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  1. Of course all of this is to promote stake, make its environment friendly and relaxing, and most important of all, make it fun! Which I'd say has worked out pretty well so far, in my opinion, better than many physical & virtual casinos.
  2. Oh my god! That is for sure a hard task to achieve! you'll be remembered for this!
  3. Yooo I'm covered in dog shi* XD stake: Absentt
  4. The first 4 letters are my initials (I have a long full name!) and the ntt stands for my birthday which is November twenty third, hence the nickname Absentt
  5. Device: Dell Vostro laptop Operating System: Windows 7 ultimate 64bit sp1 Browser: Google Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Did not notice Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: None Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? Stake 2
  6. I use blockchain's wallet and I've been happy so far, but I haven't tried other wallets!
  7. I understand your intention is to verify and link stake accounts to telegram usernames, but there are so many factors to consider! The first one is privacy, true; Some members might not be willing to share their username publicly and they're not wrong, it is their right not to do so! Another aspect of the situation is, that the telegram usernames can be changed! This may cause a possible "hole" and allow misusers to further abuse the giveaways.
  8. Have a specific set of cards show up on HiLo or some other card games. I must point out that this may be extremely difficult to achieve, but an idea's an idea! To elaborate, here's an example: A player must play HiLo and have the cards 5, 7, Ace, King & 3 show up in that specific order, which reads 57AK3 (STAKE) in 1337 (LEET)! There can be further requirements about the suits and/or base bet etc.
  9. As interesting as that may be, I don't think rushing a pre-matured idea/project is a good idea! You can look up a long (and I mean frikkin' LONG!) list of failed, forgotten, and bankrupt altcoins and all the reasons that they did not make it to the top to learn from. But generally speaking, yeah I give a thumbs up to STK!
  10. Well since I'm a newbie I haven't manage to bust my coins. But I intend to keep it that way XD
  11. Gambling is a double edged knife, and in no way intended for the faint hearted. YES you can lose endlessly, and YES you can realize your farthest dreams in one night (or one roll!). But the chances are, if you're looking at entering gambling (and it does not matter what method of gambling, online or in real life, with cryptos or physical money or cigarettes), as a means of making good income, you'll only end up depressed and find yourself ragebetting and losing more than even what the lose-lose-win cycle people are losing! Gambling can cause addiction, it can ruin lives and become unproductive, yet just look at how it can make many people have fun just here on stake! I think...enough said.
  12. Their last act of defiance if u ask me! Of course they feel threatened by cryptocurrencies, as it is something they have no (direct) control over whatsoever. Cryptos becoming the means of trade and commerce of the future is a FACT, so personally I don't see a point in resisting, the better option is to adapt (with a little improv and overcoming on the side, Grylls pun intended)! The major "banking giants" as the article above has put it, wouldn't be major if not for elegant insight, investment and hard work, so why are they acting (a bit stupd) like this now? Could it be that they're finally scared and are panicking? Could it be that they've realized something about cryptos that we haven't? Are they influenced by some secret world conquering organization and are just mere pawns? I don't know! But I believe time will tell!