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  1. 1Berserker

    #29 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    ¡Good luck!
  2. 1Berserker

    Estrategia para MINES

    11 bombas, 2 diamantes seleccionados y 52% on loss. Esa uso yo :p.
  3. 1Berserker

    Mi querida Alicante

    Qué bonito, Jose, me encantaría conocer España :D. soy de Argentina :D. xddd
  4. 1Berserker

    Lucky numbers

    26, 29, 32 and 28 :D, I never gain anything, but I always choose the same XD.
  5. I do not understand why they keep playing plinko, they will find those multipliers faster in dice or mines. I think it's because it gives them more security, they think that if they fall in 1000x they fall in 2x and so they can recover, but while it is not effective in the long term :P.Insert other media
  6. 1Berserker

    Live Dealer Blackjack

    I'd love that, but unless they find a way to make a dealer hand out letters to hundreds of people at once it seems impossible to me xD.
  7. 1Berserker


    I do not recommend that you play like this, just try saying it and you will see how many losses you can give them :P.
  8. 1Berserker

    My first accidental 1000x

    ¡Congrats men! I do not win a 20x accidentally XD.
  9. 1Berserker

    Localbitcoin Exchange Exploited

    Lol, I did not know, just yesterday I sold $150 on that website.
  10. 1Berserker

    I fucking did it!

    Congrats bro. How many attempts to make that hit?
  11. 1Berserker

    I'm new here. Hello!

  12. 1Berserker

    [Closed] Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    @maverick528 5