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  1. I'm almost always on my laptop with Stake I'd only go on Mobile if I'm away from the house, theres no real multi tasking with mobile you get hooked on your game and can forget to check whats going on in chat
  2. its a wait and see what it will be, but with Stake you know its gonna be good
  3. Thats a good way of doing Nikowin88, having something to keep, I shall try your way next time
  4. I enjoy my gambling habits, I never take money that I can't afford to lose, with sites like Stake you meet interesting people and can learn many different tricks on how to win and how to lose lol But there needs to be balance if you let it consume you there you are in the wrong place.
  5. Now I have recently experienced this I won about $300 off of slots in the beginning of the month I was over joyed and withdrew straight away and then the next day I made the mistake of redepositing it here thinking it was enough to win more and cover any loses I played recklessly and lost it all and I regretted it, I hope that I have learnt from that mistake and won't be doing it again any time soon
  6. Sahil interesting choice, but isn't life a gamble itself? When you apply for a job you are gambling your happiness, due to the fact that one of two things can happen: First it could be your dream job and you love every minute of it Second, its the worst place of your life and you land up wishing your days away and then upon retirement you are left with no future and wonder what the hell happened. I choose neither my life is an adventure and I will not be tied down by one thing