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  1. Why the scariest game? Its pretty awesome on autobet when you can hit 3MILLION multiplier.! yes! amazing haha
  2. Of course thats a good way to earn some passively income, slowly but it can surprise you while it escalates really quickly!
  3. Dear friend, its not really impossible while you gotta hit 99.99 , i guess that you can hit it once in 2.000.000 bets.
  4. Once you got a spare $1500 you should definitely deposit here!
  5. I guess not, because dealer can't get 21 on a 100% percentage. So you might win at a 60% percentage, you never know!
  6. Currently noone, but i guess I'll make a lot of friends while stake seems to be really cool.
  7. Hello friend! Thanks for referring me, stake.com and its forum seems to be really interesting!! Guess I'm gonna have a great time here!

  8. Im using bank transfer due to its safety, also i deposit in person, hand by hand by localbitcoins through sellers in my area.
  9. Many places, you can also invest them for the next year.
  10. Since im a new user, i have yet but i hope I'll win a lot, or referr people get higher ranks.
  11. Hey, usually after hitting a cool bet I wait about a day (if its a big one). If its a low win, im just taking a five-minute break.