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  1. cool nice bro , i like mines and love you
  2. HILO: 4,753,118,153 placed by werty on 24/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 4.647500038146973x Profit 0.00000730
  3. New roulette game on https://betking.io Play for Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum and Litecoin Earn points and mine BKT with every bet You get 2.7 points for each $ bet on roulette instead of just 1 point on dice too
  4. BLACKJACK: 4,674,044,470 placed by werty on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00000150 BACCARAT: 4,674,161,607 placed by werty on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700
  5. MINES: 4,633,687,531 placed by werty on 20/04/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 58.38460159301758x Profit 0.00114769 KENO: 4,633,741,136 placed by werty on 20/04/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 13x Profit 0.00024000
  6. WHEEL: 4,584,267,543 placed by werty on 18/04/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 0.00097000 DIAMONDPOKER: 4,584,451,611 placed by werty on 18/04/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002000
  7. update: BKT IN CIRCULATION total supply : 1,197,031,416 / 10,000,000,000 Mined From Bet Mining : 170,662,819/3,000,000,000 Burned : 67,559,157 1 april BKT mining halving from Wager $1 get 100 BKT, Now Wager $1 Get 50 BKT next halving at 300.000.000 or every 5% from BKT BKT token 100% free aidrop if you have EOS at wallet 14 February 2019 1 bkt= 4 sat now for detail Visit : web : https://betking.io for get tip use my ref link: Ref LInk: https://betking.io?ref=u:werty
  8. betting and investment have Risk, coz that dont invest at casino but play at casino if win withdraw fast , at gambling site not 100% win. about admin betking dean he honest man and already return all old investment, bkb token can change to bkt token. BKT token 100% free aidrop if you have EOS at 14 February 2019 if not have money for buy or mining you can join Bounty https://betking.io/bounties telegram: https://t.me/betking_io
  9. kan saya bilang mirip 😄 , bitcoin panda gak mungkin langsung nipu pasti udah ada yg pernah opit juga makanya bisa ramai yg invest. gak jauhnya dengan bitconnect bagi yang udah lama opit ,bagi yg baru gabung sebulan dan tiba2 kena gusuran tidur pun tak pulas wkwkwk.
  10. parah yang ketipu mirip kaya HR pingin opit main di po 1.01x, 1 sampai 5 kali lancar ke 6 kali nya kecebur garuk2 kepala dah.
  11. update: betking bounty : https://betking.io/bounties Earn BKT from complete task, share, and follow.
  12. Betking Bounty hi kawan2 Betking casino telah membuka bounty/airdrop BKT token, bagi kawan2 yang mau BKT cukup mengerjakan task sosial media saja, Betking adalah situs judi yg bersystem mining wager 1$ dapat 100BKT(not permanent). dan system hourly buyback, BKT token bisa diexchange di BETKING, NEWDEX.io, Chaince.com Lebih detailnya langsung keKTKP: Web : https://betking.io ref link : https://betking.io?ref=u:werty nb:(kalau pakai ref saya nanti saya tip 100 BKT )
  13. sangat tertarik, selama main di stake po terbesar saya hanya dilimbo 12111x hanya dapat untuk minimum wd saja. di hilo hanya kuat 100x belum pernah nyentuh ke 200x, kalau ada yg punya trick 50% berhasil hilo bagi2 saya ya.
  14. if i read from wiki :" The sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel (from 0 to 36) is 666, which is the "Number of the Beast".[6] One legend says that François Blanc made a deal with the devil to obtain the secrets of roulette" its mean if you play roulette and get all number you can meet devil drako :v
  15. hello betking back with new Token BKT from eos. Betking is casino with mining every wager 1$ you can get up to 100 BKT. BKT have airdrop if you have eos from feb maybe you have some BKT at your wallet Eos. for detail Visit : web : https://betking.io Ref LInk:https://betking.io?ref=u:werty