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  1. Maria159753

    Hello Everyone ! I'm cottonbudd

    Hello cotton candy as it treats stake I hope you answer this message successes and good luck here friend
  2. Maria159753

    Hello ! CryptoGambling here!

    Hello crypto gambling my name is Maria and ami tmb I like lois games as well as poker a taste and I hope you do well
  3. Maria159753

    Hello World!

    Hello, my name is Maria, I hope that Stada Stace is one of the best pages that there is good luck
  4. Maria159753

    Looking for friends

    hello my name is Maria I am from Spain, it would be nice to meet someone from Spain I wish you success in this great page
  5. Maria159753

    Two New Privacy Coins - Grin and Beam

    But tbm you can use the pundix is a good coin and is private to what I was reading and the fees is very comfortable does not exceed 0.01 usd but you can also use vertcoin is also good currency very fast and is private the best of it
  6. Maria159753

    Appreciate the effort

    Well I reccien toy coming to this great page and I see many people who help you in everything and as in the discord the support people are good and I appreciate that great love of this great page
  7. Maria159753


    Hello my name is Maria I am new in this page of bets I hope that I go well and if someone wants to speak to the discord, they tell me, I am learning to play, I am from Spain, we will see how the stake treats me
  8. Maria159753

    What is your goal?

    My goal is to learn a little more about this world of cryptocurrencies and if you have won 1 BTC, but you also see how bitcoin is very low now, let's just hope it goes up to 20,000 dollars and be able to charge more in btc, although earning 200 dollars a week I would be happy
  9. Maria159753

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    I just came into play thanks to the video of Juicy if I already won once in the discord and just need to raise the level to enter the best draws. I have seen many who participate for the awards and I think I need to level up in the forum