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  1. Do they come in waves, or do you think they do? I think neither is true, and yet both are correct at the same time! This is a random game, so sometimes they happen in waves of condensed wins and loses, and sometimes with no such "pattern" and scattered across the rolls. u see?
  2. welcome to stake my friend, I hope u hit them payouts in millions!
  3. I used to find it difficult and let greed drive me into betting "one more time"s and as a result faced many busts. From then on I cash out at a predetermined point and let nothing stop me from withdrawing.
  4. I haven't been active on stake forum much, at this moment its at 3k sat. And even though I appreciate it, i don't count on it lol, I think it makes the post qualities drop. just mind my own business and cash it out every once in a while.
  5. I look them dead in the eye and straight up answer "I'm gambling [my life away]". then they think i'm kidding and mind their own business. But if they still insist on knowing what i'm doing, then I honestly explain it to them
  6. Yes indeed! it's one of the upside aspect's of stake, thanks to stake team
  7. LMAO that picture has me on the floor hahaha XD
  8. Cool @DarkBlood069 ! I want to be rich XD stake: absentt
  9. Yes I have (I think 50k instead of 5k satoshis). But I don't think anyone has suffered such mistake more than Eddie himself! He once tipped a user 1 (I repeat, ONE) whole bitcoin by accident!
  10. It can be done easily via dicebot! just change to programmer mode and use the right script, ur good to go!
  11. To be honest I almost never afk bet! I fear busting too much! I usually autobet high payouts on dice but watch over its progress every few mins
  12. This happened so fast man XD