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  1. wow ... this is making me so excited for the stream "Ikaw na D best ka ehh"
  2. its my dream travel <3 to watch Panagbenga's FLOAT PARADE Enjoyy
  3. hmm.. I have a few faucets and mostly I buy bitcoins just to play btw @akki785 PM me your faucet list mate ill try it, and send me ref links so you can have commisions thanks in advance
  4. hmmm.. Ill try this one later thanks for sharing
  5. wow ... they maybe have a great blogger/writter to put up this kind of site I think its cool thanks for sharing
  6. Bitcofarm is a good investment site its been running for about 1-2 years now but do remember if you invest money make it sure that the site you are working with is giving you a 100% ROI with in 1 month or 2. Good Luck
  7. wow what a news this might be a big help for cryptos
  8. hahahah I had a feeling that this stream will be so exiting RAVE PARRRTYYYY
  9. wow exited for this one gogogo pinoys this is one way to showcase our talents goodluck guys ... count me in ill support till the end <3
  10. I think this is a good project hmmm how to join the airdrop?
  11. This is a good news .. for me if philippines will regulate bitcoins or cryptos it will take alot of time maybe year to implement this coz for me philippines is way to late from other countries.
  12. Good Luck for it but please don't waste to much time for it
  13. thats a beak bird tattoo ... hhmmm need more hints maybe?