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  1. Totally agree but we need to bear in mind that we should only gamble what we can afford to lose so yeah if it was your last savings then your in deep s**t 😋
  2. Happy birthday Stake! Memorable moment when I won 0.5 btc betting in Plinko and was abel to hit the 5K 🎂
  3. I wish Kawhi goes to Lakers (period)
  4. I found about the Stake telegram group from Instagram. Username: Threcnom
  5. I got more loss than profits actually before I came to know Stake I was playing in freebitcoin and loss around 1btc there **sigh***
  6. Any place with my friends is exciting. Traveling solo is different but with friends its just exciting.
  7. 1st winner : Stake Star 2nd winner : Team O'ez 3rd winner : BLA 4th winner : Bright Falcon 5th winner : White Walkers Good luck teams!
  8. Learn this site from a friend Username:Threcnom