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  1. I had it couple of times last week. And it was Monday or Sunday I believe that it had its peak. But since Monday it didn't happened anymore. Yet I feel some glitches for example slots miss to display profit after rolls finnish. Usually it display really quickly. Today not at all. Messaging is still messy as hell. And sport books freezing sometimes. And some games like dice, plinko or limbo has great change in speed sometimes it's quick as hell and sometimes it slowed down .. I'm pretty sure stake team is working on making every thing works flawlessly and I'm looking forward to make it quickly
  2. Well yes I would prefer more slots. Not sure what you mean about bingo isn't it the same game as keno more or less? Coin flipping to me is like a dice game where you can't adjust the odds and then ship battle really? Well at least it would be never seen before. A gamble on ship battle, I don't think I ever seen that anywhere. On the other hand a slot game with progressive jackpot would be something I'd really like to see. And imho stake is already offering more ames than any other cryptogambling ling casino I know so yes to me it's ok to create more slots. But there's probably room for new other games too
  3. To be eligible, your profit has to be at least 10x minimum bet amount (for example, 0.001 BTC profit or 0.032 BCH, and so on). I think @CntryBoy is right... Sadly I have no 1 btc balance lol DICE: 14,077,057,718 placed by nikowin88 on 07/01/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 20x Profit 0.00190000
  4. GnThx for all your reaction! On one side I feel less alone and sorry too for all of us experiencing the same difficulty. Indeed it's something very common in gamblers life... Well since I made this post it happened again.. On the side of hope I found some great idea in what I read. Never depositint back what has been withdraw seems a good thing to do. Today I made from 650k btc up to nothing less than 0.04 btc... Quite impressive. Not usual not to mention it. Withdrew half. And... Instant busted the other half. Right now I'm on the edge. Tempted to deposit back but knowing it would be a bad thing... All this is about psychology and behaviour. When I deposite did knew I wouldnt be able to do another deposit today. So I played wisely and had bit of luck. But with the 0.02 left on stake I played knowing I still had the other 0.02 withdraw so I played knowing if I don't bust it wouldn't be over... And the key points here is it's very hard to trick yourself into believing something that you know isnt true ( bc if I could convicted myself that the 0.02 remain was all I had left I wouldn't have played the same way)... I hope I'll succeed to get over that! And will let you know about it ofc Cheers to all and good day
  5. 1 Hard one. .. I don't say.. Steve, maverick, thugstream, and that is.. So 3...not sure of this one... 2.Chartbet it is! 3. Crash, Slots, limbo)( replacing former chartbet) 4.gary emojis. So far used as emoji pack in telegram and discord I guess. 5.Maja, Uros, 6.2nd one 7. I wish all stalker team and player the best for 2020.2p19 was full of surprises and I hope Stake and Eddie have many more in store! I have no doubt 2020 will an awesome year for us all!
  6. Yeah I guess you right. In my case instead of withdraw just what I deposit I should have withdraw most of it. Keeping only a small part ( your ratio seems reasonable 2/3 wd and 1/3 left to play) to play. So that I would have not only withdraw my own money but a small yet correct winning amount. Good idea. Will give it a try soon
  7. Hi all, I wanted to have your opinion. Here what happened to me last couple of days. Made a deposit. ( 0.015 btc) made it up to 0.055... Quite good indeed. Paid a debt 0.01, withdraw initial depo 0.015 and left the remains to play with. Kept gambling but at some point could win more. It was Saturday late. Several hours after deposit. I precise winning where made on hilo and slots. At some point started to wager 40k btc on slots bets. No need to say what happened.. Back to 0 balance happened quickly... ( I use vault so all this happened with a lot of deposit /withdraw to vault) So back to 0... I redeposit the 0.015.and lost it... Back to real 0... Go to bed quite messed up... The very next day go deposit 0.015 more.... Make to 0.030.them 0.045 them 0.06.withdraw the 0.03 that came from my pocket. I'm at 0.03 all is good. I swear to myself I will never be stupid anymore and won't bust in 30 min like last time. Keep playing. Up to 0.04. Then stop not willing to ruin it. Go to bed. Wake up in the middle of the night bc of baby boy want to piss.... After go smoke a bit. Take my phone. Start rolling. Nothing wins.. Piss me off a bit. Rise bet size. Keep losing. Bust all stake balance. The take back from my wallet 0.015 to deposit it again. Lose it.. Try something new : x1000 on limbo x500 sats win with x28k result! Them switch to dice. Pre roll to see what happen... And hit a x990 with 0 bet. So start wagering.. Get a wrong side and 0.14 while needed a 0.09... Piss me off more. Back to slots. 20k then 40k bets. Bust it all So I think well I'm back from where I started. Stop there and start over tomorrow. I deposit my last 0.015.and go back to bed. Couple hours later waking up. Drink some coffee. Start to play. Nothing seems to work. Playing 10k bets. On slots, keno, hilo... Lose lose lose. And here I am now. I lost only 0.p3 from my own pocket. But been 2 times 2 days in a row at 0.06 more or less. And the worst of that is that such pattern seems to happen every month when I deposit in early days of the month. Usually at some point im out of spare money ( meaning money I don't need for every day bills and charges) so I just stop depositing only relaying on boost, mega boost and challenge wins to build something But I keep searching for what mistakes I've made. Well obviously at some point I lose my calm and make the bust come even faster. Yet there seems to be some kind of pattern that makes everyone bust after having win big ( quite big in my case) Sometimes I think the thing I should do is withdraw all when j reached nice level. In my example at 0.06 I should withdraw all and don't deposit back and switch directly to the boost/megaboost/challenge strategy. Because I f I can got thru that busting cycle... Could be so great! Do you guys ( and girls) meet the same thing? And those who achieve to keep their winning, would you have an advice for me? Thanks all And good day
  8. Well I think you right. Moreover playing on smartphone it's not handy at all. On Prime dice live stats are integrated in the main page below games options. And it works well. On stake I don't use them ( while I miss them) bc I can see the game with stats window... So yes it should be a great improvement to have them in the page rather than on a floating window
  9. There a topic on how forum reward you. First time thing is your rank. Noob, member and forum hero doemst earn the same way. Then there forum section. Some don't pay at all. Some pay regular and some have extra rewarding. But obviously they won't tell it piblicly to avoid forum farming abuse. So when you noticed some post pay more than other ( for the same length approximately) notice it and maybe post more in that' section...
  10. Thanks for telling us. But maybe it's not really needed. Imagine if every vip that don't wish to take part to challenge start to post it here? ...
  11. Lol I though I would be the first to post here.. But third is good too 😉 KENO: 13,564,343,017 placed by nikowin88 on 30/12/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 90x Profit 0.00890000
  12. Usually it's paid the next day but not last week. Yet with all the action lately it's fully forgivable and I'm pretty sure this one will be paid tomorrow or the day after in worst case. Yeah I saw it later. But honestly all of us wouldn't care at all about winning 1st or 2nd place on challenge if we had a 2 btc win in he hand... Grats to him, it's great to see such big wins..
  13. Congrats! 50$ bet for 15.000$ win... The 0.1 prize seems worthless compared to that... But no doubt you will be n°1... X291 on a 750k bet who will say it's rigged now???
  14. Yes it's good tonypocket French mate ( try speak English next time) Oui c est bon tony mais post en Anglais stp sinon t aura pas de reponses...