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  1. Just saw i was permamently muted for asking for money to a guy that own me some huh unfair
  2. Hey guys i hope you enjoyed the eddies stream it was cool , did he mention anything about stake new games or products dropping like Slots or SportsBooks betting release dates or even email Coupons ?
  3. Hey guys congrats to all of you that have been waiting for so long about Slots game and i have a good news for those who didnt hear that Slots are Launching this week it maybe tommorow so this week guaranteed. And about SportsBook Betting nobody sayed yet about a release date but it will come very soon in October this month and we dont know yet maybe it will come this week but chances are low about it but next week i think it will definitly come and i cant wait about it, cant wait for Esports 😉 What about you guys what do you think which one you like more and why
  4. Hey guys probably most of you got to watch eddies stream and heard a lott what he talked, i wasnt able to join hi Live cause i was traveling but did he mention anything new? Any release date of Slots or Sportsbook bettings or anything else if so comment Was the stream good though? 😊
  5. Oh it that would be available i would ne the happiest man im the world and deifinitly some Sports and Esports betts would be made like Dota2, CS-GO etc 😄
  6. Hey anyone has info about the email coupons of Slots launching or SportsBook bettings or Monthly coupon any of those?
  7. Damn you are a god for saying these words i mean hell ye
  8. Damn thanks for this info i hooe so bro esports too heh
  9. Sportsbook betting is very close guys slots as well but i hope there will be diffrent games in sportsbook betting like Dota2 damn that would be so amazing guys. What do you think will that happen or not only football games 😆 Cant wait
  10. My goal for october is win win win win and win all green baby thats the only goal all should have why not ofc not any other goals for stake i mean thats it for me all green win big and enjoy life with it while you can.