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  1. Money management you've described is really good advice. I guess the major part of the gamblers make the same mistake - they do not calculate how much they can waste and lose everything. To me good money management is one of the basic things you should think about before playing here
  2. Rains before were used to be 5xtimes bigger than now. Rains nowadays sucks for real. But Stake is the only site that offers this thing called "Rain" this is a nice opportunity because maybe u can catch a good one that will bring u a lot of winnings
  3. I noticed that When u open a new account. First u can win a bunch of $ and then u ll take a big ripp that will bring u to a bust. All people with big balances opens a new acc and keeps playing on that account. Best of luck
  4. @StakePay wish us goodluck bud!
  5. Races were before too this is a good option for users here its an easy thing just wager and in the end u ll recieve ur winning if u win.Participating on this challenge will bring u some funds in the end its also fun bcz they are ppl that fight with eachother which one is going to get the first place thats what a race is so yep its fun in my opinion.....
  6. I never played Sphere dice before to be honest i really hate videopoker and Dice sphere i never play those games only videopoker when it comes the time for challenges i ll try if i can win but i dont suggest my self playing those games for me its just a waste of my time here on stake.Wish ya goodluck in near future and Take Care buddy
  7. Dragunov


    VIP is an awesome opportunity for players u can wager a ton by betting small and if u bust u can claim some rakeback which maybe it can help ya to recover the loss that u had few mins ago so thats a very good step of stake welldone by edd.Wish ya goodluck in near future
  8. Bots are very cool to use i only heard about hilo and dicebot i triee to use hilobot once but it didnt work idk what was wrong so i kept trying and no succes. If u can try hilobot is a very good one u can easily get profit by playing low bets . Wish ya goodluck and take care
  9. Fees sucks btw but try stake vault no fees all free. Thats a good thing for us thats a chance to keep our winnings there and stop losing what we always do because we get greedy yep..
  10. Thats why they are supporters they should be more active than they are tons of spam after some big rains hmm...
  11. Next time try not to go agains the rules and u will not have a mute but u will have fun and challenges and everything.Positive Vibes dude.Wish ya goodluck in the near future.Hope u get unmuted soon
  12. External sources can also skew our notion of skill. Newspapers print stories about entrepreneurs who hit a trend and make millions, or celebrities who suddenly become household names. We hear tales of new writers who pen instant best-sellers and bands that become famous overnight. We see success and wonder why those people are so special. But what if they’re not? The line between luck and skill β€” and between gambling and investing β€” is rarely as clear as we think.
  13. In my experience people are going to leave and never come back do just that, they leave and don't come back, they don't post about their leaving over and over. I view this type of behavior as more of a desperate attempt to gain attention so they have something to fill their sad empty lives with. I hope things get better for them but I don't think an anonymous gambling chat is the place where you are going to find true personal fulfillment.GoodLuck
  14. Dragunov

    The cursed bet

    Probabbly this is the devil trolling with him i would immediatly logout and never come back anymore i would be scared a lot lol only jokes. Nice hit and take care everybody below me lol. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜
  15. Thats a huge and awesome hit. Is that long time ago because oldstake seems not to work anymore as supporters said to me. I miss old stake.F for respect