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  1. thx. Had a couple prizes before but this is my first win in a game week
  2. I forget about it sometimes as well. I only found out a couple minutes ago I won last weekends contest. Always nice to scoop some prize money. @Darko any idea when prizes will get uploaded?
  3. @madcoin struggling to login into the hilo bot. when I paste the token and press login it just stays in status 'try to login'. any idea how I can fix that?
  4. depends on the deposit I made. but no matter what I deposit. I withdraw every 200k minimum withdraw every time I reach that min limit.
  5. @Darko when do results get uploaded for game week 4?
  6. Binance is good as exchange but I do not think its good as wallet. As long as you do not own the private keys there is always a chance to loose your money. So if I was you I wouldn't store to much on binance except the amount you use for trading. For long term holding you can better buy yourself an offline hardware wallet like a nano leger or Trezor device. 100 times better than storing online
  7. lol smart way to promote another shit token that promises to be the new payment way and delete the middle man. so many coins already tried and to be honest the only token I will invest in in the future will have to be a genuine and unique business model behind it. I am really fed up with all this projects that all try to do the same like many other tokens already did in the past
  8. will be announced in the giveaway topic of the fantasy league. but don't know exactly when. I was in top 10 in game week 1 as well. there was a link to claim your prize in that topic. Think it will be within 24-48 hours after the game week has finished. So just keep an eye over there. I will to cause I think I finished 4th this last game week. So need to claim myself as well
  9. I am on 11th I think but I have a nice run in game week 4. have 70 points accumulated and 2-3 more players in action tomorrow
  10. @Darko where can the coupon be found cause I think I finished in top 10 and are eligible to receive a price. didnt receive an email or so I think. Update: no worries already found. didnt know it was posted in the forum. good luck for next game week
  11. I love this game. never played a fantasy game before but this is a pretty funny one. Only mistake I made was not changing the lineup. now my team consists out of 4 defender, midfield and only 3 strikers. maybe with the transfer I can sell a defender and attract another striker instead
  12. Definatelly RED always happy to see red candles cause this means I can buy more crypto at a discounted rate
  13. I dont understand why everyone considers the 1000x chase as the walhalla of plinko. I havent played high16 for ages and mostly play high 14 and high15. Yesterday in 4 hours I managed to hit 26 times 56x 4 times 420x 1 time 620x and about 10 times 83x. If you calculate this I made much more than when I would chase 1000x and hit 130x a couple times
  14. I only play diamond poker if it is required for a challenge. I just dont find it a fun game to play and rather spend my time on more fun games
  15. very simple the best wallet are the wallets where you are in control of your own private keys. So every online wallet on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone are only good to store small amounts for daily use. but always store your largest amount on offline hardware or paper wallets.
  16. I know people that got rich gambling but certainly not with casino gambling. the only ones I know personally are those who are professional poker players and professional sport punters. I know with the right tools you can definatelly become rich with poker or sport betting
  17. I love water melon as well but as stated above I always like to mix it with vodka and some other juices to make a nice cocktail
  18. luckily I just found out about this. StakeNattekut joining. Good luck all
  19. I took a loan a couple times but only when I did not had acces to my coins. But I never took a loan if I wasn't sure I already held the coins in my wallet. so when I wasn't depending on the outcome of my gambling to pay back the loan. I think taking a loan for gambling is the most stupid thing you can do and certainly when you depend on gambling to be able to pay back the loan. But taking a loan for gambling is never a good thing to do
  20. I store all my coins on cold wallets. I only have a small amount that I need for daily use on online wallets. And I have my bags in exchanges. But every other single satoshi or other coin are stored in my cold wallets
  21. Indeed me as well. the fees are just way to high to exchange it directly. I mostly withdraw PayPal to my bank account and after that I sometimes purchase some crypto. I have a friend running a brokerage which allows me to buy crypto at a very nice rate
  22. just give me some good old hardstyle and I will go total loose
  23. my favourite sports is darts. I know its not the most active but I know from some pros that I know personally that they live on a strict diet and have a personal trainer
  24. this is a good way of taking some profits out. but for lots of people its not easy to take out small fractions of profits. I am recently doing the same. I mostly play with what I make from the forum and use that to try to achieve to reach the minimum withdrawal. I put always every 10k profit aside until I reach the 200k limit. and this is paying of. I already managed to withdraw around 0.028BTC in this way. it still is way less than my overall loss but well at least now I am making a little bit of returns
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