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  1. Ok this is getting really crazy. This guy Craig Wright who claims is Satoshi (bitcoin founder) now accuses Binance and USDT that they are being used for funding of women prostitution and slavery!! https://all-stocks.net/wtf-craig-wright-says-binance-and-tether-fund-prostitution-slavery/ This is already extremely absurd. How there are people in the crypto community who still buy into this B-S?
  2. Again, this guy Craig Wright spread lies about being Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. This time he simply filed for copyright stuff, which anybody can do, and used it as a "proof" that he's Satoshi. https://all-stocks.net/craig-wright-copyright-registration-proves-im-bitcoins-satoshi-copyright-office-nope/ This is exactly why many legitimate investors stay away from crypto, because of charlatans like Wright. The cryptocurrency community needs to denounce him because this is already getting too ridiculous.
  3. Great tips about cryptocurrency investment from an interesting page on Ted. There's also a nice video there. What I like about this page is that it doesn't promote hype but states very clearly that investors should be skeptical about it. https://ed.ted.com/on/UqQBSGEN#digdeeper It's really great to see that authoritative sources such as Ted discuss crypto and thus promote it by merely raising awareness to it.
  4. This is really insane! Some US congressman (Brad Sherman) wishes to ban crypto entirely because it may successfully compete with the dollar. These kinds of undemocratic ideas are typical for third-world countries! https://all-stocks.net/congressman-brad-sherman-attempt-to-garner-support-of-complete-crypto-ban-in-the-us/ It's important to say that this politician doesn't really represent any side of the political aisle, but the fact that he even believes it's possible is absolutely mind-boggling.
  5. One of the most interesting cryptocurrency projects in the word right now is Facebook's crypto project. It has such a huge potential that senators are now inquiring about it and demanding more info from Zuckerberg. https://all-stocks.net/us-senators-demand-information-on-facebooks-crypto-project-in-a-letter-to-mark-zuckerberg/ Facebook has a huge impact in everything that the company does, and the same goes for crypto. If and when Facebook will launch its own crypto stablecoin then it will surely cause a big earthquake. What do you think about Facebook crypto project?
  6. The popular crypto stablecoin Tether USDT got into real trouble ... Now the company ADMITS that it's not fully USD-backed as they always had previously stated! https://all-stocks.net/fablecoin-tether-finally-fully-discloses-that-usdt-is-only-74-backed-by-usd/ This could be the beginning of the end for Tether as many crypto investors might lose trust in the stablecoin and would withdraw their investments. Do you think this is Tether's end?
  7. There's certainly a new trend over the past year or so that governments try to create their own cryptocurrencies in order to enter the rapidly growing crypto world, and not miss out what may become a new sort of digital economy. https://all-stocks.net/featured-the-current-state-of-government-issued-cryptocurrencies/ I'm still on the fence on that one. On the one hand, this trend surely pushes forward cryptocurrencies, but on the other, these sorts of cryptos are not really decentralized... what do you think? Pro or against?
  8. The big bank JP Morgan is probably the biggest example of how the traditional financial world is finally aligning with the cryptocurrency market. First the bank went against Bitcoin, and now it has issued a digital currency of its own. https://all-stocks.net/featured-jpmorgan-isnt-flip-flopping-on-crypto-because-jpm-coin-isnt-a-cryptocurrency/ So yes, maybe JPM Coin is not a cryptocurrency because it's not fully decentralized but the fact that JP Morgan launched something similar just shows how scared the banking world is of cryptocurrencies.
  9. The relationship between banks and cryptocurrencies has become pretty interesting over the past year. While in the past banks had been unequivocally against crypto, now things are a little different. https://all-stocks.net/featured-big-banks-and-cryptocurrencies-asking-turkeys-to-vote-for-christmas/ Today, IBM builds crypto stablecoins for six different banks and JP Morgan has already launched its own cryptocurrency (JPM Coin). So it certainly appears that the anti-crypto stance is slowly changing. What do you think?
  10. There are many speculations and discussions online whether or not the cryptocurrency market will go back up in 2019, for instance: http://scalar.usc.edu/works/new-daily-article/trend-reversal-is-the-crypto-market-going-up-in-2019 I think that we're certainly going to have a great year for cryptocurrencies as 2017 was merely a correction after a massive bull run over the past decade.
  11. It certainly seems that the cryptocurrency industry is shifting towards stablecoins. Now IBM is creating for 6 different banks stablecoins based on the Stellar cryptocurrency, and that's already JP Morgan released its own stablecoin. https://all-stocks.net/ibm-to-create-fiat-backed-stablecoins-for-6-banks-with-stellars-xlm/ What do you think? Are stablecoins the "next big thing" in crypto or maybe they're just a phase?
  12. One issue that I think is not being discussed enough in crypto communities is where you can actually use Bitcoin. Instead of thinking about Bitcoin just as an investment, it's time to think about it as an actual currency (which was its purpose to begin with). https://all-stocks.net/featured-where-to-use-bitcoin-in-the-real-world/ If cryptocurrency has any future, more retailers and small businesses need to enable crypto payments so people would actually have a real purpose of having Bitcoin and could conduct business with it.
  13. For all of you who are following avidly the latest news and updates regarding cryptocurrencies, this is a nice article that lists some of the best cryptocurrency news blogs online right now. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/which-are-the-most-informative-and-educational-crypto-sites-out-there-in-2019
  14. This is really sad and annoying! According to a new report, many of all those huge corporate banks are deliberately hindering crypto companies in conducting regular banking businesses that are necessary! https://all-stocks.net/report-conventional-banking-giants-deny-access-to-crypto-and-blockchain-firms/ This just shows how banks see decentralized monetary systems as a threat and how they want to limit their growth while taking over with their own platforms and systems. I don't think they can win this battle though, and ultimately digital currencies will become mainstream.
  15. Vitalik Buterin, who is one of Ethereum's co-founders, discussed his history in crypto in a recent interview and made a few poignant remarks about Bitcoin. He likened Bitcoin to a "pocket calculator" and compared it to Ethereum which is in comparison a "smartphone." https://all-stocks.net/ethereum-co-founder-vitalik-buterin-bitcoin-is-like-a-pocket-calculator-ethereum-a-smartphone/ I also think that Ethereum has far superior technology to Bitcoin, but I don't think that prominent figures from the crypto world should attack one another or a different cryptocurrency -- they should bolster and empower each other! What do you think about it?