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  1. Sure. Thanks for notifying. Will do it right away.
  2. sloj

    Another 1 btc puzzle

    The amount is still there, so, nope.
  3. Updated my post just now.
  4. You did not follow the rules of the game.
  5. What are you talking about? Do a little research and select coins that can be profitable in the time frame of the game and allot the 100k accordingly. A winning recipe. 🤑
  6. Made with data from entries of competition snapshots. Used Cryptofinance add-on for Google Sheets for "last price" update in the sheet. Unsorted and Sorted list on Sheet 2. Also added Sorted list of profitable Cryptocurrencies on Sheet 1 (scroll down). Instruction on how to install and use Cryptofinance add-on - https://jbuty.com/how-to-get-crypto-currencies-rates-and-more-in-google-sheet-1a57e571bc14 Note : Excel file is at the end of the post. @chicken888 has double entries for the competition, 2nd entry ignored. Update : Removed banned users from the list. Final Standings (on 4th August 2018, 5:54 AM GMT): 1/truemeng/6684.400499 2/tjustind/5611.255036 3/MianhaeX/5286.535833 4/lay666/4769.147386 5/taytots/3678.163313 6/Dress/3623.354163 7/nadiya14/3603.946854 8/Zoltan/3531.314525 9/DanielK/2886.518314 10/rockingmonk/2793.742256 11/freelit/2734.237036 12/Amboybiz/2531.661214 13/Alone426/2141.504962 14/zuxel/2082.567179 15/CaptainLorca/1816.474626 16/Compskill/1587.916688 17/philipian/1528.715984 18/chrisblack/1440.677141 19/jkd123/1409.573931 20/Yanna12/1409.573931 21/ampula/1403.591435 22/Nyusha147/1057.188446 23/khoaiks01/770.0872658 24/MpLol/704.868626 25/OlegBarca/128.3192392 26/DJDemyan78/124.524373 27/Eugene265/121.5344609 28/Green9999/-896.2866364 29/irazta/-946.7951773 30/Philip74/-1395.49234 31/Workathome/-1527.055153 32/zohan/-1614.538589 33/404/-1793.381588 34/nhoyasim101/-2361.528769 35/1MerKieva1/-2619.214955 36/Owly/-2680.579248 37/Paecga129/-2702.42902 38/koty2005/-2754.015944 39/balagbag/-3061.849119 40/Suxx/-3246.969423 41/toanmobi/-3324.079464 42/Lexus19/-3466.095847 43/konyoloidz/-3866.102146 44/Snike/-3921.116949 45/DonPabloEscobar/-4188.468087 46/blednalici/-4213.125231 47/Carollzinha/-4302.487192 48/sichaoeloem/-4351.5194 49/kristoking/-4507.911013 50/veleten/-4560.463173 51/singpays/-4770.052675 52/majes20/-4873.664444 53/Fairfriend/-5006.874816 54/11111111/-5034.987876 55/frankilyn/-5289.607116 56/bmg/-5343.488714 57/YuRed/-5396.86908 58/gougou/-5428.618505 59/mihriutka/-5428.618505 60/venky15921/-5505.049813 61/ZarkSnet/-5759.316305 62/ktfor57/-6180.774721 63/Paigeturner/-6280.2317 64/dougal/-6339.096231 65/Antik/-6641.85082 66/ThugStream/-6718.80545 67/krombi/-6799.374089 68/iwant1btc/-7881.685587 69/skillex/-8298.669297 70/sloj/-8421.428617 71/dmbadillo10/-9025.305011 72/barbaris/-9082.560767 73/Waves/-9094.826876 74/Lucky221/-9122.863994 75/remember/-9158.696324 76/moka5555/-9379.561729 77/zackyu/-9673.575939 78/GodLoft/-9842.380952 79/Checkpoints/-9918.237094 80/chitomorada/-10405.0194 81/moneyobzor/-10770.98211 82/Exadao/-10822.61211 83/MiracleRolling/-10845.86435 84/cryptosfr/-10957.42997 85/MaxFlash/-11149.87522 86/kooldam/-11312.76916 87/iamsheikhadil/-11917.85421 88/Mazda3/-12392.16961 89/SilentSavior/-12512.5019 90/testB/-12552.71004 91/maverick528/-13545.9444 92/endnow/-13685.384 93/born2win/-14565.87445 94/jullifit/-16185.75867 95/meggiemegs/-16254.69787 96/Gennady/-16264.32518 97/kasim/-16264.32518 98/Visions/-16272.3436 99/sasho1100/-16734.60337 100/xtinepink/-18255.38337 101/Han2x/-18632.7835 102/neoooo/-18809.50253 103/eldrindcm/-18958.42274 104/wowa228/-20313.4624 105/chaitanya31/-20318.48266 106/dose/-20391.40992 107/Fronoco/-21520.28233 108/igor/-22261.93093 109/Vladv26/-22484.31725 110/methisfree/-23539.68678 111/kurian/-23967.10275 112/Kargai/-24407.68642 113/Sefan/-24473.90992 114/wilbur/-26650.96573 115/Lolboysgaming1/-27180.97715 116/KinAniK/-29740.16111 117/Faris/-37565.60368 118/lupandina/-39943.04989 119/MrJoker777/-54645.7635 120/Peckatop/-67705.74199 July Trade.xlsx
  7. code: ADA invested: $10,000 code: BNB invested: $60,000 code: WAVES invested: $10,000 code: WAN invested: $10,000 code: BAT invested: $10,000
  8. sloj

    India bans crypto's now sure !

    Lets see how the court hearings proceed. Hoping for a positive outcome.
  9. sloj

    India bans crypto's now sure !

    Nope. It just means that they did things in a hurry. Crypto to crypto isn't banned, just crypto to fiat. Though I can't predict what the future might hold but lets watch how events unfold.
  10. Not 4 days, till 4th. Yes, some coins went up while some down but the limit is till 60th place which was done because of that I guess. So it's still safe if people select coins from top 50.
  11. 2 coins beyond accepted range.
  12. I made it from the snapshot of the entries. The snapshot has coins till 60th. DCN was beyond 60.
  13. I wish for the contest to end now too. 😁 🤑 Unfortunately, you are not qualified. You selected a coin outside the accepted range. I can add you in the list but that won't change anything.
  14. 2 of your selected coins were beyond the accepted range.