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  1. try as I might... 😤😤😤 If I bought a cemetary, people would stop dying.
  2. I need to get my post count up.. I'm missing out on all this sweet sweet action
  3. I'm always late to the party... so it would be cool if you did a giveaway that a slacker, like myself, could participate in. here's my idea: if we wear the Stake signature and avatar for 1 week, we get the 1 week reward (times rank). wear it for 2 weeks, get the 2 week reward etc..
  4. I found out about the group through bitcointalk ❤️
  5. the only site I've profited from is phun.io.
  6. when stake initially launched, there were a ton of awesome giveaways on bitcointalk.org. in one of the threads, the OP explained how to qualify for a .001 BTC giveaway. most of the requirements were specific to bitcointalk.org, but apparently another way to qualify was to have 50 posts in the stake forum by the end of the first week. the stake forum? what the heck is that? I had no idea stake even had a dedicated forum, so I started looking for it. I finally bumbled my way here. now you're stuck with me!