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  1. Hello GOT Fans, are you excited for the final season of GOT? of course you are. we all are. It's almost time to get the popcorn and tune the channel, but that here are some fan theories that will make it more fun to watch the last season. so here you go: Well, now that you have read the fan theories, let me know do you have anything to add here? Plus, for those of you who live in UK and still want to Watch Game Of Thrones in UK, check out the linked blog now. https://www.ivacy.com/blog/watch-game-of-thrones-in-uk/
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  3. From where I see, Crypto currencies are being used already by people to make purchases. Perhaps, several tech and cyber-security companies have added the feature of secure payments via bitcoins. I recently had to buy VPN (https://www.ivacy.com/buy-vpn/) from Ivacy (A VPN Firm) that accepts payments in Bitcoin and other secure mode of payments as well and it kinda made me do the purchase with 100% trust and peace of mind. Let's hope that one day we will be having the same choice of payment on giant shopping sites like amazon, Ali express, etc.