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  1. Hi, thanks for the info. Do you work @/for/win/own the company that operates Stake?
  2. KENO: 10,428,708,277 placed by fungii on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000512 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.00137728 KENO: 10,429,049,995 placed by fungii on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.00002048 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.00550912 KENO: 10,429,186,808 placed by fungii on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.00004096 Multiplier 600x Profit 0.02453504 KENO: 10,429,249,455 placed by fungii on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.00008192 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.02203648 This was the bet directly after the last win (600x) XD KENO: 10,442,724,158 placed by fungii on 22/10/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.00538000
  3. The two factor authentication token is obtained from an authenticator app like Authy or Google authenticator. If you don't need one every time you withdraw manually or log in, then you don't need it here
  4. Hi Dan! While you're pulling the slot info for eothica can you also get the set of Blackjack queries/mutations for me?
  5. WHEEL: 9,826,292,157 placed by fungii on 07/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 0.00004850 WHEEL: 9,826,292,579 placed by fungii on 07/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 0.00004850 BACCARAT: 9,826,390,125 placed by fungii on 07/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.9500000476837158x Profit 0.00000095 DIAMONDPOKER: 9,826,961,165 placed by fungii on 07/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000115 Multiplier 1.5x Profit 0.00000058
  6. The nicest support staff anywhere!
  7. I much prefer to start with a small balance. Store it in the vault or off site and begin playing with only 0.001 BTC, you'll thank yourself
  8. PURE LUCK. In my experience, having more skill is a hinderance. I've won, by very very far, way more when I either didn't know what I was doing, or accidently made a play I didn't intend to.
  9. 1st, and I got there by low risk plink 8 pins and bet about 10% of my balance per ball (0.2 balance I believe)
  10. I straight up don't have any people on my friends list, and don't accept private messages because every time i'm on a roll all I saw was "so-and-so sent a friend request/private message" If I'm winning, that is the worst time to talk to me and I ignore you forever if you do XD
  11. Only in brick and mortar casinos. I'm just waiting for the tax man to start catching on to crypto casinos tho...
  12. Coins paid out daily for free, automatically. Get larger payouts by referrals. Costs nothing so it doesn't hurt to sign up. ** Referral Link for me*: https://www.qoinpro.com/0f879c3a4bd316198167d87bf4260ca4 CLEAN LINK https://www.qoinpro.com Bojana! I would like to point out that I am a extremely regular player at Stake casino. Even though this is my first post, I am not a fly by night here just get referrals. I mostly read what others have to say on the forum but thought this would be a great site to share with my fellow Stakers. Lets share the wealth!