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  1. Lol 100 first poster but we keep posting.. 300 post and counting 😂😂😂 nikowin88 I always miss those giveaways 😂
  2. I'd like to become a mod but I think you would be a great mod I have to say ! 👍
  3. Hey there My stake username is nikowin88 I used to spend lot of time on French but since a while I stick on english chat bc French was deleted so I didn't jumped back on French when it was reactivated. My daily presence on chat overall is between 2 hours to 10 hours depending on my spare time Moderating consist is : making sure rules are respected and we'll known, and entertaining the chat ,making it fun and enjoyable by making rolls hunts and things like that. And also helping out the stakers new at not by answering their questions and sending them to support if needed. Wh
  4. No more the option to insert bet id ? casino:29017647705
  5. It would be something a part from game then ? Bc I didn't understood the link with plinko game ? Ball drop until stopping on 1 multiplier as you know so there's no spin or else. That what I don't understand.
  6. I'm afraid but : you may have mistaken on the bet size ? With ltc it's 100k litoshis your bet is only 12.5 so sadly it's not enough...
  7. I don't understand ? Players gets all multiplier ? You mean if he is on high / 15 row he should hit at least once x1000, x 130 , x27 etc etc ? But my point is feature buy in is to me a pure trap from slots. Very often you don't even win as much as you paid. I mean it has to be profitable for those who run the slots. When playing slots you hope to catch the big hit, and. Buying feature is about making you feel like you can have a control on the outcome . But the truth is that its just another way for the slot to make you spend even more money. So I would prefer stake original
  8. DICE: 28,543,613,655 placed by nikowin88 on 01/09/2020 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00000153 #teammirela 6th entry and still no twist 😕
  9. sport:2905391 Just in time !!😁😁$$$ match ended 3 min before end of challenge 😁
  10. #teammirela DICE: 28,505,779,192 placed by nikowin88 on 31/08/2020 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00000153 6th entry still no twist
  11. 5th entry #teammirela DICE: 28,465,536,999 placed by nikowin88 on 30/08/2020 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00000153
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