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  1. 3694

    All in

    Hi everybody! I really like to play poker. Most of the time i play it with friends. What are your thoughts about going all in? I sometimes (not often) go all in when i have really really good cards. Bye
  2. 3694

    The Gym

    Hi guys! Im going to the Gym. Anybody else doing that to? What is your main reason to go to the Gym? Mine probably to stay fit Bye
  3. Hi, I have never hit the x5000 unfortunitly, but i will do my best to hit it one day. It will take me probably millions of try's but OK. Bye
  4. 3694

    Fortnite Quiz

    Hi! Lets do a Fortnite Quiz! Choose wich item you like the most: A: 1-Impulse Grenate 2-Shockwave grenate B: 1-Compact SMG 2-Tactical SMG C: 1-Bouncer pads 2-Launchpads
  5. Hi, Im new, and i don't understand what i need to do in order to earn satoshi on this forum. Does anyone knows? Bye
  6. Hi everybody! Does anyone knows a new minigame that Stake is missing?
  7. 3694

    A Joke

    This is a joke (not very funny tho ) Two bitcoins walk on the street. one says to the other: Can I walk in the middle? Do you have a funnier joke than this? (you probably do)
  8. Hello everbody, i am new on the stake forum. Does anyone has some tips for me about how this forum works and what you can do here? Thanks for responding Bye!