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  1. Today we have decided to have a small crash course for those who are new at the market of cryptocurrencies. And we’re going to start from the very basics. The most important point that one has to understand, is that to keep cryptocurrency you have to have a wallet’s address and there are three ways how you can create one: 1. Use online wallets 2. Download a program to your PC 3. Buy a hardware wallet We will quickly go through pros and cons of each way. But let’s start by telling a few words about what a wallet for cryptocurrencies is using bitcoin as a sample. Bitcoin, as any other cryptocurrency, is kept only in a form of a blockchain. Anybody can view a transaction in the net, check the balance of any wallet. This information is open for everyone. But it is impossible to tell who the owner of the wallet is. Bitcoin wallet has two parts: • Open key. It is the address of the bitcoin wallet, it is not a secret. It has 32-34 symbols of Latin letters and numbers. All addresses always start with the number “1” or “3”. • Private key (sometimes called as a secret key). It is a longer sequence of letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. You mustn’t tell it to anyone, because it is an access to the wallet. Transaction in bitcoin network means that cryptocoins go from one wallet’s address to another. The speed of transaction is equal to emerging of a new block in blockchain (10 minutes on average). Transaction is subject to a small fee. Depending on the network loading, its amount can change. The sender specifies its amount. By the way, commission does not depend on the amount of transaction. You can transfer amount equaling to $10, $10000 or $1 billion and still pay the same commission. 1. Online wallets There are lots of sites which offer services for creation and keeping online-wallets. They are called “cryptowallets”. The service takes on all the issues of keeping funds safe. There are pros in that, since you don’t need to think about computer safety, plus reliability of the service is usually much better that that of a simple computer. We would like to personally recommend the service blockchain.com 2. Program on your PC You can download programs for bitcoin wallet on the official website bitcoin.org. Here you can choose from lots of wallets supported by community: Bitcoin Core, MultiBit, Armory and Electrum. Also, you can learn the features of each of them. They slightly differ from each other. For example, Electrum does not keep all the history of transactions (blockchain) on computer, but it refers to randomly selected network nodes. Bitcoin Core, on the opposite, keeps the full history on your PC and computer must always be online for checking if the data is accurate. Today the blockchain size for bitcoin is about 200 Gigabytes. Many people recommend taking the security of a computer with bitcoin-wallet seriously. This is because in case fraudsters steal the wallet file, all your funds there will disappear. As nobody wants this to happen, you need to follow the basic rules of computer usage safety. 3. Hardware wallets Hardware wallets are a device that keeps the private key. Their advantage is that it is switched off the Internet and there is no way anybody can hack this wallet. If the device breaks or you lose access to it, you can restore it by entering 24 random words (so-called seed words). And you can always find favorable rates for purchasing cryptocurrency on our site BestChange. com We wish you reliable and profitable exchanges!
  2. Today we have gathered 5 unsophisticated pieces of advice which will help you manage your money more effectively and won’t need lots of effort, focus or time. 1. Set up specific goals Financial experts insist that making a list of specific actions that you want to do can be very useful. Avoid blurry descriptions such as “save up more” to receive a more exact plan how to “work” with money. Moreover, to not overload yourself and your budget, set only 3 goals you feel more certain that you can reach. For example, “purchase of a laptop”, “purchase of a car”, “marketing courses”. 2. Make an emergency fund No, it’s not about your saving ups, it is rather a fund for unexpected costs in case of emergency. Everybody can find themselves in trouble, that’s why it is better to be prepared in advance. When force major strikes, you won’t need to “pinch” from your savings or lend money from all your friends. By the way, hide your emergency fund as far as possible and don’t check it without the necessity. 3. Spend money only on things that help you grow The only way to achieve this goal is to assess your current expenses. You cannot go forward not knowing what was your starting point, can you? So, learn your expense items for the year and make a conclusion which habits or things you should exclude and on which you can spend more. Set it as your rule: only spend your money on things that bring you visible and tangible benefit. 4. Set up a day without expenses Financial advisers suggest setting up a day when you won’t have any expenses at all – and that is a very good decision which will make you more focused and attentive to your own finances. This goal is specifically useful for the young people who often do not account for their money and recklessly spend it on entertainment and fun with their friends. Who knows, maybe in future you will learn how to have even two days a week without expenses! 5. Repay your debts immediately Make it as your goal to firstly repay all the debts: to people, banks or credit offices. Of course, you should try not to borrow money at all, but if you have done so, make it your priority to repay debts and not spending on yourself. In other words, adopt the philosophy of quick repaying rather than yielding to your whims. It is not easy, but this will make you a more organized and task-oriented person. We hope that our advice will help you save up your money so you could grow it buying actives you are interested in with the help of our service.
  3. Приятно заходить на сайт обменного пункта и понимать, что сделал верный выбор и воспользовался лучшими условиями обмена валют. Но так бывает не всегда – иногда пользователи просто забывают о существовании мониторинга BestChange, потому соглашаются на обмен по невыгодным курсам. Не соглашайтесь на это, воспользуйтесь всеми возможностями, которые предлагает сервис BestChange, прямо сейчас. С BestChange вы получите: · Исключительно актуальная информация об обменных курсах на различных ресурсах · Никаких затрат времени и сил, ведь выбор лучших курсов будет осуществлен автоматически · Только актуальная информация о комиссиях различных сервисов · Простой и невероятно быстрый выбор обменных сервисов по наиболее популярным направлениям · Поддержка специалистов по любому вопросу · Быстрый доступ к отзывам о представленных в мониторинге сервисах Не стоит оценивать каждый обменный пункт и его условия обмена, ведь этот процесс отнимет у вас очень много времени. Куда проще лишь указать в графе “Отдаете” ту платежную систему, средства которой у вас есть в наличии, а в графе “Получаете” – ЭПС, получение средств которой вам интересно. Далее наш мониторинг автоматически сформирует таблицу в режиме онлайн, в которой вы увидите все самые полезные для принятия решения данные. Это не отнимет у вас много времени, но вы гарантированно сможете выбрать самые привлекательные обменные курсы, в каком бы из направлений вы не совершали обмен валют. Мониторинг BestChange.ru – ваш надежный помощник в ситуациях, когда вам требуется быстро выбрать надежный и привлекательный с точки зрения условий сотрудничества обменник электронных валют.
  4. Мы добавили обменный пункт RamonCash в наш мониторинг в конце прошлой недели. Надеемся на продуктивное сотрудничество. А пользователям предлагаем ознакомиться со страницей отзывов о данном обменнике.