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  1. my birthday is the 9th of june so about 10 days ago. I was born in 1983 so I am fucking 36 years old already which will probably categorise me as a grand dad already.
  2. Unlucky DB I have had this as well in the past. sometimes I have streaks that I do not hit a single decent multiplier and see my balance shrinking bit by bit. But sometimes I also have such moments that I hit 3-4 times 130x and several times 26x in only 1000 rolls. I think it just depends on the moment. Just be lucky to bet at the right moment. You very often see that 1000x is falling enough. if in telegram challenge there is a 1000x challenge the challenge mostly ends within 10 minutes
  3. thx. yeah already noticed something. I think also focussing on one and the same board decreases the reward. couple minutes ago I made a short reply on a post in the keno or blackjack section and the reward went back up again
  4. its possible with the hilo bot but its also possible manually but only because it is doge. if I for example had a 1000 doshi bet and hit a nice streak I would keep continuing. If the post bet would be in BTC I would definatelly say it was with the bot. Cause when you do a 1000 satoshi bet I personally think you would already cash out at 2000 or so for a 0.02BTC win.
  5. I think this is something that can be implemented if using a basic strategy like you mention. People with other strategies can just keep playing manually but for basic strategy it would a nice hands off solution
  6. I never tried this out. my most loved games are hilo and mines. mines I always play manually and hilo with bot. so I do not need multiple screens or divices. I am happy with the way it is running now
  7. probability is low but with the new keno it is easier to hit bigger multipliers than in the old classic stake
  8. Do you guys have had the same like I do. Recently I am very active on the forum. A couple of days I got rewarded an average of 1000 satoshi on my replies and 3k+ on topics created. I always do my best do write go content and not just reply with 1 sentence. Now today I am replying like I always do and suddenly I only received a total of 1500 satoshi for 7-8 different replies. So is there another criteria that determines the forum reward. I know that length and good content rewards better than a single line reply. So there probably is something I am missing here. Not that I desperately need the forum satoshi but just curious why the reward can be so different from day to day
  9. I personally would think it would be the stupiest thing stake or eddie can do. They already have a very great product and a very good and large community. Launching a token can destroy your reputation in a glimp. People will start nagging if they purchased the token and after the launch on an exchange the value crashes because everyone sells of the tokens they won to take BTC or ETH profits. so in my opinion they just must keep doing what they have been doing.... they just need to keep working on further development to create the best crypto casino ever seen.
  10. if the old chartbet comes back then there are 2 differences. firstly the interactive moving chart. always nice to see something visual. Secondly different with limbo is that you can cashout at any time even if you set a target multiplayer
  11. I also read something about this but I do not see this as a pvp game. you will not play player against player. in my opinion its just a multiplayer game where a bunch of people play against the house (stake). People join the same game and cashout whenever they want. People that crash donate their bet to the house. So this is not a pvp game. A PvP game is a game where you directly play against another player without interruption of the house. In this case the house would take a small cut of the bet between 2 or more players
  12. I liked the chartbet also more attractive than current limbo. firstly I love the visual of the chart but what I liked most was that you can set a goal multiplier but can cashout whenever you want to.
  13. there is only 1 reason why number of new members is exploding every single day. They have a damn good marketing strategy. they do not spend on expensive advertising but they attract a lot of people by their giveaways, races, challenges,etc Just all their ways to give out free money are the best advertising tools.
  14. I was on of the happy ones that got into crypto in early stages. Beside running real life businesses I consider myself as a good crypto investor and I have been an investor for over 5 years now. I was lucky in the past that I made good money from my first business I started back in 2001. I launched my own construction business when I was 18 years old. The business made good money and I turned that business from a 1 person business into a business with over 100 employers. So during the first years I invested a lot of money in real estate, gold, stocks,... But then crypto came around. First years it didn't attracted me but at some point I had a meeting with a friend and he told me... "bro, just take the risk" So I did and invested 15,000€ in BTC when it was around 50$. So I got around 300BTC. I started to learn more about crypto and blockchain and searched for new projects to invest in. By doing this and because I already made good profits with BTC I was able to get in the Ethereum project from the very beginning and I bought a bag full of ETH when it even was below 0.5$. After that the hype around XRP was starting and I had a feeling I had to fill a bag of those as well, so I did. Together with a friend we bought a bag full of XRP when it was traded at 1250 satoshi. After that I started to become more careful. Lot of people got to know me. they knew I had good money to invest and I got approached by many people to 'invest' in their project. That was the first time I got in contact with all those scammy ICO's , investment shemes and HYIP ponzis. But luckily I was smart enough and I never gave a penny to those projects. There only is 1 investment I really regret and make my stomach turn upside down. Probably some of you know Envion and their EVN token. It was an ICO that introduced scalable and removable mining solutions with their mining containers. I even got invited in Swiss to have a look at one of their first developments. I decided to invest 100,000€ in this project and I thought my feeling was good because withing a matter of days they collected over 60 million USD. But they never delivered what they promised and at this moment since February they are in a forced bankruptcy proceeding by the swiss authorities. After that I felt disgusted and quit investing for a while. But then a new project crossed my path. In the meantime I was already trading for over 2 years and someone contacted me about a new ICO that focussed on their own trading platform, tokens that could be used for decreasing the trading fee. So I got convinced 1 more time that it could maybe be a good investment, so I took the shot. The coin was called BNB and Binance was their name of their project..... and everyone knows what direction this project went. And this was the last investment I made in crypto since. After my last investment in crypto I entirely focussed on trading and until now I am trying to make more crypto every single day but by trading and not by investing
  15. good luck with your personal challenge Ivan. I do such challenges for myself as well but only in trading. Maybe I should try such a challenge myself as well. I really hope you can achieve your goal but I think it is not easy to make 30$ profits daily with 100$ initial deposit. It depends on how you manage your bankroll. Are you going to withdraw your daily profits every day or are you going to keep your profits on the account to increase your base capital. I think the second option is a good one. With an increasing bankroll it will be 'easier' to achieve your daily 30$ goal.