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  1. Yes, I finally stopped coughing after starting using vape instead of cigarettes, that was a massive improvement.
  2. Instagram is a great platform for promoting and advertising. Getting the result will take some time, but it's worth it. I can recommend this service https://zen-promo.com/instagram_analytic, it might help.
  3. Thanks for sharing! So far I've used https://www.publicfast.com/ services, but since I've changed my career, I'll take this service into consideration.
  4. On one hand, there are tons of different services that helps to gain followers and get likes and whatnot, on the other hand, it's hard to choose something particular among all of them. All you can do is google information or ask for recommendation. I found this service https://zen-promotion.com and I'm going to give it a try.
  5. I was very surprised by Georgia! Why did I not hear about it before, how about a great place to relax? I went on a budget but saw everything I wanted. Nature of incredible beauty. Mountains, greenery, all the trees are blooming😘. The sun is bright, the weather is gorgeous! And most importantly in this country you can relax on any budget. If you are looking for something that is not expensive, then I advise https://onewaytour.ge/categories/budget-tours/ They have a great program! It is possible and with children and older people. You will not regret!)
  6. I also had this idea and even made some plans for implementation on paper. But the idea did not go further 😕. I write so-so, especially if I need to briefly and sparkly convey a thought. because I myself am very difficult to achieve the desired result😜 So I can only admire those who have a talent for writing texts, such that I want to read and reread.
  7. Yes, Thailand is a good idea👍, I will support the commentator! I was there with my boyfriend and we really liked the rest. We traveled the whole island thanks https://ru.needcalc.com/weather/thailand Make a route and go forward to the adventures and beauty of a new culture. The main thing is to be careful if you want to take a scooter. There are almost no rules on the roads.
  8. I love warm countries, delicious food and preferably fewer people. Usually, I get to the place of rest on my own, and if I need to take some kind of excursion, then I already do it at the place of arrival. For example now I am flying to Italy, to Sicily. I already booked the plane and the bus, and the accommodation too. It is easy to find some local excursion programs on the Internet, such as https://www.sicilyactivities.com/ . So I advise you to go this way. The most convenient and economical👸
  9. Their status is now incomprehensible, but I think this issue is already in development. Of course, it is better to pay taxes on cryptocurrency assets than not to do this, since many risks disappear. Because now, for example, the authorities of the Swiss cantons are also actively integrating cryptocurrencies into the daily lives of people. So in this question (rather ambiguous!) It is better to turn to Tax Proposal https://goldblum.ch/tax-proposal-17
  10. The doctor advised me to switch to a vegetarian menu for some time. I decided to try it and got so interested in this topic! I excluded meat from my diet and started to buy only natural cosmetic products. Now I often use Candelilla Wax Vegan Flakes https://oilscenter.com/candelilla-wax-vegan-flakes and very pleased with the result! I think it does not suit everyone, but you need to try as a new experience 😃🙄
  11. I was in the summer in Russia with my brother. We went for three days to Moscow and for 3 days to St. Petersburg. The cultural capital made a great impression on us more than Moscow! We took a personal tour https://petersburg.expert/tour/one-day-shore-excursion/ of all the palaces! The architecture is indescribable! So I recommend visiting Russia. For the money turned out available and a lot of good impressions!
  12. I think that in any social network you can successfully conduct work activities if you know how to do it correctly. I focus on Instagram because I believe that all this is the platform that brings the most positive results when it comes to sales, advertising, promotion of any product. I for example work there in a company with https://zen-promo.com/instagram_analytic. Specifically, my tasks in front of them were aimed at highly accurate filtering of the target audience and attract only live subscribers and clients. But I chose to be honest for the fact that the bottom has a balance is written off only for the actual hours worked - for other services they simply write off for the purchased time. I think this is very important. So any activity in social networks is a good foundation, just need to figure out how this system works!