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  1. @Darko where can the coupon be found cause I think I finished in top 10 and are eligible to receive a price. didnt receive an email or so I think. Update: no worries already found. didnt know it was posted in the forum. good luck for next game week
  2. I love this game. never played a fantasy game before but this is a pretty funny one. Only mistake I made was not changing the lineup. now my team consists out of 4 defender, midfield and only 3 strikers. maybe with the transfer I can sell a defender and attract another striker instead
  3. I never play dice. and I think its very riskful to play 1/10th of your balance on a 2x multiplier. Think it can hit you in the face very hard and very fast
  4. yeah there are a couple exchangers available to exchange between platforms but I have never used them before cause stake actually is the only casino/dice platform I play on. But I think those exchangers already been valuable for plenty of other users. seeing dinabot very regularly in the chat so many people are using it
  5. nice pick again and correct bet. You seem to have a good hitting rate. good luck in future
  6. they do not count as a post but like a couple said it do not spam every post with a like or love. only send them out Id you really are happy with the value of the content. Like for example if someone posts another so called strategy or ask whats your biggest win then it does not gets a like cause they aren't valuable.
  7. Yeah BJ is just about what to do in several occasions. I just found out about this post. and the sheets you made available are pretty similar to the once that I am using myself
  8. I have a pretty large projector in my office for my trading. I already tried to project when I was playing stake. it was funny playing plinko on a 2 by 3 meter projection on my wall. but didnt had effect on my winnings. If my profits increased as much as the size of my screen I would even be better. but well a large screen or projection always is handy when you are getting a little tired and your eyes getting tired
  9. I would rename it to 'milk' By trading daily I consider bitcoin and other crypto as a cow that is providing me milk on an unlimited basis
  10. Definatelly RED always happy to see red candles cause this means I can buy more crypto at a discounted rate
  11. lol if you consider autobet included than maybe about 48 hours but me personally non stop gambling maybe 4-5 hours max. I rather spend my time on useful things. But thats the beauty of autobet. You can let it all running non stop without needing to stay behind your screen all the time
  12. depending on the starting balance I think always withdraw when reaching the min withdraw is pretty good take profit point. thats what I do even when I made deposits of 0.01 in the past. every time I reach the 200k withdrawal minimum I take out the profits. in this way I was able to secure lots of profits. and I am hoping by doing it in this way I am able to recover my overall losses cause I am still in an overall loss on almost every or maybe just every coin
  13. I do similar only not investing in projects or ICO. in my opinion they are just waste time and money. I invest all in crypto and hold for long term. Not for trading cause I already am trading crypto full time. so no need to add more money in trading
  14. nattekut

    Plinko Wager

    if I use plinko to wager as much as possible and to loose as less as possible then I use the low setting and pins I pick 9-11-13 or 15 cause on those 4 the minimum multiplier is 0.7. so you only loose max 30% of your bet. compared to the other lows where you can loose 50% on 0.5 multiplier I think my way is the best way to wager and not to loose to much
  15. nattekut


    How are they able to safeguard the value. you say 50 tokens = 300$ but you know what is going to happen when all coins get distributed. Everyone will dump his token on the exchange and it will probably will be worth less than 0.01$ within a couple minutes. Cause everyone wants to dump and no one interested in buying. I have seen many of this projects recently. After Binance became so successful with their formula of their own token and as usage to reduce trading fees already 10s maybe 100s other exchanges launched with their own token and just using a cheap clone of the binance platform. I personally would never go into those sites cause if you know they just use a cheap clone of binance I am pretty sure they will get more easier exposed to hacks and loss of funds