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  1. https://wesingapp.com/user/609c9e80232b36893146/song/stf1ILDsXzefvDJy-Stay?lang=en
  2. Im sharing My Crazy moments When Im alone😂 Just for fun😂 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1975434309166359&id=100000994287654&sfnsn=mo
  3. Real People in real life😉 Late But I want to post here😅 Hi stakers! #FILIPINA🇨🇿
  4. VIDEOPOKER: 4,168,995,368 placed by jhaijhai on 02/04/2019 Wagered 0.00003125 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.00006250
  5. Very Excited That maybe I would be Choosen To be Part of the Winners😊
  6. I usually change seeds Every Other Week. Or When Im Busted All the time and Make my bet Bust at one tap And never Win on that seed.
  7. Sometimes Its good to have Alt to hide yourself Because Many other People Pm and Made you out of focus. But i dont even tried to have alts. But maybe soon If i need I will make
  8. I dont Have any Alts instead Of Making Alts I tried to use seeds And learned How My Seeds goes on.. I have My trial With no bets like in the mines.. Ihave noticed Something How the bombs Move. No need to make more Alts Just Dont use your Attitude That make you greedy.
  9. Maybe Not realy sir. Maybe that is the time When The beta is In Trial And error Why Its Lagging.
  10. I cant open the old site😔 I want To play mines there🙄 I dont want Mines in v2 i always Tap a bomb and never win😑
  11. i tried to all in my Btc But shit😑 I being mad after and Cried😂 And I said To my self not To do all in again😂 Especially in Playing Mines 😑 I all in then Shit I tap the Bomb😑🙄
  12. i hope I can do The Challenge in telegram Right a way😂 I want that 1eth 😂 LoL. but they Are so fast Urrgggh i never win in GW since i joined stake🙄