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  1. This is yet another example how the big banks are going crazy about cryptocurrencies. This time it's the sixth largest bank in the world JP Morgan that attacks cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Bitcoin Mining. https://all-stocks.net/jp-morgan-lashes-at-crypto-years-away-from-mainstream-will-work-only-in-dystopia-not-worth-mining-bitcoin/ The big banks are terrifed from crypto because they know that it's a new monetary system that can completely decimate them, and they will say everything trying to stop decentralized digital coins.
  2. Well, well, well... Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak seems to have made a killing off of Bitcoin. Got in at $700, got out at $20,000; pretty good deal... https://all-stocks.net/apple-co-founder-steve-wozniak-sold-his-btc-holdings-at-20000-peak-bought-it-at-700/ The think is that Woz didn't even got in it for the money, but just to "experiment" ... I think that this emotional detachment can certainly help making the right decisions, especially in such a volatlie field such as crypto.
  3. In spite of a terrible year for cryptocurrencies in 2018, a new report by Ripple of the fourth quarter of 2018 shows that they year ended pretty well for the cryptocurrency with rising volumes. https://all-stocks.net/ripple-q4-2018-market-report-boasts-of-increased-trading-volumes/ This just proves that the crypto market is extremely unexpected and altcoins are less dependent on Bitcoin, at least far less than they used to be. Do you think Ripple will keep on growing in spite of a downturn sentiment of the crypto market?
  4. A recent research determines that Ripple's market capitilization is inflated by $6 billion due to market manipulations. Ripple is currently valued at around $13 billion and the research suggests it should only be about $7 billion. https://all-stocks.net/research-a-close-look-into-ripple-reveals-that-market-cap-may-be-overstated/ This news can create a huge ripple effect in the crypto industry! Ripple is the second/third largest cryptocurrency by market capitilization, and if it will turn out that its worth is overhyped then it can damage all digital coins.
  5. Scams that involve Ethereum in 2018 have reached $36 million in damages to victims, twice as much compared to 2017. It appears that as trading volumes grow, more scammers join the ride as well... https://all-stocks.net/ethereum-scams-more-than-doubled-in-2018-with-36-million-stolen/ The biggest problem of these scams is that they ruin both the reputation of Ethereum and the entire crypto industry as a whole... Hopefully, more security measures will be implemented so the industry won't be tainted by these criminals.
  6. I think that Galaxy Digital is taking a huge risk here: the company is raising capital in order to infuse some cash into struggling cryptocurrency firms with the expectation that crypto prices will rise again. So it's all really depends whether or not prices will make a come back and when. Do you think Galaxy Digital is making this move at the right time? https://all-stocks.net/galaxy-digital-is-raising-250-million-for-loans-to-failing-crypto-companies/
  7. It's really amazing that in 2018, which was a bad year for cryptocurrencies, ICOs still raised more capital than ICOs had raised in 2017 (15% gap). It just shows that the crypto industry is alive and kicking! https://all-stocks.net/ico-analysis-15-more-funds-were-raised-in-2018-compared-to-2017/
  8. Fortnite has recently come into limelight and in the radar of investigator because of its in-game currency called V-bucks and how it is being used by cybercriminals to launder money. It's truly amazing how the criminal world has been abusing cryptocurrencies, which were originally created as an idealistic venture! 😞 https://all-stocks.net/investigation-claims-that-fortnites-digital-currency-is-being-exploited-to-launder-money/