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  1. Lisinjo ps ( never been picked πŸ™ƒ)
  2. Comment some good movies, ill check them if worth being in the list and ill share the list when done here or new postπŸ™Œ.
  3. Hey guys i see Slide never gets like high Multi 99% of the cases always hits 1-7x payouts, rarely hits like 50-100x and not to mention 1000+ lol. Whats your opinion on this?
  4. Owe i like this topic since i watch tons of movies everyday xD, some of my favorite top 3 list : Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Roberto De Niro.
  5. Nah just permament ban but i can remove it with an appeal after 3 years
  6. I watched Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Riverdale, See, and manny more but mostly i recommend Riverdale for teens and stranger things , Got for science fiction lovers and See for older guys
  7. Lol i dont understand people who use fkng dolls man like tf is that charm?, we are not in movie Annabelle man, those people probably have lost their path to psychics or high on drugs
  8. Hey guys was good seeing yall and talking to yall for couple of days now i got another ban for 3 more years Lol thats my fault though! I admit it. Gl to all and Enjoy Stake
  9. Yeh come to Albania its very cheap also The sea and the places are very awsome mate, also Greece is very good dont forget that . Just google and you will see man
  10. I am in love in dice lol i wagered a lottt on dice since day one and i never regret it , I have won big on dice and lost big still win beats lost on my side, what about you guys have you won dice high multi or your highest win? And is dice your prefer game?
  11. I only got 4 of a kind the highest , to bad i didnt get something a lott bigger lol
  12. Hey guys was wondering if any of you got lucky while on quarantine, i got lucky winning 200$ from 5$ . What about you?
  13. Why i am stuck at gold when i have wagered a lott more than required for gold , thats problem . Anyone ?
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