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  1. thx. Had a couple prizes before but this is my first win in a game week
  2. I forget about it sometimes as well. I only found out a couple minutes ago I won last weekends contest. Always nice to scoop some prize money. @Darko any idea when prizes will get uploaded?
  3. @madcoin struggling to login into the hilo bot. when I paste the token and press login it just stays in status 'try to login'. any idea how I can fix that?
  4. ok will send you pm so we can discuss and see if there is something that I can help you with
  5. I just say I do not care wether it is a bull or bear market. Me as a trader I use 95% of the times with USDT as base currency. So my balance does not get affected in a bear or bull market. And even in a bear market a good trader can make tons of money. Nothing goes down in a straight line. So even when we are in a bear market I have tens of opportunities daily to make a couple percentage profits. And when I make profits in USD then I invest in some Altcoins cause now is the perfect time to fill bags with Altcoins. So now I am making money in USDT in bear and bull market. And my profits go partially in Altcoins to make more profits in the long term. And I have never told I dont give a fck about other people. I said as a trader point of view I do not care wether BTC is 5000 or 100,000$. As a trader and certainly as day trader/scalper you can make money every single day no matter how the market is reacting. The way you are responding shows me that you do not really have a clue what trading is about. If you are a decent trader you can make as much money in a downtrend market as in a bull market. a good trader doesnt wish for a bull market cause in a bear market you can make as much sometimes even more money. About a good week ago I earned 0.5BTC when BTC dropped from 10,200 to 9,300$. And I made another 0.6BTC when it went back up to its current point. And thats what trading is about 'dude'. Making money in any kind of market. And finally I am not greedy. but trading is my full time job. I need to support a wife and 2 kids. So its all about making as much money as possible. Thats what working is about and for me trading is my work. Not wanna brag but only want to show. Last days alts are going down and I still made 1000$ profits with ETH
  6. bet 3 result Another win. I always want to secure my profits so I did a withdraw of 0.0065BTC Start balance 0.003BTC Withdraw 0.0065BTC Balance left 0.00115 Bet 4 Bet 5
  7. you can find a lot of information on the internet and in books. myself I took a 1on1 trading course for 6 months 6-7 years ago and after that learned the rest just by trying Couple profitable trades
  8. lots of people can't afford to pay 50$. I would have no problem to pay that cause on average I have 25k in total on all my betting accounts. but why in earth spend 50$ on 2 daily tips that I can have software for 50$ monthly that gives me tens of different value tips every day?
  9. really dont hink that tagging is causing lags in the chat or site in general. So think there shouldn't change anything about that
  10. nope. when playing on a crypto casino or sports book I calculate my profits in crypto. I never calculate in fiat. I do both. I play on a lot of crypto and fiat casinos. But when I play on crypto casinos my goal is to accumulate as much coins as possible and the underlying value does not affect my way of playing
  11. depends on the deposit I made. but no matter what I deposit. I withdraw every 200k minimum withdraw every time I reach that min limit.
  12. betting slow or betting fast. All will have the same result at the end of the road. casinos are made to only make money for themselves. So if you stick around for a long time you maybe have 1-2% to end up in the list of profitable players. the other 98% all loose for sure.
  13. lol if a casino plays an important role in your life than you have an issue. Certainly 1 day you will get lucky and make a major hit..... but after the 5 minutes excitement you will notice that you only won a fraction of what you lost in the months before. So a casino should never play any role in your life and just needs to be something for fun and hobby
  14. I got 4th or 5th 2 weekends ago on Sunday. I also only had a 200k satoshi balance The game I play during races is plinko LOW11. Why I play this? I used this game every race I joined and every time I managed to keep my balance pretty stable. 2 weeks ago I wagered almost 1.7BTC with only a 220k starting balance
  15. im always up for a challenge and sport betting doesnt always need to be so serious. Today I deposited 0.003BTC to one of my sport betting accounts. So lets see how far this can get us. I am going to try to build the balance with small multiplier and pick in my opinion 'easy' games. Im always into pool betting. So if you feeling up to it..... just jump into the action Deposit Bets Bet 1: Accumulator of 2 mens challenger tennis games. Our first bet was correct and we collected 0.00489BTC. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bet 2: Another challenger game. Lets see where this gets us. We went all in again. I am pretty confident about this one so I went all in again. If he looses than it was a pretty short challenge UPDATE: I cashed out the bet. Kohlshreiber was up 1 set and upfront in second set. but the cashout was only 0.0001 lower than the cat for a win. so decided to cash out and go look for other possible bets. Balance is up to 0.00611BTC. So I already more than doubled my initial deposit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bet 3 : Lets do another all in. for my third I took another challenger game. I am not a tennis specialist. for this game I just picked based on their ATP ranking. 108th against 414th. so lets see what our all in brings this time.
  16. its only good to make some fast profits but I am pretty sure this strategy will blow your bankroll 90% of the cases.
  17. Small change of plans. Needed some USDT for other businesses. So I decreased my starting amount to 24,000$. But well that still is enough to make some good profits. ;D You can easily make some daily profits by trading crypto. You definitely do not need a lot of technical analysis. There are a few very easy to learn indicators that can make you some profits in trading. But there are several solutions if you do not feel comfortable trading yourself.
  18. @Darko when do results get uploaded for game week 4?
  19. everything is relative. it all depends on your available funds. One of my clients is auto copying my trades through api. he had a 0.1BTC starting balance. In less than 2 weeks his account already is on .15 and he is super excited. So the .5 I made is just a relative number. I almost have 15BTC available in that account. So it is normal that the profits are higher in that account. This are for example results in an account with .10 starting balance and results after 1 month of trading. Almost doubled with small trades
  20. In my opinion they do not need to increase. people that are on stake for some time had the opportunity to grab some free cash easier but they do not need to increase because more people are participating and signing up. After all they are running a business. so why in earth they would start giving more. But I already mentioned this several months ago. Early players on stake got spoiled by all the free money and will start getting disappointed when rewards start decreasing or something else in reward structure changes. But for all those that aren't happy... they are free to join or search another platform that is giving away that much in free money
  21. already took some nice profits on the latest drop. made about 0.5BTC on Bitmex and around 0.1BTC on my other trading accounts. But thx for the support. im pretty confident this one will become a blast as well.
  22. I dont really set goals. My only goal is when I am playing casino games is to keep playing as long as possible without busting and to have as much fun as possible. I never set goals of winnings cause after all we play at a casino and most of the times you will get rekt
  23. lol I havent done anything yet. I just set up this trading account today and made a 30k deposit to it to start trading. Dont think, start. there are so much profits to make in trading. For me its my fulltime job but I can say it is as addictive as gambling, certainly when you are consistently getting profitable trades
  24. I just play in between while I am working. I am a full time trader and in between my trades I often have some time to place some bets. I am not that type of guy that spends his free time on spending time on a gambling platform. for me its a way of relaxing and letting of some steam after and in between my work
  25. Thx, first goal 20-30% Dollar profits in first 30 days.