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  1. HILO: 2,308,257,412 placed by inanyo on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00011000 Multiplier 5.977419853210449x Profit 0.00054752
  2. miles

    Keep playing or no?

    droping the price is good for the one who deposit and play, it is only bad for the crypto trader so keep on playing guys. Happy Gambling. Good luck
  3. what about trader who was selling in limit hoping to hit its price, and when it delisted its so bad for them especially to those who is not updated.
  4. miles

    Probability behind Plinko

    I just hoping in luck in plinko ,for me it is the game with no strategy haha. Ofcourse the higher the multiflier the difficult to win.
  5. miles

    What’s your top crypto for 2019?

    for me my top coin in 2019 is Litecoin, I like the developers move of his coin as it has many future plan and big partnership like the ufc 232 which was annouced its name to the octagon
  6. Its letting bit confusing , the spammers will spam if they want even if theres a rain or none. The only way is to mute in in one month or more
  7. miles

    Do you keep playing the same numbers?

    I change numbers for every 20 bets , because I think staying on same bet will not effective
  8. the lower the btc price is ,its a nice time to bet and store because when it will pump ,our current will high it price also making it extra win for us
  9. I will put magnet in that area , it still so hard to hit. Maybe in 1000 roll you cant hit it
  10. miles

    Choose One when you bet on stake

    I prefer bot but in control that just playing without thinking what will be the result
  11. miles

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    maybe they just play unlucky or lack of strategy and computing. Planning ia the key