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  1. sorry, how do you get such a "tweeter coupon"?
  2. Do you agree with my statement above which is at the same time the title of my post * Stake.com is the best gambling site *? . Of course not without reason I explained all that in this article, friend, before I got to know stake.com, I had pretty much tried and joined other gambling sites, and they were really boring, unlike stake.com, stake.com always gives things that are fun, of course defeat is not a pleasant thing, friend, but beyond that all, stake.com has a lot of games and that's what makes me not bored playing here, on the other hand, stake.com also often gives envelope in the form of a free coin coupon here, Amazing! On the other hand we all know, the best owner in the gambling world is Mr. Eddie ... he is very familiar with us as players here, it is something that rarely happens in any gambling place, even I feel the closeness between OWNER and PLAYERS, can only be felt at stake.com, Oppsss ... once again don't assume if I just want to exaggerate the name of stake.com friends! because I am not a person who only plays on stake.com, I have tried more than 20 sites, and as a result, stake.com is the best. * SS * SS here are also very friendly, fun, and familiar with us stakers, just for example; Katarina, she is my first love here, she is kind and willing to listen to any of my complaints even though it's only "Bored here" xD, then there's Vladimir, she's very kind to have given me several awards in the form of tips, she's a person who doesn't want to be compared to the SS another, one day I said to him "thanks bro, you're as good as Mr. Milan", then he answered "No bro, I don't agree with that, of course, I'm better than him" then there is Bro. Milan, he is an SS who is very understanding to me, he serves staker like a close friend of his own, then there is Maja and alxandra, among them the SS was the first to give me the biggest bonus. and also Mr. Darko, he's a bit strict, but that doesn't diminish his virtue as one of the SS here, because as I recall, he was the first to give me the first 10k doge bonus. then there's Sis.Jelena. this sweet and beautiful girl is what makes me think of being a 5 BTc holder here, half of it I will use to date her, and ... sorry Mis. Katarina, I have covet your love :-P .Do you agree with me? Stake.com is a gambling site with the best crew! . regards crazy staker Have a nice play and GOODLUCK!
  3. Amazing friend, I will try it, maybe it will benefit me, hopefully I can get what I am looking for with the strategy you have, friend! . . Good luck #regards Staker lonely
  4. Dice, a cube-shaped object that is often used as a last resort for multiple choice questions, is the oldest and best known component of the game. Maybe your mom can't tell the difference between Digimon and Pokemon. But for the affairs of the dice, it feels like everything gets along. Even so, a dice holds facts that not everyone knows. Boardgame ID presents several dice facts, some of which can make your opponent look like an amateur. The history of the dice is inseparable from the use of animal joints (knucklebones) as predictive media in the past. Knucklebones which have four sides are used by throwing them like modern dice. Only then did the board game, Senet (3100 BC), begin the history of using random elements in the game with four pieces of black and white wood. One white side facing up counts one, two white sides count two, etc. History continues with the Royal Game of Ur (2600 BC) which uses a four-sided (tetrahedral) dice. Modern dice forms, cubes, were introduced in 1300 BC in Mesopotamia, long before the Arabic numeric system was known. Not everyone knows that there are two types of dice. Pay attention to your breasts, if numbers 1-2-3 are arranged counterclockwise then your chest is right handed. If on the contrary, then your dice is left handed. The right handed dice follows the Western style, while the lefty is Asian style. For those who have snack snacks with dice prizes, they must have met the numbers one and four in red. This dice is an Asian style dice. The number one is colored red because one is the "ace" or the best number in many games. The red color in number four stores another story. Once upon a time an emperor in the Ming dynasty (1368 - 1643) played sugoroku (a kind of ladder snake) with his queen. The emperor is on the verge of losing and it takes four to win the game. Predictably, the number four came out and since then colored in red to remember the game earlier. There is another version which says that the red number four comes from Indian tradition. The number of numbers on the opposite side of the dice is seven? Not always so, O my brother. A dice that is thought to originate from the Indus river valley civilization unravels the general rules of association by placing the numbers one and six side by side. Another dice from Mesopotamian civilization instead placed consecutive numbers on the opposite side. In addition to the rules of right handed and left handed, the easiest way to distinguish between Western and Asian dice is to look at the tendency of the points on the sides of the dice. If the point is tight and tends to the middle, the dice is Asia. Conversely, if tenuous and tilted to the side shows the dice follows the Western style. Astonishing isn't it? Come on, throw your dice right now, Staker! ... ... ... . Have a nice play. Good luck # regards poor staker
  5. The Blackjack game that has been around since 1854 was introduced by a Pracis nationalist who went to Nevada to change his fate. There was the birth of this Blackjack game, which used to be a mining town and there was a Casino called Vingt Et Un founded by the woman. Vingt Et Un which is supposed to mean 21 is also the birthplace of the Twenty One game we now know as Blackjack. Blackjack This Blackjack game is played by sharing 2 pieces of card at the beginning of the game where the player must strive to get a higher total card value from the Dealer who is your next opponent. According to the name of the game the highest value of this Blackjack game is 21, which is why if the card value of the player is greater than the number 21 then the player is said to be inferior to the Dealer. Short History Game Blackjack In 1854 a woman named Eleanor Dumont founded a Casino in Nevada called Ving Et Un, the first birthplace of Blackjack games that Eleanor Dumont herself discovered. Blackjack's game was popular thanks to Eleanor Dumont's well-known and friendly role for many of his players so many players came to his Casino to play Blackjack. As proof that Eleanor is so good there is a statement from many players that it is better to lose at Eleanor's casino than to lose it elsewhere. This is why Blackjack games can spread throughout the Americas and are a must-have for any Casino. Rules Game Blackjack As with every other game, this Blackjack game also has rules to play. Some of these games include: Dealer is required to make the final decision. The highest score in the game Blackjack is 21. Parties who get points past 21 are said to be losing. Players who win a total of 21 cards with Jack and US Spades are entitled to a 10 x prize of betting. Rate each Blackjack card The card used in this Blackjack game is a Remi card consisting of 52 pieces of card with 2 Joker cards. However in this game in the future the Joker card will not work, which is why the value of the card used is as follows: A card is worth 1 or 11 Card 2 is worth 2 Card 3 is worth 3 Card 4 is worth 4 Card 5 is worth 5 Card 6 is worth 6 Card 7 is worth 7 Card 8 is worth 8 Card 9 is worth 9 Card 10 is worth 10 J card is worth 10 Q card is worth 10 The K card is worth 10 Terms On Game Blackjack, Blackjack has a variety of terms in the game that you need to know before playing, which will greatly affect the course of the game. Some of these Istiah are = Hit: This term is an action option to increase the number of cards by tapping on the game table. Stand: this term is an action option to maintain a card that is owned by waving the card over. Insurance: This term is an option that can only be taken when the dealer's first card is a US card, where you can place half an additional bet that you can win if on the next card the Dealer gets a card value of 10. But if not then the game continues as usual with half bets placed are considered forfeited. Double Down: This term is an option that you can only do to double your bet by adding 1 more card with a condition that the value of your 2 cards is worth 8 to 11. Split: This term applies when you get 2 cards of the same number that you can later split into 2 different bets by adding the same bet to the previous bet. Surrender: This term is for those of you who feel that your card will lose by declaring surrender by getting back half the bet that has been placed. Here are some important terms that you need to know before playing Black cards. Play Blackjack Online Now, with the development of increasingly sophisticated times has brought this Blackjack game into the online world, so its name has changed to online Blackjack. This game can later be played through online gambling site pages that provide Live Casino features, including my subscription site, Stake.com. So for those of you who are interested in playing Blackjack online, you are required to register first at "https://stake.com.au/sign-up" to be able to get your user ID later. . staker, please comment below if there are any deficiencies or errors in my understanding .. Have a nice play. Good luck #regards poor staker
  6. I don't think we can do much if "Bad luck" is lurking, because we are just a player, xD we only buy time with BB 0 or with a smaller BB to lure the big green PO out, but still, the name is also "bad luck", we only rely on luck alone, consistent in playing it is necessary, of course to wait for "The big green" greets our bet. . In essence, stay optimistic, and don't give up. . Have a nice play. Good luck #regards poor staker xD
  7. Lots of unique stories or stories of gambling actors in this world. Maybe, you yourself are not aware that the story is around you. This time, we will share a few unique stories of the gamblers, ranging from ordinary people to famous artists in the world. Curious, want to know what the story is like? Immediately, see the explanation below: Don Johnson This first story comes directly from the CEO of Heritage Development, named Don Johnson. He was the one who initially did not like gambling activities. Why ? Because, according to him gambling activities are acts of fraud. Well .. That action has been done since you started entering the front door of the Casino. However, the reality is that he has already received Rp. 72 billion or the equivalent of US $ 6 million with just one night at one of the casinos in Atlantic City. When you see the nominal number, it is definitely very much right? However, that number is not really a victory achieved by Don Johnson. He won a total total of US $ 15 million or around Rp. 195 billion. That success, he got from just enjoying Blackjack gambling activities at 3 Casino in Atlantic City. How could it be ? Didn't he not like gambling activities? Of course this is your question all right? It all started from his intelligence he saw an opportunity or an opportunity generated from the Casino itself. At that time, there were many casinos in Atlantic City that were in need of funding from the gamblers. Because, the income they get is very far from expectations. So, many casinos in Atlantic City are changing the way they deliver games. However, it turned out to be easy for Don Johnson to bet his large sum of money in a row. However, the activity was also complemented by good numeracy skills and certain luck. Since then, the activities carried out by Don Johnson are well known to other casinos in Atlantic City. Do you know the consequences? He was banned from playing in all casinos spread across the United States. In fact, Don Johnson also earned the nickname as Male Breaker Atlantic City to date. How not, in just a few nights can already get US $ 15 Million easily. If you were one of the Casino owners at that time who had not been a victim. Surely, you will also take similar actions, Right? After his actions, he returned to his previous life and enjoyed pension money by traveling the world with his family. Anonimus This next story comes from a group of hackers or commonly called Hackers. They managed to break into Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia for as much as US $ 33 Million or equivalent to Rp 430 Billion. How to ? The trick is very easy, namely using the Eye of Scouts in the Casino itself. Did you know what you meant? Yeah The surveillance camera at the Casino was hacked by them. Thus, making it easy for them to gamble with big bets while one of them watches the cards of the other gamblers. But after they tried to break into the site by doing an online gambling list. They found that the system in SBOBET was very difficult to break, so they canceled their intention to break the system. Ben Affleck She is one of the best actresses owned by the American public. The role of the best film ever achieved, namely in the film Daredevil or Armageddon. However, he was not only able to play films alone. Apparently, he is also proficient in the world of gambling such as Poker. In fact, the victory he had achieved at that time amounted to US $ 400,000. Of course, the extra money is fairly large right? The activity was carried out since 2004 ago. Patrick Bruel This 58-year-old man is very famous in France. His job is a singer and actor who has appeared on the big screen and television in France. Of course, the france community itself already knows his face well. Apparently, besides being a famous artist and also a singer. Patrick Burel was one of the gamblers who won the prestigious World Series Poker competition in 1998. Not only that, he also had many other victories from just playing Poker. If calculated, his income has reached US $ 1 Million more than just enjoying the activity. In fact, in the beginning he was just a fad - just fiddling with free time from all his busy life. Jennifer Tilly One of the great artists who won this Oscar, has been seen several times at the Poker championship. Moreover, this 59-year-old woman has won the World Series of Poker in 2005. The woman managed to get a Prize whose value reached nearly US $ 1 Million. His love for poker gambling activities began when he was a teenager. In fact, this 59-year-old woman admitted that her activities in playing poker were far better compared to her colliding with acting. Not only that, this woman also said that she was always happy when doing this one activity. How can I live, if you don't play one of the best gambles of all time, that's the sentence that came out of Jennifer Tilly when interviewed. Joseph Jagger This one man is just an ordinary engineer, but he believes he can beat the system in the Casino to get a big win. That's what made him hire several people to record one of his favorite gambling activities, namely Roulette. After getting the results of the recording, he focused on finding a gap to win in roulette gambling. After a few days of searching, he finally found a gap, namely there are several times the numbers that are often present. Well ... Joseph Jagger finally tried this ability himself. In fact, it was not too long ago he had managed to bring home the winning money of up to US $ 500,000. This activity was carried out at several casinos in Monte Carlo. So, some of the gambling stories that we gave you this time. Actually, there are many other stories. However, if we are able to succeed in making our own stories. Of course, it would be very fun and proud for yourself right? Well ... So the point is, none of that is impossible in this world. Although you want to start this gambling activity with limited capital. It could be that you all managed to duplicate it from Stake.com. But, most important you must be able to understand everything about gambling that you want to play. . #regards staker warrior!
  8. I'm trying a few games here, and right now I'm trying baccarat games, the conclusion I get is, The online stake.com baccarat gambling game does have its own fans. Evidently, when an agent provides this game, the site visitors who want to play are also millions of them. That is why many agents compete to give the best baccarat game. Online Baccarat is known as an easy-to-play card gambling. Naturally, if then fans of this game are very many in the world. In online casino gambling games there are many games such as sicbo, slot, roulette, and one of them is a very popular card game that is online baccarat you can now easily play. Of course, through access to Stake.com, however, for players who are not familiar with the baccarat game it will be difficult to understand the flow of this game. Well, for those of you who are already curious about what is in baccarat gambling, try to look at some of the terms that are definitely found when you play baccarat online below! 1. Player Player is used to refer to not all baccarat players, but rather some players who indeed choose this position as a determinant of betting in gambling. Yes, baccarat must be occupied by players who will later get a profit of 1: 1 if they win. 2. Banker Online baccarat gambling recognizes the term banker as one of the opponents of the main player. This banker can play without capital because what is needed to win is only a card with a high value. As a banker will usually get a profit of 1: 1 which will later be deducted for a commission of 5%. Well, each agent imposes bankers alternately so that all players can feel this position. 3. Natural Cards What is a natural card? A natural card is the name for the earliest card received by a player. When there is a player who immediately wins in this natural card round, then the victory will be multiplied. Yes, every player who wins a natural card will get an additional bonus from an online baccarat stake. 4. Tie A tie is a bet that states that the value of a player and banker's card is a tie. These bets are rarely played by beginners because they have a slim chance of victory. However, if you succeed in winning, the amount of profit of 1: 9 can be obtained by players you know! 5. Bookie or Dealer The dealer is also called the dealer in charge of leading the way of the baccarat game. In the baccarat gambling game must be mediated by the bookie who is in charge of distributing cards and determining the winner. The dealer also determines the nominal range of bets that can be placed in baccarat gambling. There are still many other terms that you can find in online baccarat games. However, some of which have been explained above are the terms most familiar to every novice player. So, understand well the important terms in a game before you start playing. Those are various explanations about the important terms in gambling baccarat. You can learn more about the meaning of the term and play baccarat more comfortably. Knowledge of various game terms for a bettor is needed to support the bettor when starting the action. So, don't forget to always understand the gambling game you want before you start playing. . #regards staker Good luck!
  9. hey staker! I have some good experiences and bad experiences here, but right now I want to talk about bad experiences :-) I want to share how to Move on from a big defeat here, because I have experienced a defeat of more than 5000 Usd, Success in betting is of course everyone's goal. In fact, in achieving success certainly many obstacles and risks that must be faced. In fact, not infrequently these risks can make a staker fall and go bankrupt. Even if you have a mature enough strategy to run a bet, the risk of bankruptcy can still occur to anyone. This sometimes makes many people down and confused how to manage finances right after going bankrupt. Rather than just being quiet, it would be better if you face it. Well, here are some tips that you can try to deal with financial problems when betting facing bankruptcy, such as; 1. Reduce Lots of Complaining When your bets go bankrupt, avoid being sad for too long and try to get up. Do not complain with the current conditions. Although this is sometimes difficult to practice, there is no point in you staying silent and getting into trouble, Complaining constantly will certainly not make all problems complete. You may be sad. But, no need to linger and get up quickly to overcome the existing problems. 2. Keep Thinking Positive, Once you start to rise from sadness, don't forget to always keep thinking positive. Whatever has happened now, of course, can not turn back the time available. Even though this is hard to do, it doesn't mean you can't do it. Let's just say the current failure is the starting point of success that you can get going forward. You can also think of these periods as a short break before deciding on the right step you take next. However, of course you should not just drag on. Determine how long your "rest period" is before trying it again. 3. Make a New Plan After resting because of your failure, now is the time to start evaluating what happened. Many lessons and lessons that you can take from these failures. This is done so that you can start devising new strategies for your bets. Learn from the mistakes of the past. If you already feel good, you can start developing the right and wise strategy for your future bets. 4. Take Action Quickly, Most people who experience bankruptcy experience a shock effect, even to the point of assuming all the businesses they run have ended. Get rid of these things from the mind. You can calm down for a moment, but don't stay too long. You must act quickly to reduce the effects of bankruptcy. By acting quickly, surely you still have a chance going forward. The first thing you need to do is to check the savings you have. Make sure if you have reserve deposits that can be used as initial capital for new bets. However, in the beginning of business development, you should not use all your savings as capital. In addition, to reduce the effects of bankruptcy experienced, you should save more in spending for a while. Buy materials or equipment that are important in betting. Or you can also work for others first so that you can collect the savings that have been depleted due to a bankrupt business. 5. Never Give Up Remember, everything you experience will not last, including the bankruptcy of your betting business. But, it all depends on your own desires, whether you want to go ahead or just keep quiet. Many successful entrepreneurs often fail before finally getting success. For that, instill an attitude not to give up in yourself. All the hard work done will have results later. Take Lessons from a Previous Failure When you want to be a successful person, surely you should not be afraid of failure. Face all of these failures and make them valuable lessons. So that in the future, you will not repeat the same mistake. . . #regards bankrupt from staker! keep your spirits up and be careful when you bet :-)
  10. Hello all stakers ... lately I feel bored with my life, too expect to recover excess from free here, I plan to change some of my life, get a better life is not always difficult. Changes in life don't have to happen en masse, do they? Conversely, changes are both small and constant. Now, for stakers who feel the same way, let's try the 15 simple steps below can make your life better, because I've started it too :-), little by little. What are the 15 steps? Are you ready to listen? 1. Realize That Change Needs Effort ... Yes, the name is also alive, if we want something, of course we also have to work on it right ?! Including also by changing lives for the better, the first condition would be willing to try. If you really want to change your life, so let 's do something! 2. Make sure you have friends to talk to share, friends to talk is important to give you support, praise, or criticism about what you are doing. It's not so cool if it's hard, happy, sad, happy but just designed it alone without being divided! 3. Face Your Problems, Don't Avoid, Life is always full of problems, guys! So if you avoid your problems, it means you just let the problem get bigger and it will be increasingly difficult for you to deal with. Therefore, from now on stop running away from your problems. 4. Don't Waste Your Time Again, Don't underestimate this point! Even though it looks easy, sometimes being consistent isn't as easy as we imagine. How many of us have promised to go jogging every Sunday morning, but when Sunday morning arrives we are still cool to curl up with blankets? How many of us have promised to be more punctual, but the reality is that it is still stretchy like rubber? Yes, consistent is indeed very difficult. But once you can be consistent with what you are doing, you will more easily reach your dreams. Because you know, you will be consistent to get up and chase your dreams when you are falling. 6. Find the Source of Your Spirit, When you feel tired and stressed with everything that is in your life, it helps you to stop and calm yourself then look for things that can make you come back excited. One of the easiest ways to create enthusiasm is to do something you like. 7. Be sincere and enjoy everything you feel, Surely not all of your efforts run smoothly, and when something bad happens to you, be sincere and try to feel what happened to you. Understand why your efforts are not going well and pick something from your failure. 8. Get out of your comfort zone, how can you change your life if you don't want to face challenges and don't want to get out of your comfort zone? 9. Be a Person Who Likes to Help, It never hurts to try to be a helper to the people around you. Helping and helping is not only useful for the person you are helping, but is also useful for you. One of them becomes more sensitive and more able to empathize with other people's difficulties. 10. Appreciate What You Now Have, Changing life for the better does not mean you have to damn your current life. Instead you should begin to appreciate what you have now, whether it's health, family, partner or even best friends. Start to pay attention to the things around you that might be used as ideas for your success. 11. Don't Hesitate to Try New Things, When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was the last time you challenged yourself to try something you haven't tried for the first time? Challenge yourself and be prepared to be surprised by what you can do! 12. Discover your weaknesses and strengths, no one is 100 percent perfect! And rather than you focus on lamenting any shortcomings that exist in you, you better focus with the talents that you have. By focusing on the talent you have, you can appear more confident and more optimistic about changing your life, right ?! 13. Hmm, How About a Little Traveling? Traveling will give you the opportunity to see what you've never seen before. Not only about the beauty of nature, traveling can show you a life that you would never have thought of before, including the idea of how to change your life. 14. Listen to Music That Makes You More Enthusiastic, Take your play music and listen to all kinds of songs that can excite you! This is the easiest and most fun way to change your life. 15. Get Up Early Than Usually, This is the simplest but the most difficult thing to do! How many of us often hear the scolding "Come on get up, later your fortune pegged chicken, you know!" Well, even our grandmothers, grandparents and parents understand very well, getting up early is better for our lives. That's why, let's go staker !! . do not ever get tired of grief here, and do not over-focus here, because there are also many interesting things to do :-) . #regards Tired staker :-)
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    nice............ but its really?
  12. um .. that's not me, I'm not included in the VIP members yet, VIP, or Very Important Person, is a modern human social label. To be labeled an important person, you certainly don't have to be really important. No need to be a state official, artist, company boss, athlete, Noordin M Top, Mbah Surip, or Manohara. In the elevator, in the stadium, on the plane, on the train, in the hotel, anywhere, you can enter this group of people, even if you are not as important as they are, as long as you can afford to pay more. Yes, the parameters are this simple: money, position or social reputation. If you, in one moment, enter the VIP cluster, don't be proud. VIPs are not the most high class human beings in this materialist realm. On it again there is still VVIP: Very Very Important Person. Maybe even with the addition of one or more "V" in front of him, to illustrate how human is super important. This term is not very disturbing, until one afternoon, I was invited by two colleagues from the same office, to visit another friend who was in the hospital. He has liver cancer. His condition is complicated. Not only the liver, the kidneys also hit. The eye can't see anymore. You can't taste your mouth, let alone say it. Only from his ears did he know who was coming. Can't bear to see his condition, not yet five minutes, the three of us immediately say goodbye to his wife. Before leaving the room, one by one we pray and give him encouragement, so that healed quickly. In our company, he is indeed an important person. Not a manager yet, but his abilities are as level as a vice president. It is said that the president also trusted him to carry out important tasks. Therefore, when he was ill with cancer, he was treated at a topnotch cancer hospital in Jakarta. Unmitigated, he got the VVIP room quota. I don't know how much it costs. For those who are healthy, getting VVIP facilities is definitely a feature. Entering the VVIP room can also make our steps more stable than usual. But for those who are sick, especially those who are already half-conscious, does the term VVIP still mean? Maybe yes, related to the quality of treatment obtained. But, can it still be enjoyed? Hey, why are you sick?If I ask, which one do you prefer, whether you want to sleep in a rickety hut, or in the hospital VVIP room? Isn't VVIP a privilege for you? No need to answer. Enough frown. Or, do you want to order a VVIP cemetery, staker? , #regards staker!
  13. I think yes, it's not looking for fun, but just looking for luck here , #regards staker!
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    The slot is interesting in my opinion, especially if the slot here is max Po 100000X, it will be very fun, I hope Max PO Slots at stake.com will be very extraordinary, so that more casino slot players out there are interested in joining stake.com! , #regards staker!