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  1. Roger Federer Serena Williams India France
  2. Still 4 prizes to catch ! And the biggest ones! Need a big dek, big balls and big luck, lol but it's definitely amazing prizes! Tried few rolls to see if by chance I could get that lucky hit. Never rolled a x1000 that said lol 😉 Good luck everyone
  3. 30% speed increase but I wasn't speed enough to reply 😔 grats to lucky speedy 10 winners
  4. Well I'm afraid you seem to haven't understood how the bonus was meant to be won. The winner is the first who has posted the right time of the first goal once the game turned live. It was not about guessing when the goal would be scored exactly but being the quickest to post it here. Yet I hope I'm wrong and that you won 😉
  5. Yes I can't say better. Sure there s no reason to complain. Only being thankfully to you and Mad coin for sharing his work for free. I'm really mad that because of some shameless scammers we might be in the future unable to use the bot... In between it s available now, have to enjoy while we can. Last thing I would like to add is : I've never been approached by the ppl who try to sell it. But are they many? Are is it only one or two? And second thing would it be possible that madcoin maybe transmits the coding data to some he trust and that would be willing to keep on the updating work? ( just sharing my 2 cents, and not trying to say to any9ne what he should do.. Just willing to help as I can) .
  6. I'm alright thanks. I've won on at least the challenge. Not sure for bonus prize but whatever. I was just wondering how so many people seems to not reading rules.. For example. You quotd eugene post. He predicted as me that a goal would be scored in first 15 minutes. And it's won But exact time of first goal shouldn't be predicted but posted live so he didn't won the bonus prize .. Fyi 😉
  7. Many people here did not take time to read the rules... 30 posts count to take part. And the bonus prize was meant to be posted live during the game.. Not before not after. . . Anyway next time read carefully maybe!
  8. We ll discover that soon but first point is : what is the exact time of first goal.. And second we need to have a minimum forum posts count to take part. 30 posts was required...
  9. Is there nothing else to do other than tip @StakeLotery to be in? I see everyone posting his tip, I didn't, shall I do it too?
  10. Hi there, bought a ticket couple of days ago, but the list has not been updated since then, do I have to send a screen of the tip I sent? Thanks in advance
  11. Good luck everyone! 😉
  12. 1st to 15th minutes! Hopefully it'll be an amazing game with plenty of goals ;+) Thanks for that contest it's very nice I'd love to see more of that kind 😉 nikowin88