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  1. Guys juat wondering about your thoughts if gambling or being a gambler can be inherited?? What do u think?? Coz my dad is a gambler,, i become a gambler too,, i have younger brother but hes not a gambler and the youngest brother of ours is sometimes a gambler,,lol!! Heres what i think,, i think ita not,, i think what really happen is that sknce im thw oldest son and happen to witness my dad when hes gambling i just copy what hes doing,, maybe i just thought when i was young that gambling gives easy money,, and aince im young i never thought that it was bad,, same goes to my youngeat brother,, he sees me betting ...but didnt happen to my younger brother coz hes too busy in school during those time...hahaha..hope my english is ok coz im not so good,, just want to share my experience and thought about gamblers...
  2. Have ypu tried lottery?? I did bet on lottery sometimes, but not always,, im not fan of it just becoz the odds of winning is too low as it is impossible to win,, my dad always bet in lottery sometimes his budget for it can buy three meal for a day,, i juat dont understand his fruatation to win it,, but theres this one time that he got lucky and win five out of six numbers,, and its really unforgettable coz it happen one day before xmas,, lol gives us mkney to buy more food for xmas, then anlther instance happen when we went to singapore,,and he sont have a chance to bet,, were surprise when we back home seeing his 6 number on newpaper,,we got sad coz if only we stay and not go to singapore ,, he could have win it and become a millionaire,, we could evem travel the world,, but thats life,, craziest thing will happen and it will happen when youre not expecting it...lol
  3. What i usually do when i have zero balance in my btc wallet is i thinl of a better way of earning money rather than thunking of how i can get money to bet again...haha, i really admire myself on thing of a better way to earn money, for me im genius on making money out of nothing,, and i know that my only problem is gambling ,, coz i lost a lot on vetting,,, im good on making money but not lucky enough to win on gambling,, and i think that if i have a chance to go back in time,, i will chabge it and will avoid gambling,, im not against gambling or gambling,, im just regreting the time mlney and efforts i waste becoz of gambling,, hope this post make sense to other people and help thwm realize that its not too late to stop the addiction and with will and discipline we are able to stop addiction make have a better life...
  4. I thnk the revenge will never end,, based on my expwrience . Everytime i win i alway ask for more,, ending gambling session will only start once we decide not yo play anymore,,and based on other topic ive read here,, we usually end up busted or zero balance,, then it continue for eternity ,, pls dont let gambling ruin our life,, its good to bet and relax but once u are forced to sell something just to be able to bet,, you should think twice...you might be already addicted...
  5. Firat of all, whatbis gambling?? As of web said...gambling is any type of wagering of money or any thing that have value on any event with uncertqin outcome,, in short an as we all know as betting.. based on history and what ive read gambling started 3000 bc and they used 6 sided dice,, and gambling differ from place to place China- animal fighting like dogs chicken or horses Persia- where poker originated called as-nas Italy- first casino called ridotto in 1638 Gamblin nowaday have evolve and as long as theres a tax its legal,, ofcourse lot of people created their own ways or strategies to win,, some of those are card counting, martingale, reverse martingale, you can look up into web for other strategies,, Ofcourse theres a good and bad thing gambling can offer us,, based on my experience im more on negative,, the only way to win is discipline and better strategy,, ..ok guys i this this is all i got for now,, ill edit this once i jave think of other things to add,, thank you
  6. Thtas a wrong move dude...should respect ur lady and dont act like an asshole only becoz of money,, family first before anything else
  7. Hmmmm...in philippines theres a little casino called "perya" only open when theres a fiesta ...lol but im not fan of it...reason why i play on stake is becoz its convinient...easy to access
  8. Jomalig island philippines!! Been there and i enjoy my week vacation!! Very worthy!!
  9. Time to deposit? Or maybe after playing,, time to take a break?? Ofcourse its sadness u will feel,, i saw this before, duting the time of gambling addiction in my life..lol
  10. I will keep iy and use it on a business, a small business we can do on btc,, payinb bills, selling load or phone credits....small business lime that can make difference on your life,, little by little you will achieve success in life
  11. Always happen on mines,, this minea game is a mind game,, should not take it seriously,, coz if u do u might lose in mine or lose ur mind...hahah
  12. Yeah yhis is new...i just vhecked it, im wonderinh if this will also affect the games speed l Glitch when we do automatic bet and preasin bet and cancel twice on keno,, you know what i mean....ill try it later if it istill work after the upgrade
  13. This is really helpful and a good knowledge to keep,, thx for sharing
  14. Yeah it happen to me most of the time,, im not being greedy just waiting to have a decent balance to withdraw...then suddenly the great reds will come not knowing that it will eat all my balance, at the end im robbed,, hahah