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  1. Last letter game!!

  2. Shinjo Streaming Live Now - Giveaway & Fun #Stream 123

    goodluck Shinjo
  3. OlegBarca's Stream #148!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    Good luck Oleg
  4. Where would you put your money?

    I put all my money on blockchain.info. Because i dont want meet the case like MTGox and BTC-e one time more..
  5. Questions about entries

    No result public?
  6. Last letter game!!

  7. Last letter game!!

  8. Zoomdice!!!!

    I deposit Dogecoin at here today, have 6 confirm but balance not update :(. What is problem here?
  9. OlegBarca's Stream #146!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    Good luck oleg.
  10. Shinjo Streaming Live Now - Giveaway & Fun #Stream 120

    Goodluck rainbow sheep!
  11. Bitcoin cash is on fire. As per CoinMarketCap data, the bitcoin cash-U.S. dollar (BCH/USD) exchange rate rose to a three-month high of $498 at 12:59 UTC 1st, November. The cryptocurrency's record all-time high of $920 was set on Aug. 19. On a monthly basis, BCH is now up a staggering approximate 300 percent. The gains come amid rising speculation that the surprise cancellation of the Segwit2x hard fork this week means bitcoin may become more of "store of value" than a specialized protocol for day-to-day payments. So far, the news appears to have strengthened the appeal of alternatives seeking to better serve this use case. For example, bitcoin cash supporters have been boasting its appeal as a network with larger blocks (and therefore, theoretically, more capacity), encouraging some investors to move out of bitcoin and into bitcoin cash. A few supporters are even going so far as to envision an eventual (but probably unlikely) "flippening" could occur if BCH overtakes bitcoin. Still, CoinMarketCap data also shows that the BCH rally is being fuelled by exchanges offering BCH/KRW pairs and BCH/BTC pairs. So will the rally continue?
  12. Last letter game!!

  13. I found the new faucet site. They have some function: - 200 satoshies per 0 minutes. It mean you can claim day by day. - Average 1-2 minutes per one claim work actually. It mean that 30*200=6-12k satoshies per hours. - Min payout is 100k satoshies and this is manual with fee = 25k satoshies ( So hight) - They will provide us a Premium Account soon with some advantage: + Claims reward will increase to 1,200 satoshis. + 20% of ads will be removed. (only if your logged in) + No manual withrawal, Your withrawals will be forever INSTANT. + Your minimum withrawal will be decreased to 50k satoshis. + Your withrawal fee will be decreased to 5k satoshis. + You will be having 20% of unreferred claimers and transferred to your ref link + We are going to offer you your own active assitance + hortlinks and popups on your account will be disabled! - 25% of refferal earning. If you want, can join with this my link If i have tracked of referral, 50% of referrall bonus sent to you. So you can earn more 12,5% per your claim Link ref: https://cryptoofaucets.xyz?ref=15174 Non-ref: https://cryptoofaucets.xyz