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  1. nattekut

    spin & go poker

    its on hold for an undetermined time. the guy I was working on the project scammed me and ran of with my script and dedicated server
  2. nattekut

    spin & go poker

    yeah me to. just love the thrill of the spinner landing on a nice multiplier. couple weeks ago I hit a 2500€ jackpot on 100€ spin and go on Pokerstars. But I rather want to make some spin and go action with crypto. Does betcoin still exist. but if they do I don't like. they build some bad reputation previous years and have been down for a while. I know ACR (American cardroom) has spins but it isn't a crypto poker platform. you can deposit and withdraw in crypto but internally its converted to $ (fiat). So for example one day you deposit 1BTC @ 5000$ and say you win 500$ profits but BTC increases with 10% then you still only receive back 1BTC. So that's not an option for me. I want to increase my crypto not my fiat
  3. not that much lately. but couple years ago I played some live poker. I have played some EPT events in Europe and couple years ago I played some WSOP bracelet events in Vegas. But unfortunately no huge cashes made. my biggest live cash was in a side event of EPT Barcelona festival and made about 17,000€. I should love to play more live but I am to busy at this moment. Sometimes I go to local casinos to play some smaller tournaments, Sit&gos or cash games
  4. nattekut

    spin & go poker

    Hi guys, I am around stake for a couple weeks now. I love playing casino games but my first love still is poker. Because I do not have enough time to play tournaments that can take 6+ hours I am more a fan of hyper turbo Sit & gos with 18 max competitors but I certainly love the spin & go games. Do not know you guys are familiar with it. Spin & go format is mostly played with 3 players. Prizepool is picked randomly and can vary from x2 multiplier up to 1000x multiplier. blinds go up every 3 minutes and only 500 chips to start. So the spin & go games are a very aggressive poker format and end mostly within 5-10 minutes. have 2 questions: Do you guys have any knowledge if there is a crypto poker room with enough volume that offers this format? Would you guys love such a poker format? I would personally love it if there would be a spin and go crypto opportunity. This format does not gets affected by for example multi accounting cause you cant pick seats manually. Bots can't really take an advantage in such a super fast format. So I personally would be thrilled even if there was a crypto poker site available that only offers this format.
  5. I am using the hilo bot to chase 3 or 4 aces. I mostly set the bot on start A or K. Sometimes I am hitting AAA once every 50-100 tries but sometimes it doesn't fall within 200-300 rolls. So I do not really think you can turn the odds in your favour. The only advantage of using the bot is you can pick your startcard and hit 100 bets or more every minute with your chosen startcard. so you will hit your combo faster than always cycling startcards manually
  6. V2 is working fine by me on mobile. don't have any issues
  7. hey guys, received a message from the owner. Some people up for testing the bingo platform in a couple of days?
  8. sitename will be published in a couple of days. when some people get the opportunity to try out the platform and test all features
  9. don't know how exactly it can be abused. indeed people can create multiple account without owner knowing but buying bingo tickets on different accounts or on the same is the same. he is working to make it as attractive as possible and can be improved at any given time. About giveaways. There will be several bonuses, challenges, chatgames by bingohosts. There will be different levels of prizes for every buyin level. There will be multiple themed games every month with special prizes. There will be different types of bingo.
  10. If people are interested. Looking for some people to test the bingo platform next week. Looking for several people so we can check everything, play some games, test affiliate system, faucet,..... just everything
  11. it is under development at the moment. As soon as it is ready there will be an announcement for testgroup you can share all your suggestions and I wil forward them players play against each other so there is no house edge. House only deduct a small amount from the bingo tickets. The deducted fee is used to support the affiliate system, to increase the progressive jackpots and further expeansion of the site. House edge of for example slots and casiono games, etc will be announced later when they get implemented same with me. I love bingo as well. and I definatelly love the fully anonymous way of working
  12. Yeah would be similar to the regular bingo platforms. But biggest difference Will be that iT Will be the first of one of the first that totally is anonymously and runs on crypto. 99% of the existing rooms are fiat rooms with a kyc procedure for payouts
  13. Hi guys, Just want your opinion on something. A friend of me is working on a crypto multiplayer bingo platform. He loves playing bingo and crypto and found out the offer of crypto driven bingo platforms is way too low. He found a 20 year old bingo platform that accepts BTC but it gets converted to fiat money on the platform, huge min withdrawal of 100$, 30$ withdrawal fee, kyc obligated. This all are things that are not done for the crypto community. Bingo is played all over the world by millions of people and is a billion dollar industry. But if we look at the crypto casino's they hardly offer bingo games. there are a couple but they all are single player modes where you still play against the house. But what he is intending to do is to launch a multiplayer platform where players play against each other and try to win a slice of the prize pool. So he decided to start working on his own bingo platform that will offer bingo games just like you would be playing in a real life bingo hall. He asked me to share in a couple forums to receive some feedbacks and for some ideas that could be added. I will give a small summary of how the forum will work like he told me it will. so you guys already have some idea. · Firstly the platform will entirely run on crypto. There will be several deposit options but the base currency on the platform will be BTC. So you will be able to deposit and withdraw for example BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE but on the platform everything will run on BTC as in game currency. · There will be no KYC verification. Only a valid email, username and password will be required. Also for withdrawals they will never ask to send any personal info or documentation. · Games that will be offered are 90 ball bingo (playing for lines, double line and full card) and 75 ball bingo where you need to hit the pattern that is displayed at the beginning of the round. To offer some more games he is thinking about adding slots, videopoker and maybe some other games. Those will be implemented at a later stage probably. · Games will be affordable for everyone. There will be games every couple minutes that only cost 1 to 10 satoshi per card and will go up gradually to 50-100-1000,... satoshi. Buyin can always get increased if players request. · There will be a faucet room where faucet bingo games launches every couple minutes. This will work little different like a regular faucet. Instead of receiving faucet BTC in your account you will be entered in the first upcoming faucet bingo game. Players will at least be able to claim one free faucet entry every hour but he is trying to increase this to multiple times every hour. · Every room, even the faucet room will have a progressive jackpot that can run up to 100s or even 1000s of $ worth in BTC · There will be an affiliate program attached which is very attractive for early adapters that help the project getting attention. · There will be held special weekly and monthly events that will be free to join where nice prizes can be won. · Several bonuses. There probably will be a 100% deposit bonus, free bingo tickets, reload bonuses, when slots implemented free spins will be available. · Chat with all regular things integrated like tips- rain- trivia. This are only a few things that already have been shared with me and my opinion is I am pretty excited about this upcoming platform. Not only I like bingo and slots. The idea of playing against each other instead of playing against the house looks very attractive to me. I will also keep this topic up to date as soon as I receive some more info, screenshots,.... And when it will launch or open for testing I will post as well so maybe there will be a couple persons interested in testing. Feel free to share some comments, feedbacks or maybe extra ideas so I can share with him. Regars 'NatteKut'
  14. thx, just added another a nice hit to the first post. another 2784x multiplier
  15. This is my first day on stake and for now I am very satisfied. I have been testing and playing HiLo today and made some nice hits.... unfortunately on DOGE. Had 50k BTC earlier today but by mistake did a max bet which wasn't ment to. So now I am further testing with DOGE and hit some nice multipliers. So far I hit about 20 times a 100 to 300x multiplier and following 2 as well