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  1. Urnut

    🏆 [5 ETH] Best Soup

    Big boi soup, i ruined it by putting the paper in it, not to smart
  2. So new, so refreshing, so stake !
  3. Woow beautifulll !!!! keep it up
  4. Urnut


    If i play mines i have two strategies, strategy 1: playing on 2 mines and click 20 mines Strategy 2: playing on 8 mines and using hotkeys (Q) to spam it haha, sometimes u can get baited using this method but if u go yolo and hit like 10 gems you get easy moneys
  5. Wow goodluck man ! thats an insane multiplyer , i think the best way to hit it is 15 mines, i'm not sure but i've seen a couple 20k multiplyers on 15 mines, my highest mulitplyer My best multiplyer (on mines) was 827x ! goodluck..
  6. Hey goodluck with the stream ! stake name: urnut
  7. i think mines or dice is still the best way to wager alot, u can put the percentage up to 99% which is verry good to wager alot for races/vip level !
  8. I do think the rules at this moment are fine how they are now, but the fake bet id's are annoying ttho, so a better system would be nice
  9. Hey ! my best minesweeper payout was around 827x but i only won 0.24ltc still a nice payout in my opnion !
  10. hey ! i do think the coupon is only based on wager and not deposits , would be cool if that did matter in the coupon
  11. I was thinking the same thing, ! but i dont think its easy to check old bet id's would be great if we could search in our bet history
  12. I personnaly never loan, / give loans, its something that is not good, i only gamble when i have money, i'm never gonna ask/loan/steal money to gamble
  13. I really like the stake forum, to give my opinion on a lot of topics !its cool to inform and see what other players are posting !
  14. Yea i'm lagging sometimes to i dont know if its because of my wifi or just stake, it can be annoying sometimes