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  1. Man where to start I have so many.. okay I'll give one of my most recent crazy dreams. I'm at the airport getting ready to go visit my husband somewhere overseas, I know I'm surprising him with this trip, I get on the plane and none of the people have faces I feel scared but I ignore it cause I'm excited about the trip. I'm in my seat mid flight, they start serving the food and the smell is horrendous but I'm starving so I try to eat it but no matter what I do I can't get the food into my mouth, the next thing that happens is the air hostess comes to me and says theres a problem with my passport and I have to get off the plane in mid flight and they rip me from the seat and start pushing me to the door, I try to fight them but its like I have lost all my strength and my body is limp, the moment they open the door I wake up and my heart was pounding. I can't remember a single dream where I've managed to eat something, anyone else?
  2. some of us are here for the topics and discussions
  3. 4th time I’m getting this message 4th time I’m blocking them they keep using different tele accounts