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  1. The big bank JP Morgan is probably the biggest example of how the traditional financial world is finally aligning with the cryptocurrency market. First the bank went against Bitcoin, and now it has issued a digital currency of its own. https://all-stocks.net/featured-jpmorgan-isnt-flip-flopping-on-crypto-because-jpm-coin-isnt-a-cryptocurrency/ So yes, maybe JPM Coin is not a cryptocurrency because it's not fully decentralized but the fact that JP Morgan launched something similar just shows how scared the banking world is of cryptocurrencies.
  2. The relationship between banks and cryptocurrencies has become pretty interesting over the past year. While in the past banks had been unequivocally against crypto, now things are a little different. https://all-stocks.net/featured-big-banks-and-cryptocurrencies-asking-turkeys-to-vote-for-christmas/ Today, IBM builds crypto stablecoins for six different banks and JP Morgan has already launched its own cryptocurrency (JPM Coin). So it certainly appears that the anti-crypto stance is slowly changing. What do you think?
  3. There are many speculations and discussions online whether or not the cryptocurrency market will go back up in 2019, for instance: http://scalar.usc.edu/works/new-daily-article/trend-reversal-is-the-crypto-market-going-up-in-2019 I think that we're certainly going to have a great year for cryptocurrencies as 2017 was merely a correction after a massive bull run over the past decade.
  4. It certainly seems that the cryptocurrency industry is shifting towards stablecoins. Now IBM is creating for 6 different banks stablecoins based on the Stellar cryptocurrency, and that's already JP Morgan released its own stablecoin. https://all-stocks.net/ibm-to-create-fiat-backed-stablecoins-for-6-banks-with-stellars-xlm/ What do you think? Are stablecoins the "next big thing" in crypto or maybe they're just a phase?
  5. One issue that I think is not being discussed enough in crypto communities is where you can actually use Bitcoin. Instead of thinking about Bitcoin just as an investment, it's time to think about it as an actual currency (which was its purpose to begin with). https://all-stocks.net/featured-where-to-use-bitcoin-in-the-real-world/ If cryptocurrency has any future, more retailers and small businesses need to enable crypto payments so people would actually have a real purpose of having Bitcoin and could conduct business with it.
  6. For all of you who are following avidly the latest news and updates regarding cryptocurrencies, this is a nice article that lists some of the best cryptocurrency news blogs online right now. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/which-are-the-most-informative-and-educational-crypto-sites-out-there-in-2019
  7. This is really sad and annoying! According to a new report, many of all those huge corporate banks are deliberately hindering crypto companies in conducting regular banking businesses that are necessary! https://all-stocks.net/report-conventional-banking-giants-deny-access-to-crypto-and-blockchain-firms/ This just shows how banks see decentralized monetary systems as a threat and how they want to limit their growth while taking over with their own platforms and systems. I don't think they can win this battle though, and ultimately digital currencies will become mainstream.
  8. Vitalik Buterin, who is one of Ethereum's co-founders, discussed his history in crypto in a recent interview and made a few poignant remarks about Bitcoin. He likened Bitcoin to a "pocket calculator" and compared it to Ethereum which is in comparison a "smartphone." https://all-stocks.net/ethereum-co-founder-vitalik-buterin-bitcoin-is-like-a-pocket-calculator-ethereum-a-smartphone/ I also think that Ethereum has far superior technology to Bitcoin, but I don't think that prominent figures from the crypto world should attack one another or a different cryptocurrency -- they should bolster and empower each other! What do you think about it?
  9. I have to admit that cryptocurrency mining completely confuses me. I don't even understand the term "mining" if there's no physical action here, and everything is digital. Apparently, after reading a little about it, there are many pieces of data that really make sense. https://all-stocks.net/featured-is-crypto-mining-worth-it/ What do you think about crypto mining? Do you think it's worth it for you? At which cost?
  10. Have you heard about this crazy story? Robbers broke into a Bitcoin trader house in the Netherlands and tortured him in front of his daughter who is only four years old! It isn't clear yet why did the robbers did it, but the speculation is that they wanted his BTC holdings. https://all-stocks.net/dutch-bitcoin-trader-was-tortured-by-robbers-in-front-of-four-year-old-daughter/ Hopefully, these terrible criminals will be caught soon by the Dutch police and will sentence to a lot of years in prison!
  11. There is a huge humanitarian crisis in Venezuela due to its authoritarian government, and now it seems that a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) actually helps the local population throughout these rough times. https://all-stocks.net/venezuelan-economist-bitcoin-is-saving-lives-in-venezuela/ This is why I like cryptocurrencies. Not only that it takes back some of the control of banks and governments, but it also aids struggling people who are suffering from oppressive regimes.
  12. Did you even read the article? Here's the proof: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x1f73b43dc9c48cc131a931fac7095de9e5eba0c5184ec0c5c5f1f32efa2a6bab
  13. Okay, this is pretty crazy. Some user did a $14 Ethereum transaction, and was charged a $311,577 transaction fee! This is really insanely unusual and I never heard about anything like that before. https://all-stocks.net/a-user-was-charged-over-300k-in-fees-for-a-14-eth-transaction/ Some speculate that it's some sort of money laundering scheme but I'm not so sure... What do you think?
  14. This is just fantastic news! Now the crypto company BitGo begins to offer insurance on digital assets, which obviously include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin! https://all-stocks.net/digital-asset-insurance-is-now-available-with-bitgo/ This is really a great day for crypto because it will certainly bring more mainstream investors into the crypto world now that they would feel much more secure to invest in it. This can turn out to be really big, isn't it?
  15. The crypto mining giant Bitmain presented a new chip for cryptocurrency mining, and this chip is supposed to be the next generation in the mining industry. It uses far less energy and therefore fees. https://all-stocks.net/bitmain-introduces-new-lower-energy-consuming-chip-for-bitcoin-mining/ I think that if it can really use far less energy as presented, it can really change the entire crypto world because it will drastically bring down the price of cryptocurrencies with which it will be worthwhile to mine!