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  1. It's a huge possibility that 20 years from now, Stake will still be around. It may look completely different, or heck, it might even undergo a name change, but I do believe that as long as there are players Stake will remain for a long time. More importantly though, what will be of crypto 20 years down the line? I mean, for one thing look how long Bitcoin has been around and how far it has come! Cryptocurrency is still very much in its infancy, only now it has started to enter into the mainstream, but even that is still slow going. What we call cryptocurrency today might look very different 20 years down the line.. For example, deflationary coins have made an appearance and are starting to trend. All I mean by that is; they are a different kind of coin than what we have been used to. Really, there have been all kinds of protocols and chains developed - and too many altcoins to count. I really think what is happening is we (as a crypto society) are just experimenting and trying to find out which method is going to 'stick' - they all improve, or are trying to improve, upon Bitcoin.. Eventually we will find the one that will be readily and instantly accepted by the masses and finally deal the death blow to FIAT bills. Crypto has changed casinos, changed how we gamble, what we gamble on, and I also believe it has brought more people to online casinos as well. Stake and other micro-casinos I think also helped to bring more people out who maybe never gambled before - I personally never used an online casino until coming to Stake, being the cheap-o that I am, placing the lowest bets possible helps to ensure that my HODLing is never really HODLed for long 😆 It is up to the players; as long as Stake remains profitable and able to pay its overhead costs, I see no reason for it to go anywhere anytime soon. A profitable company, especially one online, is also an easy sell - so it may of course go with different owners in that time.. but if we play, Stake will stay!
  2. I played with only what I claimed from the faucet here for a while when I first joined - mind you the rewards for the coins were all at least 100sat and above then.. I hardly would ever risk 100sat in one bet in those days. I'm still a faucet grinder, but I've widened my free ways of earning crypto and now have enough different currencies that I have started to use exchanges etc.. I still have not invested any fiat to invest in crypto, may never need to... Although the temptation to buy more TRX for a certain dApp I play might prove fatal to my will power 😧 Anyways, now I'm betting 1000sat usually, and I can't wait to see the day when I'm able to bet, and confident enough to bet an entire coin worth I hate depositing on Stake though because I ALWAYS end up losing it.. I will be up one day, not come play in weeks and then redeem a coupon from email and start to play, only to bust my balances anyway. I even broke my will and have began withdrawing from my vault! I am doomed! But to those mentioning rains.. I STILL can not chat, I am not high roller enough for Stake.. phmph.. so, ya.. No rain or faucets for me. I'm at that odd point where I have to deposit my spare change, it's either that or panhandling at the entrance, or relying on Stake to release a steady stream of new things for coupon redemption LOL
  3. Ahahahahahahaha! RuneScape.. The internet's training ground for.. the internet 👀 I still imagine rainbow words waving above everybody's heads, heck, with the lag experience in the Crash game room I don't have to go far for RS nostalgia anymore...
  4. I wonder how these people ended up in chat in the first place. I've been playing for weeks and I have still been unable to bet the illusive amount to have the opportunity to use chat. It bothers me that all these 'rain leetchers' are able to use chat for no other purpose than to spam useless posts. I don't think it really matters though if people are lieing about how much they have busted to the point of needing a screenie for proof.. You could argue that anyone posting how much they have busted, even if true, is useless spam. Not saying it is, but just saying..,
  5. Google seems to be having a lot of issues lately in regards to malicious applications being in the app store, but this is a little too much being put to blame on Google I think. Sometimes the evil dev is very sneaky, they release a clean useful app the first version for application to the Play Store.. they wait a few months, gain some positive reviews and trusting users, even release some clean updates! But then, one day out of the blue the app starts to record all your passwords and sends them back, live as you submit them, to a command-and-control server obviously not controlled by you. Only a few lines of code needed to be changed but the thing is Google is a lot less strict once an app gets approved for entry into the store.. The apps are scanned nightly by App Guard or whatever but it is only an algorithm (First submission approvals are done by a human, or at least they used to be) and it is a lot easier to sneak malicious code passed a bot- especially if majority of the malicious code is coming from the C&C server.. all they have to do is add some code that communicates with the remote server and the remote server sends back commands to the app and boom, cha ching💰 cha ching💰 but not for you. This happens anywhere, almost everywhere. Ever looked over all the breaches on HaveIBeenPwned? Or worse, set up your email to receive HaveIbeenPwnd alerts? (I don't suggest you do so for an email you've had forever unless you've been using a forwarding service like 33mail with it, otherwise, you might just cry or try to ban yourself from the internet once you realize how violated your personal data has become.. It also highlights the importance of using a Password Manager and making sure you neverever ever reuse a password anywhere.. [ and no, the password manager in your browser is NOT secure and will not suffice in case anyone is wondering ] The only reason this looks bad on Google is because Google is so big, but they are not immune.. Many sites you assume are safe only fly under the radar for YEARS when things like this happen to them because noone is watching them like a hawk like we watch Google. Just like any developer or any piece of software, bugs happen which can open the door to vulnerabilities.. not only do they allow the developer to learn and improve they also should be teaching us consumers, how to better protect ourselves.. But sadly we only seem to be gettung dumber in that regard. I mean, who should be responsible for protecting us and our assets and who should we trust to do it?? OURSELVES ONLY! We shouldn't even have governements or anybody that we feel is above us in power, civilization sure made a wrong move during that meeting.. 🤣 Want more security tips? Of course not, you can move along... This has been another installment of "Those Unpopular Opinions" brought to you by KharmaScribbles n Betz..
  6. I also had this same feeling, but I'm glad you are the one who opened the topic about it OP. I have been playing on Stake for quite a while, over 2 weeks and I am still far away from the min wager for chatting. My reasons are less about rain and more about socialization. With no PVP games on Stake, the casino can feel lonely. It's not so bad that we can see the chat, but at the same time it's almost like a tease. So many times I have wanted to reply to someone and been unable to. I play at other sites that also have requirements for unlocking chat, and so far Stake is the only one I have not met. I am determined to though! I know the reasoning is to weed out the spamming rain leechers, but another way to do and still allow chat access sooner is by disallowing anyone under a certain level or wager amount to catch rains. I will note there are times where I can still see people uselessly commenting in chat with such random responses meanwhile there are people who actually want to participate in the socialization aspect of chat and not even concerned with the rain. One thing I do not understand and bothers me more than anything related to the chat restriction is that people can PM me first, but even then I still can not PM them back! I am literally restricted from any form of socialization at the Casino, even if I and another person have added each other to our friend's list, even though they contact me first I still can't PM reply to them? That is a little harsh and the most frustrating of all Stake. I will have cake the day I unlock chat in celebration. I will say that every time I wager it's with the extra goal in mind of getting full access to chat LOL. One day, one day. I actually took the time to convert all my wagers of other currencies to give me a more accurate look at where I stand.. Still super far away LOL. It would be nice though if there was some way to keep track of the progress made towards that wager, like when the error pops up when you try to chat and it tells you the total wager needed, I'm not sure if it's how much I have LEFT to wager or if that's just the end goal for total overall wagered.. The message seems to always state the same amount needed so I assume it's not actually showing me what I have left to go... That would be nice.
  7. Use a different faucet, ETH gives 100, LTC or BCH give 300 I can't remember which one though. I can't use BTC faucet because I have BTC locked in my vault I refuse to touch it until my on-hand balance goes above what I have in my vault. Just be happy Stake doesn't penalize you for having faucet funds At least if we could get it to enough fort withdraw, we could withdraw it.. Some sites would use your faucets funds against you :x I always get the faucet when I can but then I am more risky betting with it so usually bust right away. ... I can use all the coin I can get because it seems wagering for chat to open takes forever when you are a low-roller like me ...
  8. Especially now that Video Poker is out I'd much rather spend my time playing that or BJ if I'm playing card games.. I prefer games with increasing multipliers, so Baccarat gives me a few reasons now to like it at all.... Plus it has a low set payout. No excitement there! Plus I really am not sure how to play, I don't know what I'm betting on since I'm not really sure how to win or lose.
  9. Anytime I play BTC I get in a drought! If I play a less valuble coin then I get a fair amount of wins to losses. I believe 5 BJ deals in a row was my longest drought in a row because though it only takes me about 5 bets to go bust when I play with BTC. How do I handle it? Usually switching to a different coin breaks my curse. Sometimes then I also change my client seed for good luck superstition. I won a very nice bet off someone's generous tip and was well ahead, but then I got greedy and within minutes lost everything I was up plus more! I quickly threw the rest of the tip into my vault though and whenever I deposit BTC now I aim to get above what I had from the tip but I haven't been so lucky yet, When I get really frustrated, I go and play another game or sometimes a totally different Casino.. or I go and do some faucets (not casino faucets) to earn more crypto to play
  10. I do like Telegram, I'm on it the most probably besides Discord. I haven't won any Discord giveaways so hopefully maybe I can win with Telegram! All we have to do is join the channel, and a random 100 channel members will win? That sounds too easy for a Stake giveaway 😛
  11. VIDEOPOKER: 3,458,632,553 placed by KharmaBetz on 05/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 25x Profit 48.00000000
  12. Darius, you have a very nice name! Don't hear that name here much at all here in Canada, the closest I've heard is Darion and that was a girl's name. Welcome to Stake! Hope to see you around sharing some lucky hits
  13. Very nice! I never undertand if people are just a LOT more luckier than I am, because I never get hit like that! Or maybe because I don't take as much risk and play with low bets, but even low bets I don't get high multipliers! Welcome to Stake. This is definately my favorite casino especially now that v2 is here.. Funny because when I first joined I didn't think I would like this place at all
  14. 1. Mines - I like this game because it is one of my go to games to come back from loser bets.. Because as soon as I pick one tile I am already making a profit, and when I want to play it safe I play with only 2 bombs, but sometimes I get risky and play with 10 or 20 bombs! Usually I stay on 3. 2. BJ 3. Video Poker 4. HiLo 5. Limbo 6. Plinko 7. Dice 8. Wheel ~ 9. Roulette 10. Diamond Poker 11. Baccarat 12. Keno ~~ Games 9 and below I rarely if ever play.