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  1. i've joined stake in jan 2017 i think but i remember 1st time in site it's look so friendly but in mind i was like will this just be another scam site or somethings like that but no it's so legit,doing good stuff good mods/admin and doing giveaway so people have chance to make some cash,best site
  2. yea i was like always keep tab for auto bet,well ofcourse if i tip someone and they make money it just dumb if they make money from my tip and ignore me when they getting much more money from it,they should know that they got all the money is from mine should be win-win trade
  3. well to me i don't think it'll effect cuz playing with faucet is my way hehexd
  4. i think perma is way to hard because people make mistake everytime just make it like muted for few days so they can learn from it
  5. well i don't understand much but site are made to play so u can claim faucet to play and might learn somethings
  6. all the reason in my head is the house favor but u know they build it so it kinda ok i guess
  7. congratz i'll try to grind and stay positive and hope i'll win just like u
  8. greedisgood lol but ey i think the payout already good it's just chance are 1/10000
  9. eyy everybody make mistake,u just have to surpass it and learn from it but im stupid so i make alot of mistake but learn less lol