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  1. @StromShadow, hey man nice! i personally am a 10pin 43x hunter more often then not. That day for some reason i just went for 16pin and it kept hitting. . I'll never hit that again i'm sure. haha. Those are some nice wins. It's hard for me to bet more than 2 bux on a single drop. I dunno. I mean, I have like an idiot dropped 10-20 dollar balls before wishing on a prayer just to rip a couple grand . . Not my finest moments. XD
  2. Depends on the topic. We talking all capitol letters, gimmie a break. We talking beggers, way too "pick and choose." For the most part it's pretty lenient. There are times where a select few mods abuse their mute hammer but you'll find that anywhere. There needs to be human interaction with the rules. It can't and won't always be just black and white.
  3. @Farisyou forgot to mention willowsleepy!! come on now! Abuse of power at its finest right there. Thats fucked up a mod would post that. gg
  4. There's my girl! Was waitin for you to reply! hah! Yeah, your hits are bangers compared to mine though! 144 drop on plinko. . . . lol.. . How many of those did you rip before you sunk one?! ❤️
  5. HILO: 55,825,645,951 placed by cryptopher on 12/09/2021 Wagered 0.35000000 Multiplier 2356.2825x Profit 824.34887500
  6. the best line is the one that isnt being pulled towards the middle. . .drop a couple balls on each line and find out which ones fair game and play that one. . trust me. plinkos all about taking what it gives you. p.s. drop balls slower to have them fan outwards more.
  7. plinko and keno are great double whammies
  8. Wuttup forum lurkers! So i had a session back in april where i nailed 5 1kx's within 6 hours time. A feat which I'll never even come close to accomplishing ever again. Someone calculated the odds of that happening for me and well. . .ya know. . .. maffs. . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . . I often see people in chat talking about how its impossible to get the 1000x and some have said they've never hit it. So it got me wondering if anyone else has been able to do something similiar or better within that time frame. I've seen way bigger bets and payouts than mine, but I'm talking the number of times you've been able to hit 1000x in a session of degening. And you're damn right I made a trophy collage of it cus it's flippin awesome, I was bored, and I do graphic design work anyway. Cheers! (^_-)db(-_^) and see ya'll in chat. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ Money printer go BRRRRRRRRR -CrypTopher
  9. Who can code a script. Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie!! XD XD
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