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  1. I only play dice and limbo for now. Need to wager at least.
  2. mitchaii

    Favorite song?

    One of my favorite song is "if you're not the one" by Daniel Beddingfield. I'm not broken. I just love the song because of the emotion on it. It made me relax. 😊
  3. I can't say I'm really fit cause i am way heavier than most of the girls. But to make sure i don't get sick, i don't skip meals and eat veggies every meal. 😁
  4. Bonus code is given randomly to all qualified users. You can check stake social media sites and telegram groups. Also yoi can get it on streams. Goodluck.
  5. Nowadays i don't use crypto wallet. I go directly to binance then to Gcash.
  6. I got reload of $1 per day. Not bad. And am happy.
  7. Yesterday is not the same as today, and today is not the same for tomorrow. Just keep moving forward and dream big dreams
  8. I do play billiards when i don't have balance on my stake account. Also, i do watch kdramas. 😁
  9. So excited for this. This will be a marvelous event. Expect more give aways. Many more years to come for stake. 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  10. Most of my winning go to groceries. And i also fixed half of our roofs. And i'm so happy. Hoping for more winnings. 😁
  11. Lately monthly is too early. But even before, monthly bonus don't have an exact date. So we stay put and patiently wait. Besides it's a free money for all. 😁
  12. No one knows. Just pure luck. Even strategies don't work. Base on my experience though.
  13. If i were to choose i would like to play with bnb bep20. Lesser fee than eth. 😊
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