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  1. Hi guys, I have contacted the livesupport multiple times for the past 2 days and every time a staff member replied, I could not read it instantly, because there was no Pop-Up message (I am used to it, since other sites have such a feature). I do not know if there is a sound effect when they do, but I always have it turned off, especially when I gamble on my phone. So what's your opinion on that, would you like to see that feature getting added soon or do you manually check every few minutes if the support has answered? Best Regards, Kniiv
  2. The main idea of this is just to have your friends list sorted out. Lets say someone adds me from chat and I forget his username the next day > I don't know who he was and what he wanted, especially if he just added me without messaging me why he did.
  3. Hello, since I have a lot of friends right now, I would like to sort them out in different "groups". For example german, english, italian players, school friends etc. Would be very happy if stake actually adds that. Whats your opinion on that? Best Regards, Kniiv
  4. That looks like a copy paste, whatever lol ty
  5. Hi everyone, I have been wondering how people make money through ICOs for a while now. I would like to know where I can invest in some and what the minimum investition has to be. Have you ever invested in such and where did you buy them? Best Regards, Kniiv
  6. Whats up guys, today I decided to deposit some of my litecoins and do some bets. As soon as I started wagering over 50€, I managed to get like 5+ friend requests instantly. Does it also happen to you and what do you think such people think before adding "highrollers"?