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  1. sloj

    India bans crypto's now sure !

    Lets see how the court hearings proceed. Hoping for a positive outcome.
  2. sloj

    India bans crypto's now sure !

    Nope. It just means that they did things in a hurry. Crypto to crypto isn't banned, just crypto to fiat. Though I can't predict what the future might hold but lets watch how events unfold.
  3. Not 4 days, till 4th. Yes, some coins went up while some down but the limit is till 60th place which was done because of that I guess. So it's still safe if people select coins from top 50.
  4. 2 coins beyond accepted range.
  5. I made it from the snapshot of the entries. The snapshot has coins till 60th. DCN was beyond 60.
  6. I wish for the contest to end now too. 😁 🤑 Unfortunately, you are not qualified. You selected a coin outside the accepted range. I can add you in the list but that won't change anything.
  7. 2 of your selected coins were beyond the accepted range.
  8. You selected 2 coins beyond the accepted range.
  9. Made with data from entries of competition snapshots. Used Cryptofinance add-on for Google Sheets for "last price" update in the sheet. Unsorted and Sorted list on Sheet 2. Also added Sorted list of profitable Cryptocurrencies on Sheet 1 (scroll down). Instruction on how to install and use Cryptofinance add-on - https://jbuty.com/how-to-get-crypto-currencies-rates-and-more-in-google-sheet-1a57e571bc14. Note : Excel file is at the end of the post. Current Standings (on 23rd June 2018, 5:33 AM GMT): 1/veleten/-3262.971393 2/sloj/-3645.672736 3/Gennady/-5406.52999 4/ZarkSnet/-7057.434225 5/singpays/-11661.28013 6/amina01/-12171.01677 7/koty2005/-12930.03359 8/Exadao/-15191.86486 9/Kuba/-15783.7524 10/alohavip/-15783.7524 11/remember/-16540.04322 12/maverick528/-21416.33226 13/sichaoeloem/-21781.39178 14/Zoltan/-22118.52762 15/Ssociety/-22552.69659 16/PARANORMAL/-22637.60566 17/nhoyasim101/-22755.07132 18/methisfree/-22982.05356 19/Z3R000/-23022.97749 20/bigbrotha/-23074.58414 21/nik1211/-23226.65687 22/Anders90/-23475.71087 23/dmbadillo10/-23518.97474 24/blueprints/-23651.69866 25/gougou/-23673.35866 26/philipian/-23673.35866 27/Voltax/-23722.8065 28/kazuyabr/-23888.29468 29/Nyusha147/-23890.6002 30/ampula/-23912.27314 31/nadiya14/-23912.27314 32/Dragmans/-23912.27314 33/CyberHunter/-23912.27314 34/huynhnghia818/-23912.27314 35/nguyenpi1231/-23953.51264 36/Tankist17/-24070.8417 37/makiling/-24080.49956 38/Owly/-24087.06474 39/willhome/-24121.97956 40/wry/-24198.31418 41/trader/-24232.23621 42/chitomorada/-24239.73267 43/balagbag/-24312.00729 44/Shinjo/-24363.21196 45/Green9999/-24414.00686 46/19PlutoBani85/-24417.87233 47/kulegutten/-24652.61089 48/Dziovani/-24676.98105 49/blednalici/-25029.4966 50/gilmore/-25058.73672 51/stakejoe/-25143.15397 52/davinci/-25158.85997 53/Carollzinha/-25231.63563 54/zackyu/-25245.69686 55/barbaris/-25504.92025 56/baokhanh8027/-25504.92025 57/born2win/-25514.0437 58/jamesbilog/-25577.18828 59/chrisblack/-25645.0802 60/Checkpoints/-25720.56349 61/crossmanhit123/-25720.56349 62/Paul112/-25720.56349 63/okleng/-25996.41845 64/venky15921/-26115.79132 65/AlphaIG/-26118.3659 66/WeGamer/-26232.6169 67/Smoodys/-26458.421 68/Suxx/-26555.29601 69/johngee/-26770.59525 70/irazta/-26807.864 71/jeaann/-27069.71381 72/Philip74/-27116.65553 73/Nuffsaid/-27142.19753 74/dolphinpuke/-27788.62828 75/Mazda3/-27867.48722 76/NatalyD/-28076.72044 77/niki014/-28237.52823 78/jannine/-28398.9183 79/Xylber/-28490.71839 80/Antik/-28606.79557 81/Cimbur/-28792.77531 82/Han2x/-28836.1173 83/eldrindcm/-29373.88202 84/toohoola/-29466.40901 85/GodLoft/-29678.97499 86/santachuuck/-29867.50857 87/ri1ey/-30124.0457 88/AquaViki/-30130.4771 89/lupandina/-30323.46978 90/BoXXoB/-30336.48451 91/skillex/-30345.75418 92/Kargai/-30477.629 93/kristoking/-30897.68532 94/neoooo/-31077.44285 95/Jjdjjdjms/-31089.65418 96/KinAniK/-31275.61957 97/11111111/-31284.57564 98/iamsheikhadil/-31340.94667 99/Waves/-31572.39195 100/David/-31695.95484 101/sofia/-32299.50228 102/Noman3535n/-32347.20789 103/Faris/-32410.18734 104/showrov1993/-32649.30703 105/Visions/-32836.08961 106/chaitanya31/-32836.66102 107/Viksen/-32889.97991 108/Snike/-33155.55167 109/SilentSavior/-33737.02431 110/MrJoker777/-34318.69794 111/jullifit/-34338.51284 112/KNOWN/-34483.60435 113/Quinlan/-34978.94879 114/testB/-35063.81876 115/wowa228/-35081.4931 116/bmg/-35408.8172 117/lay666/-35705.46228 118/Sefan/-35960.52645 119/firewolf7876/-36378.03881 120/wilberthh/-36480.01464 121/ThugStream/-36795.10612 122/Fronoco/-36904.36768 123/fortress/-37226.20969 124/Lelle/-37234.88835 125/igor/-37983.89011 126/endnow/-38326.7931 127/xtinepink/-38717.28675 128/drilon/-39113.68431 129/truemeng/-39167.22108 130/ktfor57/-39565.5564 131/kurian/-40591.98103 132/YuRed/-40721.18076 133/404/-41368.62602 134/wilbur/-41550.60543 135/hustler1984/-41919.0369 136/dougal/-53279.96645 137/freelit/-53279.96645 138/jkd123/-55183.04322 139/convoi69666/-55183.04322 June Trade.xlsx
  10. This is the order of winners based on my timestamp and my timestamp is late by 4 hours based on the game rules.
  11. This is unofficial. Payments will be when winners are announced officially.
  12. code: TRX invested: $10,000 code: BNB invested: $60,000 code: ETC invested: $10,000 code: ONT invested: $10,000 code: STRAT invested: $10,000
  13. Look at @sofia's entries for the contest. There is an investment of less than 10k on one of the pick.
  14. Doesn't matter. You can still be negative and first if your total is higher than others. CMC API is giving error for the add-on currently so can't update the price. Entering coin price manually is time consuming. Besides there is still time for the game to end.
  15. When I updated the price every coin was down except Tether and Decred I think. So it's nothing to worry about.