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  1. hfs man congrats this is the biggest win i have seen!
  2. Really nice hit Mistake! Wow!!! way to go Congratulations!
  3. Is this a clone of Seunjie's dice bot? It looks just like it. https://bot.seuntjie.com/
  4. Wow this is a sweet multiplier! Congrats on hitting it in such a low number of rolls.
  5. I haven't seen anyone hit 9900x on stake yet. I have seen it multiple times on primedice though!
  6. Pretty cool little walk through! I use Sampey's ping pong bot from bitcointalk. Pretty much the same concept and it's helped me scalp many orders between 1-3%.
  7. I do miss the days when you could loan out coin on poloniex... I wonder if stake would ever offer an option like that? Maybe you would have to put up 120% of an alt coin and could get a loan in btc? Seems lucrative because stake would keep the collateral upon default. I guess that is different than paying interest on balances in the casino. I don't think they would do that when they already have so many customers that have no problem depositing coin and leaving it in I believe. I have a few small balances of alts in there that I don't mind leaving in and playing around with.
  8. https://tinyurl.com/cryptocoinwarz <<< mining profitability and hashing algorithms Bitcoin mining itself is not currently profitable unless you have thousands of dollars in hardware. GPUs and CPUs are currently used to mine "alt coins" or alternative cryptocurrency. https://www.coinmarketcap.com <<< market capitalization of each crypto "Mining" is a fancy way to say that you run computer hardware that helps solve the algorithmic "blocks" of data that contain each group of transactions on the network as it processes. The "blockchain" is a network of open ledgers kept on each "node" which consists of miners contributing their computer power to the network so that the transactions can continue. Without the massive computing power the encryption of the network would not be "solved" for each transaction allowing the network to secure itself.
  9. azV_wVKQ9 was the string that Forfour gave me in stake chat so one of them the z and v are backwards lol.
  10. Thanks Trigety!! I will give it a look over.
  11. Hi bensinx12! Yeah I enjoy interacting and doing /trivia for the players! It's always good to pay it forward. If I see people low on luck I try to drop them some satoshis so they can play some more!
  12. Thanks Edward! I will. I am active at bitcointalk and will enjoy being active here. The giveaways, contests, etc. are always fun and an interesting touch.
  13. Pretty cool bot! Gave it a try and it works. Thanks for the creation.