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  1. WHEEL: 3,838,998,443 placed by SammyA123 on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00009000 Multiplier 19.799999237060547x Profit 0.00169200 WHEEL: 3,838,998,144 placed by SammyA123 on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00009000 Multiplier 19.799999237060547x Profit 0.00169200 WHEEL: 3,839,066,125 placed by SammyA123 on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 0.00145500
  2. BLACKJACK: 3,837,845,148 placed by SammyA123 on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00002900 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002900 BLACKJACK: 3,837,884,287 placed by SammyA123 on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00002900 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002900
  3. Good luck Wauwau, watching your stream for the first time, and just followed :)
  4. Chipster, great idea buddy! I do like the idea of bonuses a lot... I'm just not sure they would give me the same excitement as rain, because I am going to know what I'm getting. I like the element of surprise that rain gives, and how I seem to get it just as my deposit is finishing for another chance. I don't like the beggars and rain collectors though. I've had people ask me for a tip, and then show a bet in chat in another coin that was a loss at 100x the tip I gave them. Why do you need to ask for tips if you already have lots of coins in your balance? I will never understand some peoples greed and what they do for money. I'm a big fan of rain though.... even though I make a bunch of deposits. Some days while you are waiting for your next deposit, you get rain and get a chance to kill a bit of time until the deposit is credited. Plus sometimes you can get lucky with rain converting it into a 1LTC cash out like I did a few days ago after I wiped out all the balances on all my coins on Stake. As for people thanking the rainbot, I didnt realize it upset some people so much. I occasionally do it as a joke, and I also talk about rain too. I'm relatively new to chat though so everything is a learning experience for me. I'm happy to stop chatting about rain if thats what everyone would like. The rain modifications that have been implemented seem to only award rain to people betting. I've gotten it when I've been playing just said a few words in Chat. So I think this is more like rakeback or loss back that has been implemented in a different way. The bonuses are a great idea, and I think they could be implemented too. As could a direct rakeback bonus. Would love to hear what others have to say as I'm still new here, especially to chat.
  5. I agree with this completely too We need "me" to be another color. Personally, I like green as it stands for winning rolls on both PD and Stake, its the color of currency in certain countries, it reminds me of St. Paddys day, green is the color of a 4 leaf clover and I want you to guess the last one Hee Hee
  6. Grats DB! Way to go buddy! Knew you could do it! Will you be trying 5 mines next?
  7. 1. Technical Experience: I’ve experienced a couple technical issues while playing on Beta. I’ve reported these via Live Chat to support already who said they would forward to the developers. I also have written some suggestions on the forum to improve the way certain games function. The game performance seems to be great, except when there is maintenance with no notice to the players. I would love to see a warning before you go offline, so we can know what is going on. I’ve not had any issues with commands or bet speed, but did have an issue with account functions. I was unable to withdraw commissions in beta. I reported the issue via Live chat to support. The feature worked fine in v1.0 so I was able to complete the task I was trying to do. I usually play on a Windows 10 Laptop running Chrome or Firefox. I like the design of beta a lot. I would prefer it if there was a light theme too, but the dark theme works fine. 2. Reports, Bugs and Suggestions: I reported two bugs to live chat already. The first had to do with not being able to withdraw affiliate commission on beta and being given an error. I sent support a screenshot of this bug already. The withdrawals worked successfully on v1.0. However, after successfully withdrawing all commissions I got the same error again when trying to withdraw affiliate commissions with no balance left. I also got the same error on Beta today. Error is Field "createCampaignWithdrawal" argument "currency" of type "CurrencyEnum!" is required but not provided. The second bug I found and reported to Jelena was: If you select BTC and then go to the cashier > faucet. Before doing the captcha you change the coin, then it seems to never stop loading on the collect button. I have been able to repeat this issue a few times. I've also been able to repeat it with different coins, and trying to change them before using captcha Jelena was able to reproduce the issue too. I’ve left a few suggestions in the Stake forum too on minor things like notes for tips and friends. I also left some suggestions for adding fields to auto bet for total profit. 3. Overall Experience of the Version 2.0: *Do you like original version of the Stake or the new Beta version? *What is your feedback on the new games - Limbo and Video Poker? *What is your experience of the old games updated and would you change anything and in what manner? *Let us know what segments you enjoy the most and the ones that bother you. I played on Primedice since 2015 for several years. However, I only joined Stake a couple weeks before the upgrade to the 2.0 beta. I’m not sure my feedback is going to be as relevant as some of the other players as I don’t have much experience with the original version. I love Limbo, and like chasing the high multipliers, but it has been killing me financially 😊 I hope to hit the crazy multipliers I have been chasing this century so I can recover haha. I like video poker too and understand how it plays, but have not been able to hit any of the bigger wins recently. As a result, I’ve slowed down my play on it. I noticed some games did not have the Total profit on win field in the autobet section. Made the suggestion here: https://forum.stake.com/topic/19284-automatic-rolls-profit-on-win-field/ I am a little disappointed that the 5000x Plinko multiplier disappeared, but like that the other Plinko pins have high multipliers now too. Would love to see 5000x or even 10,000x on Plinko back. 4. Stake v1 vs. Stake v2 (compare): I only played on Stake v1 for about 2 weeks before switching to v2, so my feedback here may not be as relevant since I don’t have as much experience with v1. Overall, I like the I love the instant bet feature when I’m chasing a crazy multiplier. *Dice on Stake 1 vs. Dice on Stake v2 Dice seems to work great on both. I did notice it appears to be a bit faster on v2, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing as my money finishes quicker haha. *HiLo on Stake 1 vs. HiLo on Stake v2 Didn’t play HiLo on v1, but love HiLo on v2. I like the fact that you have the option to skip cards especially when you have a middle number like a 6, 7, or 8. *Keno on Stake 1 vs. Keno on Stake v2 Played Keno on v1 after v2 came out. Sadly I had no big wins on v1 and on v1 the payout multipliers appeared to be lower than on v2. I had some good luck with v2 with some high multiplier wins so I’m going to say I prefer v2. *Mines on Stake 1 vs. Mines on Stake v2 I did not play mines on v1. Mines on v2 is fun although the payout multipliers are missing from the game play. I’ve been watching the progress of DarkBlood who tried to complete a challenge he set for himself on Mines. Its been fun being his male cheerleader but it was also helpful to know the payout multipliers he achieved. *Plinko on Stake 1 vs. Plinko on Stake v2 Did not play plinko on v1. Plinko on Stake 2 appears to be quite hard to profit at for me. I do try and go for the higher multipliers, but never seem to hit them. I was watching Shinjos live stream too, and he had similar difficulty. I am going to stick with games which work for me financially. I might try again if the 5000x or higher multipliers came back. *Blackjack on Stake 1 vs. Blackjack on Stake v2 Did not play blackjack on v1. Blackjack on v2 works great! I really like it. *Roulette on Stake 1 vs. Roulette on Stake v2 Did not play Roulette on v1. Roulette on Stake 2 works great. Auto bet feature may have issues with it though according to some other players. *Wheel on Stake 1 vs. Wheel on Stake v2 Did not play Wheel on Stake 1. I like Wheel on Stake 2 a lot, and have been able to hit some of the higher multipliers regularly 😊 I like the instant bet feature too. *Diamond Poker on Stake 1 vs. Diamond Poker on Stake v2 Did not play Diamond poker on stake 1. Like it on Stake 2, but which full houses and above got higher multipliers rather than just 1.5x or 2.0x. *Baccarat on Stake 1 vs. Baccarat on Stake v2 Did not play Baccarat on Stake 1. Played it on Stake 2 for the challenge, but don’t really understand this game too well.
  8. Hey DB, This is a great post. I'm glad to finally see what the payouts would be in addition to watching you complete your challenge! Good luck always buddy! Kick some Stake butt!
  9. Bojana, How are you? I'm sorry, I'm confused too. I thought we had to post our feedback in the above topic after completing the 14/14 tasks and in order to win our share of the 0.1 BTC. Is that correct? Or, will you be making another topic for us to post feedback in?
  10. Completed all challenges and posted feedback Looking forward to the surprise haha!
  11. Device: i7 16GB Operating System: Windows 10 Browser: Firefox Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: I reported 3 of the issues I found these in the Support/Suggestions and reported a bug to Jelena on live chat too. I would like to suggest giving coupon links for Stake 1 and Stake 2 on all competitions. I have been able to copy and edit the coupon links by adding "beta." in front of stake.com in the coupon links, but would be nice to just click and collect. Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: Stake 2. I like beta testing and it seems to work better in my opinion. Plus I really like Limbo . I've heard some people have better luck with Stake 1, so may change back tomorrow.
  12. Hi Katrarina, Thank you for your reply! The other field "Stop on Profit/Loss" is also missing from Plinko
  13. VIDEOPOKER: 3,636,598,298 placed by SammyA123 on 12/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.00000800
  14. Hi again, Would be nice to be able to send a note/comment/message along with the tips message that shows up in the tips received/sent reports. I see myself using this to track tips that come in/go out. Maybe remind myself of certain things with the person being tipped. Maybe to add a wish for someone on their birthday, or a little note just to make the person feel better if they are having a bad day. Thanks!