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  1. Dear Zainy 2025, In 5 years I can only imagine the sacrifices we have made towards the dreams we have and I hope that we have accomplished all that we have set out to do. I also hope that we have maintained the friendships I have built, I know sometimes we feel like shutting the world out but remember we need others in our life too. Our dogs have probably passed away by now, remember them fondly don't let the pain of them not being around anymore darken the memories we have, the clicking of Frikkie's nails on the tiles as he sneaks behind you, hoping food will drop or M
  2. ZainyMerv Happy Birthday Stake see you around for Many Many more
  3. I've started a series called Motherland Fort Salem still in the first 2 episodes but enjoying it so far
  4. I'm on a IphoneXR but thats only cause my husband is a contract worker, I still prefer to on PC and you can't play and chat when you're on Mobile
  5. Still not seeing any extreme price hikes maybe still a few months away I guess
  6. I've had days when my balance has extreme ups and downs two days back I took $5 to $50 then all the way down to $7 up to $62 down to $3 up to $94 so I decided to cash out $50 and have fun with the rest, your wallet will grow a lot faster if you take the small wins instead of hunting the huge ones
  7. I find clusters of number pay a lot better than spreading the numbers out
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