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  1. if we do it while doing cartwheels over fire, can you throw in an extra $5...wont do it unless thats the case
  2. It's like the big HYIP thing in the early to mid 2000's. It's destined to crash soon but taking the risk that it might turn out to be something is where the thrill is at. Because Bitcoin will always be considered a success (no matter what value it holds 50 years from now) people will always hope they hit the next bitcoin investment. Had bitcoin failed, you wouldn't see any of this that you see today. Where there's success, there are failures to replicate or reproduce. It's one of the oldest trends the world has seen. This just happens to be within the crypto realm.
  3. I will say their blackjack is probably the most house favorable blackjack I’ve seen. Countless times they pull 21 and I agree that it’s getting a bit fishy
  4. I am surprised there is no thread already about this, but I have my money on the under of 56,5 total points scored. Has anybody else laid any money on the big American football game?
  5. Great contest! Tried to get some pics I haven’t seen up to this point!
  6. I think it all is about the mindset going into the particular session by the individual that is, of course, the ultimate factor. I call it “the theory of flawed trajectory” in what you are describing. Here’s what I mean by that: In most situations there is always a floor and there is always a ceiling. That could be from a physical level (as in an actual floor or an actual ceiling) to a figurative aspect (i.e. climbing a corporate ladder from entry-level to CEO) Most situations like this have people in a psychological limit of accomplishing reaching the highest level. As such, you don’t see people trying to break through a ceiling because they want to see what it is like above the ceiling or in the figurative example I gave, you don’t see people trying to get past a CEO level of a company since that’s the highest position in a company. Those ideas in mind, gambling is a lot different. When you deposit and play, there is no cap to what you can win. You could win 22 million Bitcoin and you’d probably think that Stake would pay you the equivalent of 1 million in other crypto. That trajectory of course is exaggerated but the basis of the idea is that you know where your floor is, which is 0, but your ceiling can’t be rationalized because there are no limitations. Stake doesn’t say “you can only win 2x your deposit then you automatically have to cashout” otherwise they wouldn’t be in business because they, just like every other casino, depend on your irrational thinking to make their money. They want you to win just enough to make you think you can win more, because that’s when you start to lose. And when you lose, your mind starts to panic. If you deposit one bitcoin and all of a sudden you go from one to two, then lose to go back down to one, chances are you have 2 stuck in your head. You feel like a loser if you don’t get back to that number you once had. You got there before, so you can get there again. And if luck comes your way with getting back to two, your mind has now set that as your starting point and odds are you won’t cash out anything less than 2 bitcoin. That’s basically what my theory is on flawed trajectories and how it perfectly aligns with what you are describing.
  7. Games like Keno are already integrated in most casinos. It’s just bingo, except there are no matching patterns, just matching the numbers you choose. Chartbet, Plinko, and Mines seem like they’d be too much of a hassle to set up each and every round that a player wants to play. Of course we already know that baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and diamond poker (or at least a very similar version of beating the dealer’s hand) are already a part of most every physical location casino you would go to. Casinos won’t ever include physical games of skill because they would be bound to lose a whole lot of money doing that. Casinos only rely on games of chance with a house advantage so that they can make money. Excluding poker rooms, which is a game of skill, but ultimately they make their money off of raking a certain percentage of a pot. So to answer your question, only in fantasy land would the games you mentioned turn into physical versions, just because of the sheer hassle that it would take to set them up.
  8. I usually try to at least double my deposit as an initial goal. I do larger percentages of my bankroll for each bet knowing that the more you play the more games you lose. So if I deposit .5 BTC, my first bet will usually be .05 if I’m trying hard to make some money and that’s on a game like blackjack. If I’m just playing for fun, I’ll usually cut that down to .01. Surprisingly odds say that the smartest thing you can ever do when gambling is take the amount you were willing to lose and place it all on one bet then walk away with either your winnings or with nothing. Casinos, both online and physical locations, want you to stay for as long as you can because their house edge equates into that. The more hands you play (if your bet stayed constant) the more they are going to win til they slowly bleed you down to nothing.
  9. I highly suggest to not gamble if you are unemployed. It shows a lack of responsibility and foresight. It’s better to not stack one bad thing on to another and in this situation, I’m pretty sure you can consider this parlaying two bad things together.
  10. The argument can be made that when you do marry your wife, it is the biggest gamble that you’ll ever take. So you’re kind of killing two birds with one stone as far as picking which one. Gambling is tied with my girlfriend though as far as giving me way more depressing moments in contrast to joyous ones. So if I had to choose which one I couldn’t live without, gun to my head, I’d probably pick my girlfriend just because I know she’d be holding that gun.
  11. I have been pondering whether or not I would like Stake to offer sports wagering as part of their platform or if I would just want it as strictly gaming. I’d say that Stake would probably profit quite a bit from adding a sportsbook to their repertoire as far as their personal bottomline is concerned, but would you all use it? I’d say their userbase is so big combined with the users of primedice that they wouldn’t have to garner more than 20% of their current pool of players to make it rather profitable, plus any new users who decide to try them out. Another idea, and probably one more feasible, is to create a poker room, which I am kind of shocked is not already part of their features and has not really been grasped in a great manner by anybody in the cryptocurrency sector of gambling. The sites I have tried, just don’t seem to invest much into it, yet I think built around ring games and tournaments, could be a very a profitable venture for Stake and add another feature that could garner more players, more fun, and ultimately a better experience. What do you all think? Poker? Sports? Both? Or neither?
  12. This one is pretty easy for me because I get more out of gambling and than I do out of sex. While although I do lose most of the time when I gamble, it’s much less of a disappointment than sex usually results in. Plus, this way, only one party has to be disappointed rather than two, and to me, that proves just how unselfish I truly am. Plus, when I go back to do the gambling, there is no awkward exchanges of how the last encounter went.
  13. SWIM told me to try either a drug that ends in -ine for the best results and they ended up doing pretty well using an amphetamine based drug. They said it makes them think more and not make irrational decisions as if they were gambling like they drank. I’ve personally never tried this but am willing to if the results were as positive as SWIM’s. (Someone Whom I’ve Met) They ended up starting out at .5btc and turned it into 23.7 over the course of a 3 hour period.
  14. My longest losing streak in Blackjack on Stake was around 18 and longest winning streak was about 9 if I remember correctly. Stake does pull more 21's than any other site I've ever played on...which would seem fishy but I have profited on here so I can't go as far as saying it is rigged, but still kind of strange to more often than any other score, beat me by getting 21.
  15. I finally won the $2 and turned it into $110. Which I have no complaints anymore about it being rigged whatsoever lol. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and hopefully I can wash rinse repeat when I win again!