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  1. Druid s egurando no alto um bastão retorcido envolto em azevinho, um elfo convoca a fúria da tempestade e invoca raios explosivos para ferir os orcs que carregam a tocha que ameaçam sua floresta. numero 6
  2. About lost deposit I already lost 0.1 ltc was sad at the time the coin was worth $ 120 dollars, but life sometimes preaches us perish for personal growth.
  3. I love hilo too I like him because that's why he earned $ 300 last month.
  4. Eu prefiro o google, mas o mozila também é bom de jogar.
  5. Eu gosto do meu, meu erro é não saber parar no momento certo
  6. sometimes I multiply and end up losing what I invest. I do not orientate to multiply in the index.
  7. What is your opinion about the bitcoin arriving or not arriving $ 12500 this year? For me the peak was last month and I don't think I can make it this year again.
  8. Friend I like a maximum of 25 bets won in hilo I give to another game and restarted the page, but this is normal enough already won by 250 xrp in 10 moves and lost 300 in 5 moves.
  9. Only with the stake at least 5 months I was able to reduce some expenses and at the same time with the stake can gather a good amount of money.
  10. antonyzen2525


    well the best cryptocurrency community in the world.
  11. best stake experience? what do you think about zé rains? For me the best experience was that I got $ 200 from the stake and over the rain is normal at any rate.
  12. Apart from the professional life we take every day to support our families, as we already know that there is a technology evolution in which we can give a financial support to us, for cryptocurrencies, before that your income comes from cryptocurrencies, leave your comment. I am an attendant / cashier of a subway and only my salary can not meet the needs of me and my family and so monthly shoot the cryptocurrencies $ 100 to $ 250 dollars and quite helper.
  13. Atualmente tá normal meu claro amigo.
  14. I am very impatient and end up getting angry so throwing my stall in the bush.