at all.
  4. As far many days i have seen many investors are involving in 1X2 coin and made good profit as well this is the great platform to invest in sports gambling 1x2coin community have made valuable contributions to the project, in general.1x2 will provide good passive income with all these good and working features. Thats why i like it.Everything is stable now. I think raise and fall is quite common in crypto field but i'm glad that i´m still holder of 1x2 coin.
  5. there are lot of projects have came in the betting field 1x2 is also one of that it is a peer to peer cryptocurrency.1x2 is modified version of the betting technology faster transaction and good staking rewards and it is achieving consequence through online transaction. this coin as became so popular because of its constant growth and bcoz of its reward scheme even the volume of the coin is also building up daily…..
  6. 1x2 doing everything faster and better. While other projects only highlight their ideas and raise funds to get started, this project are already working on developing their platform and are actively looking for partners for cooperation. 1x2 also implement some innovative solutions and additional tools to make the platform better than traditional platforms: more interesting, profitable and attractive to the user where everyone will use his coins not for placing a bet only and have a lot different ways to getting their daily income and using them will be available on our platform.
  7. hi team i 'm new to this coin but i have heard many positive wipes about the coin that this coin is the best coin for the gambling purpose and this coin seems interesting as there goals and mission are so clearly described in the white paper ...it doesn't took much time to understand about the project bcoz it is concise and beautifully executed ..even its price is also good and stable ...i think it is the best coin for the gambling purpose..