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  1. Hi Eddie, I would hate to lose the PM option on stake as I regularly use it to communicate with friends. I find regular chat channels can be super spammy at times and to communicate with other players and your friends PM is the way to go.
  2. SammyA123


    Hi Maja! How you doing? Welcome to the awesome Stake team! I've chatted with you breifly a few times when I've bugged you for rake back :) Looking forward to chatting with you in English chat soon :) Happy birthday to you and the rest of the Stake team!
  3. Hey there buddy! Its been a while since I've chatted to you! How have you been? I'm Starting with a tiny bankroll and going for a big limbo multiplier. If it hits, I'll be participating in the races :) Simple strategy for me :) Good luck to you!
  4. Happy Birthday to Stake and all the amazing team members! Good luck to everyone participating in the race! Hope I can make it to the top 50
  5. MINES: 7,669,752,018 placed by SammyA12345 on 05/08/2019 Wagered 0.00005556 Multiplier 277.3269958496094x Profit 0.01535272
  6. I actually won for 2 days in a row recently, which was rare for me. And then back to losing every day again now. It seems I can not win continuously for more than 1-2 days at a time, and then I go on a losing streak. So I slow down on playing on stake when I start losing for a couple days, and I play on other sites. Then after a few days I may win one day again. This pattern has been repeating itself for some time now sadly. Its why I dont play big amounts anymore on stake.
  7. I got the $25 coupon too... That was a pretty cool giveaway. Didnt have as good luck as others with it though. Thanks to that special someone who reminded me about it! Appreciate it a lot buddy!
  8. MINES: 7,324,782,270 placed by SammyA12345 on 24/07/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 58.38460159301758x Profit 0.00390215
  9. Completely agree with this. Support here is awesome! Now if only i could win everyday... then I would never close my stake browser tab
  10. If you would like to get rakeback, I can help you out. Even if you have not achieved VIP status you can still get rakeback. Feel free to send me a private message on the forum and I'll reply back with instructions to follow on Stake.
  11. According to Steve's requirements set for me I made it to legendary yesterday. the role upgrade is just pending buddy
  12. LOL! Nice introduction... Players is pimps too Enjoy your time on stake buddy, and try and remember to support the site with deposits too. Once you climb up on the total wagered amount you will be able to get even more free shitzz lol