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  1. Well about monthly coupon everyone is talking about. If we started calling it "monthly" It's for a reason it's because in VIP benefits it's written monthly coupon. And if you look past month there has been a coupon sent the last 3 or 4 month at least. So yes there's a monthly coupon but indeed it will be sent with slots release imho
  2. Aha this subject interest me a lot onvisouly. One good idea would be to do a progressive jackpot on slot games. The slot games with progressive jackpot are the ones I prefer! The possibility of winning the fat juicy accumulated jackpot is bringing more ppl to play as the jp gets fatter! Then there isn't that much possibility for a slot game. But one type of those I like too is the tetris style. What do I call tetris style is when the symbol that formed a winning combination disappear ( let's say they're burnt) and some new ones take their place, giving the possibility to hit real big win combo ( for example rise of olympus check google if you don't know it) That's all for now 😉
  3. Well interesting. As for me it's hilo. I skip more cards than when I don't have to recover. I skip maybe 3or 4 cards in a row until I feel the next one. Been working pretty good but sometimes for some reason it's begins to end in wrong pick anytime. I just start to lose every single choice I make. When it happens or I bust straight down or I switch to other game like mine or limbo or keno to see of I have more luck. But to me never mind the game sometimes there's good streak and losing streak and no matter what you do when your in a losing streak you have only 2 options ( well 3 in fact) : stop playing to save your balance. keep playing and if your lucky your balance is large enough to go through this streak and you'll have a chance to recover once the streak over and the 3rd choice that I rarely choose : keep playing but betting 0 to see if you're still in the middle of losing streak but without losing a single satoshi actually. Everytime I bust I think I should have done that but I think about it only after lol...
  4. Well I had the same thought many times. On 1 hand prizes are very low from 50th place to the last ones. So if you push with low balance and lose more bets than you win orizes won't cover the loss. But on the other hand if you play smartly with reasonable balance ( let's say 0.01 ) you can place not that bad. Not Saturday off but the other day particularly the morning race where less ppl are taking part it's possible to get a good rank. I say this but I never do it. But I've seen some friends placing up to 15 to 20th place with even lower balance than 0.01 btc... But finally the real good rewards are the first 10th one. And I'd say the first 5 ones. And you can't get it if you have a small balance. No chance. That's why imho making telegram challenge prize linked to VIP rank is a bad idea. Before everyone had the same prizes 10-100$.now If I was not VIP at all honestly I would even try to win challenge.. 3$ is really low. And as races favor the biggest player at least telegram challenge was rewarding everyone with the same chances and the same prizes. Just giving my thought bc being a gold VIP nothing as changed for me in definitive
  5. Well I haven't real strategy bc it's too Unpredictable to chase it. The thing about when you get a lot of 99++ is a good one I think. I noticed too 99.9x almost never come alone so when I see one coming I start chasing the second one. But it's more like a bonus play. If I'm in profit I'll chase it for like 100 or 200 rolls but if it don't hit I stop here and go back to usual play. You can't rely on x9900 to build your balance. It can show up after 10 rolls like after 100000 so... To me it's a matter of feelings and as I said bonus play
  6. Hey Gene, Well last time I was muted is looking time ago I don't even remember why I was. I had typed something like !rain or some bullshit like this that bring instant self mute lol. I was so mad. I didn't even knew what it would do. But well it was like my first month on stake, first big win and I wanted to make it rain. So I asked chat and someone replied me : do !rain so I did lol.. Since then I've never again be muted... Maybe it could happen again but I don't think so. And about your situation I'd say : yes I've been to waiting for ppl that I've helped and that just ignore you when time comes to send back. It s a real shame but it thought me a lesson and now I never help anyone that ask me for help.. I only tip ppl I like, and help my mates that I know well and that are helping me too. The poor beggar Who ask me is warned first time and then reported to support if he comes back. Its pretty efficient believe me. And if ever you muted again just go to discord channel... You can chat with the same ppl about the same things so I'd say it s a good replacement solution 😉 Good day mate
  7. Hi there This post is meant for VIP, that has the privilege as indo to have a dedicated VIP host. I was wondering if you guys and girls have ever waited for your manager to be online? It happened to me last couple of times I needed her to renew my boost. I had to wait between half an hour to couple hours before being able to reach her. And indeed it was in the middle of a race. So at this moment I thought it was too bad that no one else in whole stake team couldntake her place. So my question is : what is the most important to you : havinhaving a personal and dedicated host manager? Or having a flawlessly service? Because I thought maybe if all the VIP manager worked as a pool just like basic support it could be beneficial for all of us Let me know what's your opinion about this? Cheers all and I want to say a big thanks and congratulations to all staff who accomplished a great work supporting us all day after dayyhanks to them
  8. Well I really can't tell. But sports book needs a brand new separated site I think so I think slots comes first. And for the same reason ( betting sports need to have skills or picks while slots don't need anything but money and luck so I would say slot first is what I mean waiting for
  9. Well I would call it a miracle but there's 2 interesting things to say : First we have all in mind incredible wins like faris has the secret, some x2millions at hilo or x1millions at limbo etc etc. The guy should have at least 3 biggest payout ever made here. So yes it's possible. And ofc we all dream about that very big win. Yet it's absolutely unpredictable and except if you bet 1 sat having 0.1 btc or any other coin it's non profitable at all to chase it. Let's say you deposit 0.01 or 0.02 btc and start chasing x1000000 to limbo with 100 sats ( would win 1 btc correct? ) but you have to hit it in 10000 bets. Impossible. Amd the other problem like in hilo let's say you really chasing 6K in a row. They could show up but you could missed it because the more you get closed to hit the more the potential winnings start to make us hesitate... Imagine you bet 5k sats and you already have 4x12.83 so you have 0.1 btc of potential winning. Will you hit high one more time? If yes and you win congrata you won 1.5 btc almost... But if not you just missed a 1000$ win... But the second point I'd like to talk about is that chasing the big wins is preciselt why we are losing money day after day ( I'm in the same boat as most us regarding that) we want to over come month of loss in 1 bet... That s not how we should do. For what I could learn and watch from high rollers that has profits like LooPoo or some other they play safely never chasing big multiplier but with their profits never chasing the losses, playing safe games at safe odds. If you never watched Loopoo streaming do it he streams during every Saturday races and it's very intsructiv. Good luck all and I hope one of us will hit the big one is waiting for Cheers
  10. Its notre hypocrisie its common sens. Why nit trusting Gambler with ourdou money. Because we are Gamblers Oursel ves and for that reason perfectly know we have a concern with and are able to bust very large amount for the tiny hope of winning even more. Which in most cases never happen. It's like when your a father and have a daughter which is my case. In that case you will teach your daughter not to believe a single word that a man can tell her and learn her to be very sceptical with man. Why that? Because being a man yourself you know that most of man who do anything and swear anything just to have a chance to bring the woman they want to their own bed... It's sad and not all the man are like that but most of them are and I have 0 problem into not trusting man concerning their honesty about woman. I have many friend and more than the half of them wouldn't see any moral concern to cheat with their wifes... And even some of those who find it immoral have yet did it once... Man aren't trustworthy when it comes to having sex. Gambler aren't trustworthy when it comes to money that's all.
  11. What a randomness same 3 guys picked for 10$ giveaway and 5$ giveaways... Seems pretty unlikely... Well lucky they are ☹️ ( edit the 3 names has been removed from 5$ list so I guess it was just a typo) my bad for being complaining I'm just tired of taking part to socials draws without winning)
  12. I don't know for this time but usually only 3 people are picked among all those who correctly guessed. But usually it's specified in the post. Yet I think this time make no exception Guys it's pretty simple I think as usual only 3 of us will win the 10$ .. They just forgot to specify it but it's just like all other saturdays
  13. Nice ones buddy! I did had cool wins to with slots on others sites. Fees where Book of the Dead, and other I don't remember the name. But nothing close to 2500$ or 4 btc I'm afraid. Really amazing
  14. Aye aye Captain been a while 😉 it's great to see you around mate!