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  1. I regularly read news about Bitcoin every day. maybe that was the habit every morning after I woke up
  2. I never believe news like this. just because I believe in the news on the forums that I am becoming bankrupt when investing in Bitcoin
  3. Bitcoin is not a bubble. I know there are some big companies and they already own a lot of Bitcoin. so they can make the price of Bitcoin rise and fall at their disposal
  4. I also hope that Bitcoin will increase to $ 4k in 2019. Maybe 2018 is a year of failure for Bitcoin. But I believe Bitcoin will regain the confidence of investors
  5. I think I will choose ETH instead of EOS. In fact, EOS has not really captured the hearts of many investors in the world. and ETH is Bitcoin's son
  6. The best way to avoid scams is to focus on learning about the ICO project you want to invest. If the project is prestigious, there will certainly be many participants
  7. I invested ETH at the end of 2018. At that time the price of ETH was over $ 1k. I hope that in 2019. the price of ETH will increase to $ 2k: D
  8. I was sorry because, in 2017, I gave up the ripple and didn't invest money to buy ripple. I do not think that ripple can increase in such an incredible way
  9. If you want to make a profit in a short time, I recommend investing in ripple. It is a coin that many people care about and love
  10. In 2019, I will think about stopping investing in cryptocurrency. I am keeping a lot of ETH and Bitcoin. And I think these two coins will increase sharply this year. so I will not invest altcoin
  11. I disagree with your thoughts. Currently in the world there are many countries are concerned about Bitcoin. I think in 2019 will be the booming year of Bitcoin
  12. I hope that all countries in the world will have big crypto companies like Hong Kong. That will bring happiness to many people
  13. Bitcoin is one of the biggest successes in the crypto market. I hope that in the future, Bitcoin will still exist. so we still invest in Bitcoin
  14. If there is someone against Bitcoin, I believe I will be the first person against them. For me, Bitcoin is the only love
  15. Your article is very interesting. I am imagining that all the countries in the world are legalizing Bitcoin as a form of payment and I can use Bitcoin worldwide.