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  1. Social media is an impact industry in cryptocurrency growth and popularity. The blockchain technology support all global financial institution like the education sector, hospital sector etc. The well knows digital currency is bitcoin in crypto marketplace. Trending social media The largest social media is Facebook has more than two billion users. This type of social media can easily adapt all the trending technology. On January 27, 2018, the company decided to allow crypto ads on its platform. The Ads must submit in the request form with all details of their businesses and the types of crypto content going to promote. On January 30, Crypto Ads are banned by the Facebook product management director Rob leather. At last, New digital currency facebook Coin will launch much sooner said by the Facebook community. Social networks predict cryptocurrency Price The latest report shows that 3.4 million tweets about bitcoin within two months of periods. The crypto analyzer views the positive and negative comments in all social media and compared the compiled data for bitcoin price graphs. After reading the above article, I think you got a new idea about the cryptocurrency. You can invest your money in digital currency earn more profit than other business. The stories of all millionaire in starting stage are just scared to start the business. Simple, Just invest a small amount of money and get back more than your profit with the help of bitcoin exchange clone script. If you want more information sellbitbuy
  2. The Peer to Peer exchange Localbitcoins.com has introduced a new user verification method in its website. The exchange website was founded in Finland,Helsinki in Europe northern side. They are operating in 16000 cities and 240 countries,35 payment option available in this exchange. Do they have plenty of the reason why the new 5AML rule is going to arrive? What is Money launder? Money laundering is referred us the large amounts of money carried for criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or terrorist activity, etc. This type of money came from the illicit activity is considered dirty money or launders. How they clean their money? The laundered money can clean through online auctions and sales, gambling websites and even virtual gaming sites. To overcome this issue, the European government introduce an Antimoney-launder software The antimoney-launder software help to detect and report suspicious activity. Every year in Europe and America millions of dollars are used in an attempt to regulate and stop money laundering. EU Anti money-Laundering rules The European Union has established new rules us 4AMLD in 2015 for avoiding the terrorist groups and criminal organizations who are hiding their money by the European countries. The 4AMLD obliged entities widely spread the rules in credit institution, financial institution, buying and selling goods etc. 4AMLD Update into 5AMLD The cryptocurrency exchange considers 5AMLD process the first step is known as your customer like Name, Nationally, Date of birth, Proof id etc. This KYC will able help to avoid money laundering/terrorist financing. The European new laws is established they not allowed third-party prepaid card. Whenever a new member is registered through any exchange platform or banking sector the whole details will be automatically sent to the European central platform. According to the European government announcement, Localbitcoins has to adapt to the new standards laws and this law also relevant to all cryptocurrency industry in Europe. The Localbitcoins team has also shown confidence level to users by promoting a safer trading environment and preventing fraud. The European people use the localbitcoins clone script to build a platform like localbitcoins. Since the regulations are subjected to compliance, the development of crypto exchanges should be made in a clear way so that the user can ensure their funds safe.
  3. There are a lot of new bitcoin exchanges are ready to blossom in the crypto park. Is there all bitcoin exchanges sustain in a crypto market? The crypto entrepreneurs now eagerly seeking for a guarantee bitcoin exchange site. To grow a new plant in the crypto park. First, How to check the guarantee bitcoin exchange site? The site must have a full security level. The User-friendly and finest responsive need be available in the site. The Trade Liquidity must be maintained in the site. The escrow system dashboard must be in privacy manner. The site must be built with the latest blockchain technology. The proper legal guidance and customer support for the site.
  4. In crypto world, the bitcoin exchange business is moving in a profitable way through escrow service. The success of each bitcoin exchange business has high secure transaction value for user trade. why the escrow module is important for the site? Escrow is middle person or vendor to guide the user in the site. Now, all site has a silent escrow system. There are numerous of crypto entrepreneur already started their business in bitcoin exchange trade site. In bitcoin exchange site, When the seller wants to buy bitcoins he/she has to post an advertisement. The escrow searches the nearest buyer through seeing the post ad, location, and matches both the buyer and seller. Then, a buyer can give fiat money to buy the bitcoin. After the process, the escrow releases the fund to the seller. For, each trade escrow takes commissions for both seller and buyer.
  5. Hai everyone, I am isabellanoviya living in a current technology world. I am interested towards in upcoming technology site