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  1. wow ... this is making me so excited for the stream "Ikaw na D best ka ehh"
  2. wow i'm really happy I didnt invest on it I almost invest my whole salary on it before lool
  3. I have been gambling 10 years and counting, but im new on online gambling maybe 6-7 months and counting.
  4. Thanks for the bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2643533.0 sharing an article talking about how the Welcome Bonus/Deposit Bonus is a scam. Bitcointalk User:oracleongoodbye said "It's an illusion and it gets you playing the games with close to no chance of actually cashing out." and for me thats a perfect words to explain for the welcome bonus gimmicks. Created by our Admin Dan the article can be found here: https://cryptogambling.org/articles/welcome-bonus-gimmick/ Try to read the article guys it adds me more knowledge about gambling gimmicks. Thanks and Goodluck guys
  5. ohhh .. so its not just me that haven't saw a 100x keno hit, many players love keno but they only select 8/10 and below numbers .. 1000x in a 10/10 hit will make players select 10 numbers instead of selecting 8 or below numbers ..
  6. this is a good idea i love playing bingo and i love to see it on stake but for now they should bring out or release the wheel
  7. awesome kargai your awesome most of your post is knowledgeable and informative I learned so much from you keep it up
  8. I've been looking for a good website that can easily download a movie or a video (Latest) I search google but I can't find any good sites any suggestions guys??
  9. Ymerej

    Strategy and luck

    Strategy is for rich people Luck is for the less amount
  10. Nickelback - Feed The Machine
  11. Talking To Myself - Linkin Park
  12. that was fun enjoyed it so much Good Game guys