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  1. After big profit in the stake what was your biggest loss? Mine was $ 100.00 this week, last week I earned almost $ 200.00 dollars and this week I lost half
  2. Pela atitudes luiz, melhor mod do site!!!
  3. Nós BR somos altamente honesto e sabemos que a honestidade nesta vida são poucos que se aplicam, parabens a galera pela honestidade.
  4. HILO: 6,957,603,384 placed by antonyzen2525 on 08/07/2019 Wagered 2.68435456 Multiplier 6.734839916229248x Profit 15.39434757
  5. How is your day at stake? Today I had great automatic gains and losses, concluding zeroed.
  6. Does anger influence the final outcome of the stake? Many times I lost after succumbing to anger for several times in a row having lost my balance...
  7. In which game is it easier to get the challenge that is posted on the forum and the less investment? For me I made a challenge the best was the Hilo in 5 attempts I achieve the goal of the challenge.
  8. What is the best crypter to play at stake? leave your opinion. For me the BCH and the best coin to play in the thread.
  9. What do you think of the competition races at stake? I find it very interesting that ambrange the basicity of the people registered on the website, and if reaching the amount still guarantees pimentos.
  10. forum reward what do you think? which should improve in reward. leave constructive comment. For what I paid he per topic in the forum and with levels of profile, I think it should be by visualization and comment.
  11. Skate lei do Zero Stake é igual a baleia que foi morta em 2014, mas não morreu só se ergueu-se. E quando surgiu da cinza como uma fênix, rapou, lucrou e de ditou o bitcoin que caiu é né, mas ressurgiu como a cinza e assim chegou na lei. Lei do zero quem lembra nem soma a cada zero o povo ama, e a cada zero muita gente reclama, mas como o zero o stake clamar.
  12. What are the best crypto faucet you pay without investing? I think they are in faucethub the best and you what do you think?