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  1. I've been stuck on platinum level 2 for a pretty long time, which got me thinking, it would be cool if we could sell our VIP levels back to stake. For instance, I've completed 75% of platinum level 2.. if I was given the option to cash that in and revert back to platinum level 1, I would at least consider it. What do my fellow degenerates think of this wacky idea?
  2. I visited Eddie's twitch stream last night and was absolutely shocked by something he said... I feel like I must have heard him wrong, because I could have sworn he said a player once managed to turn a couple hundred dollars into five million dollars... did I hear that correctly? did someone really win that much off such a relatively small deposit? I suppose it's possible, but I imagine it's incredibly unlikely. I read somewhere the chances of winning 10X the amount you start with is less than 10%.. going from $200 to $5,000,000 has got to be on par with winning the lottery, in terms of likelihood. I once turned .00038 BTC into .02 BTC and felt like a god for the entire day... if I won even ten or twenty thousand, I would certainly soil my trousers. I can only speak for myself, but I think of that as a life changing amount of money. have any of you guys ever had any incredible wins? or conversely, have you had any stunning defeats? regale me with your fantastic tales!
  3. I'm always late to the party... so it would be cool if you did a giveaway that a slacker, like myself, could participate in. here's my idea: if we wear the Stake signature and avatar for 1 week, we get the 1 week reward (times rank). wear it for 2 weeks, get the 2 week reward etc..
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