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  1. psonix

    Lost to a 0.00354300% chance

    If you are gambling I find best way is to mix strategies and other chances and bet adjusting your stake accordingly. BTW I never had that bad run like yours in 50-50
  2. There is a disadvantage as well. The more people are investing the more scammers will lay out traps. However with that investors should be smart and should have an idea in which type of projects to invest.
  3. psonix

    NBA All Star game

    Well they all play for fun and there is no competition in that but all star players coming into one team and playing basketball makes me go "Wow" and I actually have my hands itching to bet in this kind of events
  4. psonix

    My frist big hit in new plinko

    New plinko is very good and there are many multipliers easy to hit. Though I don't think 5000x is easy one to go lol. I think there should be a option which gives plinko gamblers an option to make their own custom multiplier row. That way stake can solve over the problems who have been criticizing the new plinko the whole time since it got implemented.
  5. psonix

    NBA All Star game

    With nearly less than 11 hours remaining to NBA ALL STAR game between Team Giannis and Team LeBron I am still confused to make a choice on which team to bet. I hence want to know what NBA lovers here think who has a chance of winning the game.
  6. psonix

    Allin going good?

    All-in has never gone down well for me. You cannot be sure when you are gonna lose and there is still a possibility that you may lose your whole balance at one point. I would rather opt to bet some portion of my balance then go all-in. That way atleast I have a chance to recover my balance.
  7. psonix

    Story of a gambler named Akio Kashiwagi

    Damn for real Thats why I only ask for loan if I know my capability otherwise it will only increase my addiction and eventually get me cover in debt.
  8. psonix

    Plinko 5k

    It all depends on luck. I also had a hard time trying to hit when I tried a week ago for the challenge. It's a huge risk: you may hit if you are lucky and you might not.
  9. psonix

    Withdraw timer

    I think it is a very good suggestion and hence I support this^^
  10. psonix

    Why do you tip people?

    Whenever I win some extra I always tip people to find support from people at that point or in future whenever I need.
  11. I am also very much concerned about the so many projects that are out there to scam people. I think somehow this rise will drop in coming years if nothing is done to stop such scams. At the start of the day it is the normal people who invests money and at the end they are the only one getting scammed.
  12. psonix

    Bad Luck everyday?

    I sometimes play all-in when I lose majority of my deposited fund in the start and that sometimes lead to me busting the whole balance. I think that is what I consider as a bad day.
  13. psonix

    💝 [0.1 BTC] Be Mine! | Mines challenge!

    MINES: 2,935,202,615 placed by Psonix on 13/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 404.1050109863281x Profit 0.00040310 (https://imgur.com/W22mAcU) MINES: 2,935,279,633 placed by Psonix on 13/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 404.1050109863281x Profit 0.00040310 (https://imgur.com/bOW7d0J)
  14. psonix


    I myself find sports book with casino very good since I find all I need in one place. I have played in all sites and I still hit quite a few. I mostly use sites where they don't ask KYC or for verification documents right away and at any point of time. Plus talking about other factors I would say different betting options for an event is also a factor that I always look for. Live betting is also another.
  15. psonix

    Plinko 5k

    Is it worth waiting till 50k rolls unless there is a giveaway I am unaware of 🤔.