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  1. Ok 2 free transfer each week? Or just this week? I didn't searched by myself but isnt there a way to delete first team? And create new one from scratch? Thx mate
  2. Grats winers and thx Darko @Darko I got ans error when I try to join private league. It tells me : Private league codes have the format NUMBER-NUMBER Son I cantine join... Dont know what I'm doing wrong as everyone seems to meet no problems.. Thx for any help Below a screen capture of where I'm stuck Well finally I don't know where my original post went but fi ally I get to create team and join stake leagues. Now my concern is to modify my team because I was pissed I chooses random pick in my team creation... But we'll at least I joined πŸ˜‰
  3. Grats winners and thx darko Stakenikowin88 ( need to succeed to join the league first lol)
  4. Yeah someone did in the first replies... Like page 2 or 3 ..the odds are so ridiculously high
  5. Him ok didn't saw the other topic created. As far I know as it's a challenge where you have to post a pic of your face there s no alt that took part to it ( the whole point of using alt is getting more chances to win.. But even if you have hundred of alt you always have only one face lol) I get what you said and I know right but asking for some update from admin or support is still allowed I think? Neither is it a rule enforcement as far I as I know? So I guess I can do it. And in case of I appropriate post admin are usually quick to delete or move post.but thanks for your input
  6. Hi all @Steve just wanted to ask when the faceapp challenge giveaway will be closed ? It's pending since 3 weeks after it's end so I wonder if you forgot about it maybe or it was cancelled? Thanks for any news about it Good day to all
  7. Hi all stakers! And all team members! My most memorable time.. Hard to say. But I remember a win. At my early times here. I was playing dice and after a good win I start chasing x990. I've discovered few times before I could get higher payout than x48. 5 that we can get with the cursor ( you see I didn't know ew we could set higher payout lol... I said it was my beginning) So I start to chase x990 with 5k btc bet.. Which was quite high for my bankroll at this moment.. And it hit in like 10 bets.. Won 0.05 btc! I was so happy I rained like 500k πŸ˜‰ Other good memory I have is when daily challenge started! Seeing all the frenzy it brought to chat was amazing ( a bit scary too lol) Long life to Stake! I hope to be there for 20 b'day πŸ˜‰ Birthday πŸ₯³
  8. MINES: 7,671,049,981 placed by nikowin88 on 05/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 277.3269958496094x Profit 0.00027633
  9. KENO: 7,614,401,392 placed by nikowin88 on 03/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 17x Profit 0.00001600
  10. nikowin88

    Crash? Or Limbo?

    Well interesting. I was a big supporter of chartbet before. When Limbo came I thought it was a poor version of chartbet because the lack of cash out. Then I used to play Limbo. And chartbet come back improved by the multiplier side. But in between I get used to the quickness of Limbo in Instant bet Mode... So now I play more Limbo. I think I'll end to play more to crash but right now I mean more liking Limbo. Bc it's easier to get highest payout : there's no temptation to cash out. Or to push it always higher ( in my case that my concern with crash : I cash out to9 quickly sometimes and the other times I wait always more bc I want it to be the highest possible in other case I miss value and don't get to profit. But with Limbo it's pretty easy to chase x1000 or more...
  11. Well honestly I find it's a good thing. If you want to gamble seriously you have to consider making a deposit. And with all the different coins available no need to be rich to make a deposit And maybe faucet has been disabled but in the same time, giveaways , coupons, races, challenge and all that appeared and has been developed to a never seen before level. So as customers and clients to we are clearly taking advantage. I better stay with all those challenges and giveaways than go back to what it was before : no rrace no daily challenge and a little faucet
  12. Holy shit! I was here for the huge rain that happens yesterday when Eddie started to throw thousand of satoshi but I missed that! It's insane! Isn't it risky to make that much money publicly transit in chat? At least it makes us all dream a bit πŸ˜‰
  13. Well you right indeed. And I think just like you. It happens to me many times. After big win, knowing I should stop but trying anyway to grind a few more wins. Then lose start to come and so I think I could at least get back to former balance. But it doesn't happen. I keep losing. Starting to lose control and calm. Until bust or almost. And obvisouky it's really annoying and I'm so mad after that. But not mad after stake but after me obviously. I'm the one who pushed it too far... And yeah sometimes I can rage against the game but I would never ever say stake is rigged. Those guys claiming that over and over are ridiculous. If they are really convinced of that why are they still here gambling on stake? They should just leave amdove elsewhere. that's what I do when I'm convinced for example that a casino isn't fair or instead trustworthy... But I guess they are just regular trolls that would troll same way in every place they lose money. But in most other place there s no such thing as a chat so we just just don't see them usually...
  14. Haaha great subject indeed! I see that there's few of us that are nearly scientist when it comes to drugs πŸ˜‰ Well I've tried most of the most know drugs. Didn't tried the most newest ones, as I'm c40 now and have 3 kids I have stopped all those long time ago , but here we are : weed alcohol cocaine free base speed ( amphetamines) mdma mushroom ( hawaian and Mexican ones and also local ones ) led heroin ketamime ( my worst ever experience, really no fun with that one) speed ball ( cocaine + heroin) and that pretty much all. Obviously the ones I liked the more were the psychedelic ones. Have a lot of fun with shrooms πŸ˜‰ Another one I had a lot of fun with is weed but not smoked but eaten. Have to cook it with sour cream. Thx then mixed up with the fat in the cream and turn to another molecule. And this new molecule. Called DHC if my memory is good but not sure hasn't the same effect. It's psychedelic one now πŸ˜‰ it need kinda a lot of weed so can be expensive but so much fun πŸ˜‰