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  1. VIDEOPOKER: 3,627,648,610 placed by congash6 on 12/03/2019 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.00024000
  2. Saya sering menggunakannya. Sayangnya, jumlahnya terlalu kecil
  3. Cara bermain yang menarik, terima kasih sudah berbagi, saya juga belajar tentang itu
  4. Welcome to the forum, I'm also learning about it
  5. congash6

    Goodbye 5000x

    At 5000x, I have yet to see who achieved it and now it is lost
  6. oh. A great result. I wish I could be like you
  7. I have never gotten a result like you
  8. Do you have any other safety strategies?
  9. I have never played. Is this game easy to play?
  10. I won't hate a game, until I lose to it. So I hate almost.
  11. Symbolizing high power and level of each person is divided, or maybe beautiful.
  12. This is like a joke and the hyperactive person will turn it into a prank.
  13. This is the desire from those who went ahead, thank you. But just learn, because following is not the same way.
  14. The change of seeds is necessary, to innovate to remove the previous misfortune, to pray for the god of luck.