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  1. Most of the people are hoping for BTC XRP AND LTH to grow . These 3 has the biggest potential in 2019
  2. Thank you . Yes, it's true.We get the same feedback from our customers
  3. shreyxcrypto


    Welcome to this forum. If you need help regarding anything feel free to ask .
  4. Yes people are looking for marketplaces where the can spend crypto currencies We are getting good sales and traction in our marketplace.
  5. I am Shrey and I work for Company which has projects related to Crypto Currency . I am here in this forum to learn about crypto and meet like minded people . I would like to share ideas and knowledge as well as learn from the people on this forum .
  6. I know people are very skeptical about projects related to Crypto. That is the main reason why we started this website so that people can spend crypto currencies without any risk . We protect our User with our Buyers's Protection Policy so that they won't get scammed .
  7. Share about your top Alt coins pick of 2019 ? Which are your top 3 ? Why are these coins in your top picks ?
  8. X Crypto Market - Bitcoin Marketplace - Buy Sell Digital and Physical Goods | Accepts more than 50+ Crypto Currencies Including - Bitcoin , Ethereum and other major currencies What is X Crypto Market ? X Crypto Market is a P2P Online Marketplace where people can Buy Sell Products and Services with more than 50+ Crypto Currencies ,Paypal and Credit Card . You can Buy and Sell with out any Risk with our Escrow Service and Buyer's Protection Policy Vision X Crypto Market was started with a vision of Providing a platform where people can Spend and Earn Crypto Currencies by Selling Digital and Physical Goods . After the boom of Crypto currencies all around the world , Large number of population have crypto currencies with them but there are very limited platform where people can actually spend them . So to increase the use of Crypto Currencies we have Started this Platform . We have Created such a Secure Platform where Buyer and Sellers can Easily buy and sell with our any Risk or Scam . We have Created such an Ecosystem and Policies where it is almost impossible to do any kind of Unethical Practices .X Crypto Market is Safe , Secure and Risk Free. https://xcryptomarket.com